Chapter 181 - The European Server’s New Settings

Chapter 181 of 342 chapters

After Bei Li had completed the translation feature in the game and in the forum, the three of them started to examine the default class menu for the players on the European server.

Contrary to the local server, Lu Wu planned to open three new development routes for this new one.

They were Barbarians, Necromancers, and Knights.

Not only were there name changes in the amendments of the default classes this time, there was also an equally big impact on the allocation of attributes after an upgrade.

Two pieces of drawings were currently laid out on the table in front of the couch. One was the default class development plan for the local server’s players, and the other was the new development plan for the European server’s players that was about to be put to use.

The two drawing plans were also marked with attributes and their corresponding bonus abilities.

Strength (physique strengthening): Decides physical attacking power and weight-bearing ability.

Endurance (physique strengthening): Decides striking resistance ability and tolerance (running, sports that constantly deplete physical strength, and physical recovery speed) (affects health).

Agility (physique strengthening): Decides mobility and attacking speed (increases darting efficiency).

Perception (spiritual strengthening): Decides observation ability, a strong sense of perception enables the player to notice faint changes in the surroundings (effectively upgrades low awareness).

Divine Consciousness (spiritual strengthening): Affects spell casting fluency and effects of spells triggered by the motion of the spell track (affects Manipulation slightly).

Manipulation (spiritual strengthening): Affects the summoning character class when summoning living creatures (the stronger the attributes, the more the living creatures that can be manipulated).

Perseverance: Special attributes, unable to be changed by soul power.

Elemental immunity: Special attributes, unable to be changed by soul power.

These were the six attributes set up by Bei Li to strengthen the players.

Every time a player kills a creature and receives soul power, the player would be strengthened according to their set character class and corresponding attributes.

One of the drawings on the table was clearly labeled with the latest growth ratio of the different classes.

Berserker (default class): Uses 50% to power up strength, 40% to power up endurance, 10% to power up agility from soul power obtained from creature killing (deducted by percentage).

Assassin (default class): Uses 48% to power up strength, 28% to power up agility, 13% to power up perception, 11% to power up endurance from soul power obtained for creature killing.

Mage (default class): Uses 75% to power up divine consciousness, 17% to power up perception, 8% to power up endurance from soul power obtained for creature killing.

At that moment, the three of them were discussing the allocation of the six main attributes for the three character classes on the other drawing plan, in order to ensure that they would be totally different from the original server’s character class menu.

Lu Wu suggested westernizing the character classes, so not only must the names of the Barbarians, Necromancers and Knights be changed, but the allocation of attributes has to be entirely different as well.

Soon after, Bei Li provided a brand new growth plan in conjunction with the allocation of soul power.

The plan for the Barbarians was to go all out, making the allocation of soul power very high.

Barbarian (default class): Uses 72% to power up strength, 14% to power up endurance, 14% to power up agility from soul power obtained for creature killing.

The Necromancers’ settings focused on strengthening their control of living creatures, which was also the first menu for summoners in Battle Online.

Necromancer (default class): Uses 50% to power up manipulation, 30% for spiritual strengthening, 10% to power up perception, 10% to power up endurance from soul power obtained for creature killing.

The last power-up mode for the Knights was by far the most extreme, these were set purely for players who only pursued brawn.

Knight (default class): Uses 76% to power up endurance, 14% to power up strength, 5% to power up agility, 5% to power up perception from soul power obtained for creature killing.

Each of these three new default character classes had entirely different allocations of soul power.

They then discussed whether to make amendments to the allocations of these three character classes or not.

“The growth approach is good but I don’t like the names of their character classes. For me, they should be named as Fighters (Barbarians), Psychics (Necromancers), Copper Bones (Knights) to better suit the style of the Land of Cangxu,” Cangxu voiced out his opinion.

Hearing that, Bei Li looked over at Lu Wu, “Wu, what do you think?”

Lu Wu touched his whiskers and nodded, “That’s not a bad idea, westernizing it a bit could increase the immersion into their gameplay… I agree!”

“Two votes for agreeing, one for disagree, pass!” Bei Li waved her hand.

