Chapter 180 - That Old Fellow Was Extremely Terrifying

Chapter 180 of 342 chapters

After the European server had entered its deployment phase, Lu Wu created a new layout in the forum.

Players were shocked when they entered the forum and noticed that the layout of the forum could now be switched, with the word ‘European’ added to the top of the page.

Numerous players from the local server immediately poured into it.

Crayon_Shinchan: “Hey, I’m the first person to post on the European server. From now on, I will be the ruler here (laughing emoji)!”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Everybody look, this is the land that we will invade in the future, come quickly and familiarize yourselves with it (laughing emoji)!”

Invincible_Loneliness: “Don’t know if it’s in Beiqi or not, but I can’t wait! Even if it’s not in Beiqi, as long as it’s in the same world, we must enter the place (laughing emoji)!”

Peppa_Boar: “Let’s level up and slaughter them while it’s still early, hurry!”

Watermelon_Taro: “I hope it’s in Beiqi so that lower-level players like me would get a chance to show off my skills. By then I can yell out confidently, ‘I want to fight ten of you!’ (anticipating emoji)”

Bei Li was developing the translation setting as the players discussed the matter in the forum.

After all, the Lands of Cangxu and Beiqi were currently separated by the North Rocks only. Once the Rock Ghost King had fallen, there would definitely be interactions between the two large domains. Hence, there was a need for real-time translation software because of the language barrier.

Bei Li not only set up a real-time translation feature in the game, but in the forum as well.

This was to ensure that when they were in the European server’s forum, the players from the local server would be able to understand. For the players of the European server, they would be reading in their own language when they were in the local forum.

Interactions without a language barrier would effectively increase the players’ overall development, so Lu Wu was very meticulous about this.

As for the issue of friction between the players of different countries, Lu Wu did not see anything wrong with that. After all, there would be conflict wherever there are people. Competition between players was also a source of stimulation for them to become stronger.

As Bei Li was busy with this, the young Cangxu stared at the computer screen, clumsily moving the mouse and absorbing modern knowledge through the Internet.

“Did you never try to understand the world of the living when you planned to go against Heaven?” Lu Wu could not help but ask as he raised his head to look at Cangxu.

“No. Even though the Yin Talisman can allow one to travel back and forth between the world of the living and the underworld, it should not be used carelessly. Scraps from the world of the immortals would notice if they had been taken advantage of, and they would use the Treaty of the Three Worlds as an excuse to harass you in every possible way,” a flash of anger flashed across Cangxu’s face as he explained.

“By the way, do you still have your Yin Talisman with you?” asked Bei Li as she looked up, her fingers moving around in the air as she controlled the artifacts from afar.

“No, but if you need it, I can summon it,” Cangxu replied at once.

“I need it very much!”

“Okay!” Cangxu nodded and made a grabbing motion in the air. Then, a black rune fragment slowly emerged, as he grabbed it in his hand.

He looked at the Yin Talisman in his hand and threw it to Bei Li without any hesitation.

Bei Li reached out and received it, before busying herself again.

“How do you still have the Yin Talisman with you when you’re already dead?” Lu Wu asked curiously.

“The Lord of every large domain from each generation will receive a Yin Talisman as a gift from the Great Emperor. The Yin Talisman was bound to my soul, so nobody could use it except for me. This one belongs specifically to me. So naturally, I can summon it whenever I wish to,” Cangxu’s gaze did not leave the computer screen even as he explained.

“What about you? Why do you need the Yin Talisman?” Lu Wu turned his head toward Bei Li.

“Fool! The reason the artifact could pass through Beiqi is because your Yin Talisman had been assimilated into it. However, our target location is now in Cangxu, so of course, we need his Yin Talisman. Although I can create a new Yin Talisman, the process is too complicated and I won’t be able to make it in such a short period of time. Now that we have an already-completed one, it could save us a lot of trouble.”

Hearing that, Lu Wu nodded before turning to Cangxu again, “Cangxu, how powerful was your strength back then?”

“Not bad, I guess. I was at the peak of the Ghost Emperor Level!”

Lu Wu was speechless.

“Have you ever met a person named Lu Yan?” Lu Wu was filled with curiosity when he thought of his ancestors.

“Lu Yan? His Excellency of Beiqi?” Cangxu turned to face him suddenly.


“Yes, I have. That brat thought that he had already dominated Beiqi. Blinded by his arrogance, he impudently came to the Land of Cangxu and challenged me, saying that he wanted to rule the Underworld. In the end, I beat him up and made him return dejectedly.”

Cangxu could not help but laugh when he thought about the past.

However, as Cangxu was still laughing, he realized that Lu Wu had a strange look on his face. Suddenly, Lu Wu leaped toward him with an outstretched hand.

Cangxu did not dare to resist Lu Wu’s attack, but only lowered his head to hug Xian Ke’s soul ball in confusion.

After he had avenged his ancestor, Lu Wu heaved a sigh of relief. He sat on the computer table and asked again, “Then, do you know the first King of Beiqi?”

“Can… can I say I don’t know him?” Cangxu felt weary. Why am I beaten up when all I did was answer the question? Is there any justice left? The worst part is that I’m clearly more powerful than Lu Wu, yet I don’t dare to resist him.

Cangxu felt some comfort as he looked at Xian Ke in his arms.

“Spit it out!” Lu Wu glared at him.

He was becoming increasingly curious about the first King of Beiqi now. Even though the former King of Beiqi was long gone, Lu Wu could detect traces of his existence from the numerous activities of the players in Beiqi.

“That old fellow was extremely terrifying, I suspect that he had already surmounted the Divine state. All that’s left is for the Great Emperor to ignite the Divine Fire for him and add his name into the Underworld God List.”

“Why is that so? Is he not dead?” Lu Wu was stunned.

“I don’t think he’s dead. Aside from God Himself, it feels like no one in the Underworld can control him!”

“He’s that powerful?”

“He’s not just powerful. Do you know how scary the Land of Beiqi was hundreds of thousands of years ago? The members of every clan were like psychos. Each clan had a Ghost Emperor Elite as a commanding officer, and all of them were fighting to be the King of Beiqi. The scariest was the Ice Snow Clan, the descendants of the Deity of Beiqi. Guess what happened? All the clans failed in their quest for the throne, and were suppressed by a fellow named North Sea. For the sake of preserving their clans, even the large clans swore allegiance to him. Isn’t he amazing?”

“The Ice Snow Clan?” Lu Wu suddenly remembered the two inherited character classes that recently appeared. Both of them seemed like they had something to do with the Ice Snow Clan.

“The leader of the Ice Snow Clan is now in the Ghost Emperor Realm, and he’s still alive. Why didn’t he come out and fight for the title of the King of Beiqi, now that the first King of Beiqi is already gone?”

“How am I supposed to know? Maybe he’s tired and wants to hide from the world?” Cangxu was speechless.

Upon hearing that, Lu Wu touched his whiskers as he plunged deep into his thoughts.

The Ice Snow Clan still exists but lives in seclusion. The hidden ghost army in the Evil Nightmare City, and the Earthbreaking clan that was recently found on a barren grassland by the players, seem to all belong to the large clan of ancient Beiqi. However, all of them are in seclusion now. Is there a secret underneath all of this?

Then, are there other clans that are secluded from the world, yet still exist in the depths of Beiqi?

Lu Wu was completely lost in his thoughts.