Chapter 195 - The Ethnomaniac

Chapter 195 of 342 chapters

To the north of the Void Ocean, a dark glow shot out from the bottom and turned into a humanoid in the air.

It was then that another streak of blue light came sprinting from the south and appeared ahead of the black figure.

“Mu Zhiguang, it’s really you! You’re still alive!” the Sea King was somehow taken aback upon looking at the familiar silhouette in front of him.

Turning around slowly, the same surprised expression crossed Mu Zhiguang’s face the moment he saw the Sea King.

“You’re not dead?”

With his eyes fixed on Mu Zhiguang, the Sea King could not help but swear internally. Deep down, he kept on mumbling. For God’s sake, this fellow is still alive! So now what? Is he going to rob me of the sea power again?

“Hahaha, I’m so glad that you’re still alive!” in a flash, Mu Zhiguang threw his arms around the cursing Sea King.

The Sea King was speechless.

“I thought the entire clan had fallen with everyone as dead as doornails. I couldn’t be happier to see you alive and kicking!”

Staring at Mu Zhiguang’s beaming face, the Sea King was at a loss for words.

Nothing has changed. This ethnomaniac is still the same old dumbass.

“Did you escape from the abyss under the ocean?” the Sea King asked tentatively.

“Escape? Why should I escape? I’ve been guarding the entrance to the death canal in the abyss all this while. That’s because I want to make sure that the Dead Clan will never see the sun again!” as Mu Zhiguang mentioned the Dead Clan, he revealed deep hatred in his eyes.

The Sea King was left speechless again.

At first, he thought Mu Zhiguang had died in the abyss under the ocean. He never knew that this fellow was suppressing the Dead Clan at the entrance of the abyss for a few hundred thousand of years. He felt rather frustrated thinking of how powerful Mu Zhiguang was.

The Sea King spoke righteously, “Then why did you come out? What if they try to escape again? Such a deadly feud shall not be taken lightly. In my opinion, you should keep guarding the place and lock them down at least for another million years.”

Mu Zhiguang’s face lit up with a gentle smile, “No, I have something more important to do!”

What on earth is that important? Can’t you please just go back? The Sea King scolded silently.

“I’ve heard that somebody bullied our clansmen, so I came to see what exactly was going on,” Mu Zhiguang’s face grew stern as he spoke of this matter.

“Who? Who did that? I thought all our clansmen had died,” the Sea King was puzzled.

Mu Zhiguang looked murderous as he uttered, “It’s a guy called the Sea King. I have heard that he has dominated the Void Ocean for millenia. But since he dares to bully my clansmen, I will make him pay for this with his life!”

Once again, the Sea King was left speechless.

He felt extremely awful as he swallowed his curse. Who the hell made him the scapegoat and even spread this rumor to the abyss under the ocean?

“Do you know this guy? Bring me to him and I shall take his life. This Void Ocean originally belonged to the Mu Te Sea Clan. After killing him, I will pass you the sea power for you to rebuild a whole new Mu Te Sea Nation.”

The Sea King was tongue-tied.

“Ahem… Brother Mu, this news is simply a rumor. You cannot believe them!”

“How can it be a rumor? A living creature purposely came to the abyss under the ocean and passed me this message. And even if this Sea King did not bully our clansmen, he shall at least die since this Void Ocean belongs to the Mu Te Sea Nation. We must not let it fall into the hands of outsiders!”

Embarrassed, the Sea King was hesitant to tell the lunatic in front of him that he was actually the one known as the Sea King. His stomach was in knots.

“What’s wrong? Is this Sea King a very strong adversary?” seeing the troubled look on his face, Mu Zhiguang could not help but ask.

He patted the Sea King on his shoulder like a big brother and said, “Don’t be afraid! No matter how strong that fellow is, as long as I find all my body parts, he will be no match for me!”

“Brother Mu, I have something to tell you but before that, promise me that you will stay calm and won’t beat me up!” the Sea King pondered and spoke with a sense of guilt.

Now that Mu Zhiguang was back, he knew that he could not hide the truth for long.

Mu Zhiguang smiled and replied, “Tell me then, why would I ever beat you up? You’re my clansman. You will always have my unconditional support regardless of whatever mess you’ve made!”

