Chapter 19

Chapter 19 of 342 chapters

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Around eight at night, Chen Ziyu started to form his troop in the guild’s live chat. Soon, there were nearly 200 players whose powers were all Level 15 and above who gathered at the Mansion of the Dead.


With Chen Ziyu’s command, the troop of 200 men marched toward the East Side.

The Liuli District of the East Side was not that far from the Mansion of the Dead. Besides, the gamers’ physical fitness had increased, so it was as easy as pie to go on this journey.

Whenever they ran into any Wandering Souls or other living things of the underworld along the way, the team would strike them down with ease. They were advancing zealously, with only one thought in mind and that is to kill the Ghost General Cha Na.

According to the map, the players of the Great Dragon Guild spent half an hour to reach the border between Liuli District and the Mansion of the Dead.

Stepping into the boundary of Liuli, the gamers were astounded by the brighter color of the sky. Just moments ago, the sky was raining blood, but now it was gone. The stones on the ground were colorful and there were white specks shaped like snowflakes in the air. The sight was entirely different from that in the Mansion of the Dead.

Amidst the surprise at the different landscape designs, the gamers began to feel alert.

They knew that this was the domain of the Ghost General Cha Na. Although they were among 200 other men, they were already mentally prepared to die before departing on this exploration journey. Besides, Lu Mo had already warned them about the 10,000 strong vicious ghost army under Cha Na’s flag.

“Let’s go, and be careful. Notify each other if there are any unusual happenings!”

The troop continued to move along as Chen Ziyu waved his hand in the air.

As they proceeded, the players noticed that the ghosts in Liuli District were all in animal forms and not human forms. Regardless, they were ferocious. They had encountered several wolf packs along the way and it took the players much effort to destroy them.

Another thousand meters into the journey, they marched over a slope, and the players were so absorbed by the scenery. All of a sudden, Chen Ziyu motioned for everyone to keep low.

All that could be seen below the slope was the Ghost Rider Camp.

“Be mindful, don’t get caught. The camp is huge!” Chen Ziyu warned in the guild live chat.

Hearing that, the players popped up their heads to observe the situation in the camp.

There were several zombie wolves that had eyes blazing with emerald flames wandering around the campsite and a number of ghost soldiers hustling about, moving something around.

“About 2,000… this should be an outpost. There are too many ghost soldiers, we won’t make it. Let’s change the direction of attack!”

Seeing the huge number of the ghost army, Chen Ziyu was frightened secretly as he prepared to reroute with his brothers. At the same time, one of the zombie wolves that was nearest to them twitched its nose, sniffed the air, and its blazing eyes turned to stare at the hills where Chen Ziyu and his team were hiding.


With the cries of the wolves, numerous ghost soldiers lifted their heads and looked toward the direction of Chen Ziyu and his team who were scouting the horizon.

“Stupid dog, howl at your grandfather!”

With their whereabouts exposed, Wang Damang was extremely frustrated by the annoying zombie wolf. So, he picked up a rock, threw it at the zombie wolf and the rock hit right in its face.

Unsatisfied, Wang Damang tried to pick up another rock but was stopped by Chen Ziyu with a tug, “Damang, stop being stubborn. They are coming at us, we should run!”

Wang Damang shifted his gaze and saw that a few of the ghost soldiers had already jumped onto their zombie wolves and started to gather around, obviously preparing to suppress them.

“Brothers, run!” with Chen Ziyu’s command, the players quickly turned around and ran for their lives.

Then, the ghost soldiers in the camp gathered together and accompanied by the roars of the Ghost Supreme Commander, they advanced toward the direction of Chen Ziyu and his team.

In terms of speed, the ghost soldiers riding on zombie wolves were obviously faster than the players. With dust flying in the air, the Ghost Wolf Riders were catching up on the players.

Rays of bloodthirstiness were glistening in those eyes which were blazing with emerald flames. As ghosts, they were craving for a massacre.

“Fuck! I’m not running anymore. Let’s fight these betrayers to the death!” at that moment, Wang Damang shouted furiously as he turned around and charged toward the Ghost Wolf Riders.

“Yeah, charge!”

“Charge! What is there to be scared of, I’ll still be a man after three hours!”

Chen Ziyu knew that they could never outrun the wolves, so with a stern face, he turned to face the Ghost Rider Army, “Brothers, kill!”

With Chen Ziyu’s command, the players stopped and together, they turned to face the Ghost Rider Army.



The Ghost Wolf Riders appeared shocked by the return of the players. They could not seem to understand why they had not run away. Did they not want their lives anymore?


The players went against the Ghost Rider Army directly, and instantly, men and horses fell. Things fell into an uproar.

Combat broke loose instantaneously. They were all players above Level 10, so, when in combat with the Ghost Wolf Riders they still had hopes in winning, but their number was at a disadvantage. A huge number of players were killed amongst the tumult.

Nevertheless, the viciousness of the players surprised the Ghost Wolf Riders. They could not understand the craziness of these living things. Their fighting styles were regardless of their own lives. They did not even bother to defend but repeatedly went against them.

Chen Ziyu’s eyes turned red from seeing the continuously falling comrades. He shifted his body and locked target on a Ghost Wolf Rider. With a step forward, he cut fiercely at the rider’s skull with his giant sword.

Not far from the combat, Ye Xue’er was staring into the turmoil with questions in her eyes, “What’s happening there?”

“Sister Xue’er, it seems like a fight has broken loose!”

Ye Xue’er became curious after hearing that, so with a swing of her arm, her troop increased their paces forward.

When they finally got a clear view of the two parties who were fighting, Ye Xue’er’s expression deepened.

“Sister Xue’er, it’s a combat between players and the ghost army. We need to help!”

“Nonsense, brothers, charge and kill all the Beiqi betrayers!”

Following the pace of Ye Xue’er, her troop of a few hundred men charged toward the scene of combat fiercely.

“Big boss, there’s backup!”

Chen Ziyu turned his head around after hearing the news, and abruptly saw the approaching Ye Xue’er and her men.

“Brothers, thanks for the help!” Chen Ziyu shouted as he struck a Ghost Wolf Rider to the ground.

“You’re welcome!” Ye Xue’er answered him with a shout and with a swift duck to the side, she rushed toward the Ghost Rider Camp.

The reinforcement of the hundred men troop did reduce the pressure on the Great Dragon Guild, but the power of the Ghost Wolf Riders was indeed very strong. So anyhow, they were still at a disadvantage.

As they were being forced into a corner, another troop advanced from the side and knocked into the Ghost Wolf Rider’s belly side vigorously.

“The Avengers troop has arrived to assist. Brothers, let us kill!” along with the roar of Wu Guoyi, another troop of a hundred men appeared and joined the fight.

The battle of four forces instantly caused a clamor at the scene.

Wu Guoyi, who was in the middle of a battle, coincidentally bumped into Ye Xue’er who was striking a Ghost Wolf Rider.

“Kill the enemy first, we’ll deal with our revenge later!” Wu Guoyi spoke.

“Agreed!” Ye Xue’er answered coldly.