Chapter 184 - Dark Knight = Dark Chess

Chapter 184 of 342 chapters

While Reinhardt was working hard to level up, Lu Wu and Bei Li were paying close attention to him.

In Reinhardt’s point of view, he was completely reborn. However, what he did not know was that Lu Wu and Bei Li were the ones who planned it all.

Before the European server was launched, Lu Wu had been discussing with Bei Li and Cangxu regarding the European server’s development issues.

Their discussions had included the strength evaluation between these two servers.

One thing to point out was that the gaps between these two servers were in fact huge, be it the number of players or the individual’s strength. On top of that, the European server was launched late and subsequently, this would only widen the gaps instead of closing them. In order to spice up the server’s competitiveness, three of them started to put their heads together to sort this little issue out.

First and foremost, Lu Wu would certainly not weaken the development momentum of the original server’s players. After all, the stronger the players, the more he would gain.

In that case, the boosting of the comprehensive capability of the European server players became a headache.

At the end of the day, Bei Li suggested building up an experienced player who could drive the development of the entire region.

Bei Li’s idea was fairly simple, which was to retrieve a trace of memory from the future player using the artifact’s power, the Six Paths of Reincarnation. The memory would then be inserted into a player in the European server, giving him a misconception of reincarnation. In fact, his future memory two years from now had just been dragged back to the present.

Nevertheless, this method was easier said than done. It had cost Lu Wu a total of five million soul coins just to activate the artifact’s Six Paths of Reincarnation power and steal this trace of future memory. His soul coins were only enough for him to put it off to two years at most.

This time, his pockets were basically bled dry with less than one million soul coins left.

Of course, they could not simply make a random selection as it was related to prophecy. The person they were looking for must be someone who was willing to contribute to the development of the entire region.

However, the operation of the Six Paths of Reincarnation’s power would consume a lot of soul coins within seconds. Other than the focused regions in the European server, Bei Li did not have time to select a suitable candidate at all.

Nonetheless, there was a solution to every problem.

Bei Li had made some amendments to the memory stolen from the future Reinhardt. She inserted a new notion, where it was a must for the European server to beat the original server. She then set everything up to activate this memory right before the server launched. Shortly thereafter, she asked Cangxu to go to Europe in advance and insert this memory into Reinhardt’s body.

This was the reason behind Reinhardt’s detailed dream for the rise of the European server as he used to care about nothing but money. He was even willing to teach the players about his gaming techniques.

Reinhardt’s memory was undoubtedly real though. This had been shown based on the instant discovery of the hidden easter egg set up by Lu Wu and Bei Li.

Lu Wu could not guarantee whether this butterfly was able to change the future insight of Battle Online. Lu Wu considered him as a Dark Chess piece that cost five million soul coins. Whether or not he would come into play and trigger some ripple effects, Lu Wu could only gamble a guess.

As for the issues such as people suspecting that he was reborn since he kept on showing the technical stuff, Lu Wu was not the slightest bit worried. This was exactly what he wanted in the first place. Otherwise, how was it possible to thrust the development of the European server?

Under Reinhardt’s highly efficient monster-killing plan, the first trial mission was finally completed after nine hours of hard work.

Since the twelve-hour time limit had not ended yet, Reinhardt hurriedly bid his teammates goodbye and rushed back to the Hidden Dragon Village. He found Cangxu and submitted the first round mission.

The following missions were no longer some simple monster-killings. Instead, he was requested to hunt for some materials and answer some questions that were related to the rules of Knights.

Despite that, Reinhardt was well-prepared in advance. He managed to complete all the missions blindfolded based on his memories.

During the eleventh hour in the game, the first server announcement of the European server was heard.

[Congratulations to the player Reinhardt for completing a hidden mission and gaining the inherited character class: Dark Knight!]

While his body was digitized, strings of messages came across his mind simultaneously. This made him clench his fist excitedly.

In his memory, this inherited character class was priceless. Although countless people had offered a price for it in the next two years, the transaction was never successful.

Gaining the inherited character class was Reinhardt’s greatest dream ever in his previous life. It was just that he did not expect it to be fulfilled in such a way.

At this moment, the Dark Knight’s menu appeared.

[Dark Knight]:

Class Description: The Dark Knight who came from the Western Underworld kept his dark faith and held the Spear of Death in his hand. He wanted to spread the death belief in the Land of Cangxu but he was later attacked by Fenshui Ghost King and Riying Ghost King.

Class Specialty: Death Infection, Dark Mount

Wearing Weapon: Spear, Spear of Death (A growing weapon that requires an advanced caster to cast it).

Default Class Ability: Dark Knight (passive), Dark Mount (passive), Dark Assault, Death Throw, Dark Duel.

[Dark Knight Level 1 (passive)]:

Skill Description: The Dark Knight shrouded in dark strength has 5% immunity against all elemental attacks. The lower the health, the greater the damage of the attack (The enhancing effect is affected by an individual’s own level with a lower growing range during the earlier stage).

[Dark Mount (passive)]:

Skill Description: Every mount capitulated to the Dark Knight will succumb to Death Infection and gain a 20% bonus for all attributes. The ability to respawn after death is granted (Each respawn will weaken the attributes by 10% and up to five respawns are allowed).

[Dark Assault]:

Skill Ability: The Dark Knight coordinates with his mount to initiate a forward strike and drive the enemy back for five to 50 feet away (The magnitude and effect of the hit are affected by the overlapping strength attributes (speed) of his own and the mount). (The damage increases by 30% when the immobile unit is hit). (During the assault, you and the enemy who you have hit along the way will be subjected to the strength attribute determination. Those who fail the determination will be bounced away).

Skill Cooldown: 30 minutes.

[Death Throw]:

Skill Ability: To form a Death Spear and throw it toward the target. This will lead to a blast damage and cause a temporary daze (The dazing period is affected by the target’s physique) (Throwing the spear during the state of riding forward can increase the damage of the Death Throw under the influence of speed).

Skill Cooldown: 20 minutes.

[Dark Duel (exclusive specialty)]:

Skill Description: The Dark Wrestling Arena will be activated after the Dark Knight chanted the duel oath. Within this period, you can choose a player as your challenging target. The selected one will be dragged into the Dark Wrestling Arena for a one on one match with you. You both will be immune to all the external damages within this period. If the Dark Knight wins in the end, the defeated one’s body will be captured (Attribute is 50% weakened, skill effectiveness is 50% weakened) and turned into the Dark Knight’s dark slave under his command for ten minutes.

Skill Annotation: This skill is only applicable to players and has no effect on the monsters in the external world.

Skill Cooldown: 32 hours.

Upon seeing himself undergoing the character class enhancement, especially when he saw the Dark Knight’s Attributes Menu, Reinhardt burst into laughter.

He was clear of how powerful the Dark Knight was.

Back then during the battle between the European server and the American server, that Dark Knight player had forced his way into the American server army by himself. He chose the crucial buff of their team and activated the Dark Duel before killing the buff forcibly in the middle of the huge army.

Hereafter, he utilized the growing range of those players who became his dark slaves and his own attributes resisted the ability to kill quite a number of the American server’s professional players. Only then did he return to the resurrection point instantaneously.

Moreover, the Dark Knight’s defensive ability was giving headaches to all the character classes. The players used to rate it as one of the top three ultimate defending character classes in Battle Online.

In this life, I want the name of the European server’s Strongest Knight! I will lead the European server to prosperity. Reinhardt clenched his fist tightly and his eyes shone with excitement.

At this moment, the twelve-hour gaming safety notification appeared and he was logged out of the game.