“I’m the Sea King!”


“I’m the Sea King. The news that you got is fake. I would never kill my fellow clansmen. Besides, all our clansmen transformed into zombie ghosts and you scared most of them away. The rest likely fled from the Void Ocean long ago. There aren’t any of us left!”

Mu Zhiguang’s expression turned stiff upon hearing this.

“You mean, our clansmen are all dead?”

“Yes!” the Sea King forced the word out.

The Sea King’s affirmative reply made Mu Zhiguang look dejected. Once again, he hugged the Sea King with tears in his eyes, “So this means that you’re my only clansman now. How sad…”

The Sea King looked embarrassed and tried to push Mu Zhiguang away but he found that he could not budge him an inch.

Mu Zhiguang grieved for a while before wiping off his tears and said, “If so, this means that fellow who came to the abyss under the ocean was trying to make me kill you? What a brilliant trick! And schemeful indeed! He even wanted to wipe out my entire clan by killing my last clansman! Fortunately, I’ve killed that fellow! He deserved to die!”

“And by the way, you must have some potential enemies around, or else why would they plan this to kill you? Don’t worry, I will help you get rid of all your enemies since I’m here!” Mu Zhiguang grabbed the Sea King’s shoulder and asserted angrily.

Mixed emotions flooded the Sea King as he fixed his gaze on Mu Zhiguang.

This fellow was the one who initially snatched his Mu Te royal power away. However, to be frank, Mu Zhiguang had no greed for power at all as his priority was always the benefits of his clansmen.

Anyhow, Mu Zhiguang’s words had triggered his thoughts of destroying all his current enemies and expanding his control over the ocean.

“Yes, there are some of them over at the Liuli Coast who are under Tong Gua the Ghost King’s influence. I suppose they are the culprit behind this. Previously, they had been sending out battleships to rob my supplies!”

“Alright, I’ll help you!”

The Sea King felt awkward but still, he replied, “Thank you, big brother.”

It was then that Mu Zhiguang took on a serious expression, “I shall leave for a while to deal with something. I will come back to you later!”

Before the Sea King managed to reply, he then saw Mu Zhiguang make his move and vanish into thin air in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the Sea King felt very disturbed as he was unsure whether Mu Zhiguang’s reappearance was a good thing for him. Nevertheless, he felt quite intimidated by the presence of a lunatic with such strong power.

Meanwhile, on the south region of the Void Ocean, a private specter ship was moving forward. Sitting by his bed with a fishing rod in his hand, Liu Chai was looking out at the sea. He slapped his shaking right arm intermittently in frustration and cursed in his heart.

Suddenly, a dark silhouette came into sight on top of the specter ship and landed on the ship slowly.

“A fellow clansman? No, that can’t be right… but why do you have my power in you?” Mu Zhiguang asked curiously as he stared at Liu Chai.

Liu Chai could not help but yell, “Who are you?”

“I am Mu Zhiguang!”

“Holy shit! Really?”

Hurriedly, Liu Chai turned around and at the same time, Mu Zhiguang noticed his right arm. There was a trace of nostalgia in his eyes.

“You have been acknowledged by my right arm and now you can become my clansman!” kindness flashed across Mu Zhiguang’s eyes as he stared at Liu Chai.

“No, no, I don’t want to. Just a question, did you lose your memory? What was it about again?” Liu Chai blurted out his question as he thought of his mission.

Instead of answering, Mu Zhiguang gave another nod and his eyes were still on Liu Chai, “You are very talented, and you have the heart of a warrior. No wonder my right arm will choose to be at one with you. Surely you have great potential!”

“Are you going to take it away?” alarmed, he held the right arm to himself abruptly with his guard up.

“No. You can have it,” Mu Zhiguang shook his head.

Liu Chai sighed a breath of relief at his words. The glance that he stole from Mu Zhiguang’s solemn expression just now almost scared him to death. He feared that Mu Zhiguang might actually take his right arm back.

“Oh yeah! Do you want to be my son?” Mu Zhiguang asked smilingly.

“What? Your son!?” Liu Chai was dumbfounded.