Cangxu looked dispirited all of a sudden. It seemed like he had something to say yet he was hesitant and didn’t dare say a thing.

“Next, we’re going to discuss the training skills that are needed after their growth into these character classes. Do you guys have any suggestions?” Bei Li propped herself up with her hand and looked at the other two.

“I think since the Skill Pavilion is being kept inside the Artifact Channel and can be used by everyone, why don’t we just eliminate the parts that are not suitable in showcasing the abilities of these three character classes?” Lu Wu suggested as he raised his cat claw.

“I have some book collections in my library about the westernization of skills, but I’m not sure what condition His Excellency’s palace is in. If it’s been occupied, we could attack the palace first as our main target and plunder the internal resources. That will be our first land for development, just like the Mansion of the Dead was.”

“Great idea!” Bei Li smacked a hand on the table, showing her strong agreement toward the idea.

“No, Cangxu is much different from the Mansion of the Dead. The Mansion of the Dead was burned down in a big fire and there were no valuable resources left, so it became a good place for players to settle down. But there are still so many resources left in His Excellency Cangxu’s palace. It has surely been occupied by many powerful individuals, so it won’t be too easy to take it down. We should change to a remote location that no one would pay attention to.”

“Then… then, one vote for disagreeing, two for agreeing… hmm, then we’ll follow Wu’s suggestion!” Bei Li gave it a little thought before once again declaring the conclusion of the discussion.

Cangxu was speechless.

Motherfucker, don’t I have the right to vote? How come it meant nothing even though there was a majority of votes? Cangxu was even more dispirited as he thought about this.

“Oh by the way, Cangxu, which district of your domain has a weaker force that would be more suitable for players to start fighting?” Lu Wu turned to look at Cangxu.

“Actually, the people of Cangxu are quite united. If there are intruders, the whole area would gather together and join forces to eliminate the intruders,” Cangxu said after giving it some thought.

Lu Wu was lost for words.

“So ruthless! How can the players survive?” Lu Wu widened his eyes.

“I’m not fully sure about that. There has always been friction between some of my Ghost Kings and Ghost Generals. Back then they did not dare to fall out with each other as I was in command. But now that I’m dead, maybe war has already broken out since everyone wants to be the new king!”

Lu Wu nodded, “This is a big problem. You’d better change your identity for a few days to visit the Land of Cangxu and have a look at the recent situation there. It would be best if war had broken out, but by then we could just find a secluded location that will not easily be affected to be the default birthplace for the players!”

“Alright!” Cangxu agreed without any hesitation.

In fact, he wanted the game to launch more than Lu Wu did because then he could sooner resurrect the woman that he loved so dearly.

“Oh right, what is my identity to the players?” Cangxu could not help asking.

“Change your name, any name you want, as long as it is not Cangxu. I will make up a pitiful background and identity for you, like how you were initially the heir of His Excellency Cangxu, or maybe you were the Great Lord of the Land of Cangxu that had been betrayed horribly by his subordinates. Anyway, the aim is just to initiate them to take revenge and claim back the Land of Cangxu.”

Cangxu was silent.

Cangxu wanted to voice out some suggestions regarding Lu Wu’s proposal, but he knew it was probably of no use, so he only sighed, “Call me Xian Xu then… as for my background, I leave it up to you.”

“No problem!”

“Up next for the third issue regarding the players’ Equipment Menu,” Bei Li continued.

Bei Li looked at the both of them before saying, “Hmm, actually you can leave this part to me. We only need to modify the exterior design for the pieces of equipment to meet the aesthetic views of Western standards. No changes are needed for the equipment attributes, so we can just copy the template over directly, making it seem like the equipment has the latest update!”

Both Lu Wu and Cangxu had no opinion about that, so they agreed with her.

“The fourth issue, regarding the draft for the main quests… since Cangxu has a deeper understanding of the land, you shall oversee this discussion. Let’s think about the plot and the development for the main and special quests…”

“The fifth issue, the NPC settings…”

“The sixth…”

The three of them continued with their intense discussion about the new settings for the European server.