Chapter 178 - The Purpose Of Having A Dream

Chapter 178 of 342 chapters

Following the loud bang, Frozen, who was about to reach Qi Ming, was thrown back into the Arctic Abyss at an extreme speed.

Although he heard the loud noise behind him, Qi Ming dared not look back. Instead, he hastened his pace and disappeared into the distance.

Feeling the pain in his chest, Frozen looked extremely frightened because he knew that his boss had arrived.

At that instant, a figure appeared above the pothole. He smiled as he extended his hand.

“Oops, why are you so careless? Come on, let me help you up!”

“My… my king. I’ll get up by myself!” Frozen quickly climbed out of the pothole.

“My king, why do you have time to visit? There’s a situation in my clan. I’ll have to go back and take care of it first,” as he said it, he turned around, wanting to leave.

However, as soon as he levitated, he was kicked back to the ground.

“Why are you in such a hurry to go back? Come on, I’ll show you around,” with that, North Sea pulled Frozen by his hand and dragged him to the border.

“My king, I’m not going, I’m not going with you!” Frozen cried with a face full of despair.

At this time, Frozen completely lost his previous arrogant temperament. Instead, he appeared more like a crying child who was about to be punished.

“You did a good experiment. Do you mind showing me again?” looking at Frozen, the white-haired old man smiled grimly.

“My king, I will not repeat my mistake. I admit that I’m at fault!” Frozen knelt on the ground, acting like an innocent child.

“If you dare do it again, I’ll chop off any foot that you put out!” the old man glared at him, as his aura formed a menacing white tiger behind him. Immediately, Frozen shrank back in fear.

“My king, I know I’m wrong. Please don’t hit me!” Frozen seemed to know what was going to happen next. He quickly begged for mercy again as he wrapped his head with his arms.

However, the old man did not attack. He turned to look at the Arctic Abyss before he shifted his gaze back to Frozen.

“Frozen, what is your greatest dream?”

Upon hearing that, Frozen slowly let go of his head, his eyes bewildered.

“I… I only want to lead a peaceful and quiet life,” Frozen answered after giving it some thought.


Listening to his answer, the white-haired old man kicked Frozen in the butt.

“Even a pig can notice your ambition. Yet, you want to hide it from me. Not only do you want to retrieve your power in Beiqi, you also want to become the king of Beiqi!”

The white-haired old man’s words frightened Frozen. Nervously, Frozen bowed his head.

He yelled, “My king, I have never wanted to be the king of Beiqi. I am absolutely loyal to you. You must not believe the rumors.”

“Come on, don’t do this to me. I can understand how you want to be the king of Beiqi because I used to have the same idea as yours!”

Upon hearing that, Frozen slowly raised his head. Just now he thought that North Sea wanted to have a showdown with him, and eventually kill him, but this did not seem to be the case.

“My… my king, what do you mean?” Frozen asked in a timid manner.

“It’s good to have a big dream. If you work hard, maybe one day you will achieve it,” the white-haired old man heaved a sigh as he patted Frozen on his shoulder. Then, he turned and walked away.

Looking at the back of the white-haired old man, Frozen was extremely confused. He could not understand the meaning behind the old man’s words.

At that moment, the old man stopped in his tracks. Frozen immediately took a step backward fearfully.

However, the white-haired old man did not turn around.

Instead, he stood at the spot as she spoke, “Back then, my greatest dream was to be in charge of Beiqi and become the supreme leader of Beiqi. I shed blood and tears, striving to achieve this goal. Finally, it took me 100,000 years of hard work to become the king of Beiqi. I was very excited and proud at the time.”

“However, soon after I took the throne and became the king of Beiqi, I suddenly became so confused. I even cried in despair because I didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t know what my next goal was. I didn’t know where to find a goal that could excite and motivate.”

As his words paused here, the silhouette of the white-haired old man slowly disappeared into thin air.

“It’s good to have a dream. Having a dream will not only push you to materialize your dream. Meanwhile, it will also make you realize the purpose of having a dream and enjoy the process of achieving it. Frozen, I give you this opportunity for you to grow stronger. When you’re powerful enough to defeat me, you’ll reign Beiqi!”

After the white-haired old man left, Frozen was stunned as he got lost in his thoughts.

As the white-haired old man said, although Frozen had sworn allegiance and loyalty to him, he had never truly succumbed to him. His dream had always been to surpass the white-haired old man and become the supreme leader of Beiqi. However, the white-haired old man’s today’s lecture had confused Frozen.

If I become the king of Beiqi, what will be my next goal?

Frozen got lost in his thoughts.

After a long thoughtful pause, Frozen, who was covered by the thick heavy snow, suddenly emerged from the snow wearing a determined expression.

“No matter what happens in the future, I will beat you first! Only then can I become the future king of Beiqi!”

“Are you sure that you don’t want to hold a Valentine’s Day event?” looking at the calendar, Bei Li whispered.

“Do we have to do it?” Lu Wu seemed very surprised.

“Other games seem to have already started many Valentine’s Day events to get players to spend money in the games,” Bei Li proposed again in a muffled tone.

“I’m not doing it. I’m afraid that I will throw up if I see the players displaying their love in public.”

“But there are a lot of players in the forum asking why there’s no Valentine’s Day event,” Bei Li continued her persuasion.

“Where are the posts? I’ll delete them,” Lu Wu put on a solemn expression.

Upon hearing this, Bei Li entered the forum, and pointed at the screen.

Xueli_The_Strongest: “What about any Valentine’s day events? What about quests for the couples to accomplish together? Why are you not giving us a chance to display our love? (slamming table emoji)”

Invincible_Loneliness: “Why are there no events on Valentine’s Day? There are so many events on the other festivals. What is happening now? (table-flipping emoji)”

Crayon_Shinchan: “I suspect that the developer of this game is single. That’s why he’s not holding an event for Valentine’s Day… (Bad rating!)”

Watermelon_Taro: “I was ready to huddle in the corner and watch you guys showcasing your relationship. But, it seems that there is no Valentine’s Day event today. (I’m so happy~)”

MyWifeIsTheMostBeautiful_InTheWorld: “I am so angry because you don’t allow us to show our affection publicly~”

MyHusbandIsTheMostHandsome_InTheWorld: “Yes, where are the Valentine’s Day events that will send us exclusive fashions and flowers?”

Assassins_Creed: “All of you who want to display your affections are unscrupulous, and should be burned to death!”

Looking at the discussion of the players in the forum, Bei Li looked at Lu Wu again.

“Are you sure you will not do it?”

Lu Wu nodded calmly as he deleted a few cheesy posts. Then, he posted a statement.

[Forum system failure. Many posts have disappeared for no apparent reason. Maintenance is ongoing…]