Chapter 197 - Warring Crisis

Chapter 197 of 342 chapters

Mu Zhiguang was shocked when he felt the powerful energy contained in the metal chains. He could not think of anyone else as strong as this, capable of sealing a demonic god.

However, after finding out that the Demonic God was underneath this place, he didn’t dare to stop, afraid that the deity might kill him. He disappeared in an instant.

At that moment, the Demonic God who was buried deep underground shouted, “Rubbish!”

At this time, Tong Gua and his friends were still playing cards down by the Liuli Coast.

When Tong Gua lost once again, his eyes were absolutely bloodshot. He took his shirt off and threw it to the ground, “Bastard, how come I always lose? Did y’all cheat!?”

Ye Chen and the rest of his friends laughed out loud. However, as they were pondering what to say, they suddenly froze in their seats.

Tong Hua was distracted by their action, too. He followed their gaze to turn over and found out that Mu Zhiguang was standing behind him.

“So, you’re Tong Gua!” Mu Zhiguang revealed murderous intent.

This man was, after all, his younger brother’s opponent, the enemy he had always wanted to get rid of.

He coughed as he tried to explain, “No, you heard wrong. I just got a flush in poker! We are simply playing cards!”

Mu Zhiguang shook his head, “If it were earlier, I would have killed you myself, but now, I should leave this chance to the Sea King!”

Mu Zhiguang sighed when he was reminded of the promise he made earlier with the white-haired old man. He then flew toward the sea.

When he left, Tong Gua was relieved as he thought of the time he punched the Sea King. He was sure that Mu Zhiguang would not let him off the hook.


Crystal Palace, Void Ocean.

The Sea King looked at him in disbelief, “What do you mean Tong Gua was a fluke? He has no power at all? How is that possible? I had a fight with him and I saw his strength with my bare eyes!”

“I am sure of it. If what you say is true, then I know the reason behind it. It could be the doing of the God Sealing Edict left by the Beiqi Clan.”

“What is the God Sealing Edict?” the Sea King was confused.

“There was once a goddess named Bei, from the Land of Beiqi, who left a holy book before she disappeared. She told her descendants that if they truly understood the holy book they could become gods. Our clan tried to fight for it after Bei disappeared, but we failed. Although we failed, I read the texts from our ancestors and found records saying that living creatures who meditated and cultivated according to this holy book will become very unstable. When they are weak, they might be even weaker than normal beasts.”

Upon hearing this, the Sea King’s expression changed.

“I remember now! It is true! Tong Gua was so weak, he couldn’t even stand. Then, he suddenly became strong. During our last fight, he yelled out something about returning to the truth! Then, all the power in him disappeared. I thought that he was about to do something incredible, but it was all a fluke!”

“Darn it! Damn his friggin’ truth!” the Sea King became more enraged after he heard Mu Zhiguang’s explanation.

“What do you plan on doing next?” Mu Zhiguang asked.

“Since you’re here, let’s expand our territory and take over Liuli District!”

“I can help you to conquer everywhere else in the sea, but Beiqi? No way!”

The Sea King could not help but ask, “Why?”

“Don’t ask, I just can’t. If someone stronger than a Ghost Emperor doesn’t appear, I will not do anything. If you want to take down Liuli District and enact revenge, you may do it yourself. Besides, something as small as Liuli will not be able to stump you, right?”

“Since Tong Gua was just a fluke, then Liuli should not be a threat. I had been fearing Tong Gua before this, and they have snatched my resources away repeatedly, but now, I have nothing to fear.”

As Mu Zhiguang heard this, he nodded and patted the Sea King’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry, as long as there’s no one who’s stronger than a Ghost Emperor, Tong Gua cannot stop you!”

The Sea King heard this and nodded, then stood up, saying to his subordinate not far away, “Water Dragon, go send my orders and get the Navy ready. Five days! I will take down Liuli District completely within five days!”

Mu Zhiguang’s presence was noticed by both Lu Wu and Bei Li as soon as Hu He entered the depths of the sea.

Lu Wu was speechless. Whenever Hu He did something, it would always result in a harsher world to survive in for the players.

Does this man have something against the other players?

However, Mu Zhiguang’s presence made him very anxious, too. He was afraid of the fact that Mu Zhiguang being alive would allow the Sea King to be less cautious of Tong Gua, and would dare to challenge the rest of the players again.

There was no way they could win against the Sea King Navy with their strength and potential right now.

Besides, he noticed that there had been some huge changes in the Sea King Navy since Mu Zhiguang’s appearance.

From the forum discussions, one could tell that the Sea King Navy was assembling, and this was not a friendly sign.

During the Sea King’s previous visits, he only brought part of his Navy’s forces, but this time, he gathered all four fleets. If his target was Liuli District, Lu Wu thought that he should be considering how to allow the players to retreat.

Barren Grassland, Beiqi.

West Beiqi was barren and full of dried grass, completely lifeless.

Gu Yu and Sun Qi the dog walked on the grassland, moving West without stopping.

“Boss, why are we looking for the Earth Breaking Clan?” the dog asked curiously as he ran ahead.

“Some players mentioned in the forum that the Earth Breaking Clan has Earth Breaking Stones. This material is an important material for a Rune Master to open up the gem, Lie Shan. I want to know whether they can trade it for some of the materials I brought along.”

“But what do you need it for? You’re not a Rune Master.”

“It’s for the members of our guild!”

The dog couldn’t help but ask, “What if the Earth Breaking Clan doesn’t wish to trade?”

“If they refuse, they’ll have to eat dog meat!” Gu Yu shot a glance at him.

The dog was speechless.

This barren land was different from other places in Beiqi. There were fewer monsters and creatures here, and there was almost nothing to do with food here. It was probably because of that, that the animals choose to stay away.

“Boss, where is the Earth Breaking Clan? My legs are sore!”

“Hold on!”

As he said that, Gu Yu stopped and opened up his gallery, and found the picture he found on the forum to check if he had arrived at his destination.

“Boss, look over there, quick!” the dog started pulling Gu Yu’s pants.

Gu Yu turned and found out that a boy with brown skin was looking at them with his snot-filled nose while chortling.

[Lie Xiaolang (Member of the Earth Breaking Clan)]:

Character Information: Member of the Earth Breaking Clan, Ancient Beiqi Power.

“Found it!” Gu Yu smiled with joy as he and the dog walked toward the boy.

“Hey, you there, how are you? Can you bring me to your elders?” Gu Yu waved in front of Lie Xiaolang, urging to draw his attention.

Lie Xiaolang turned his head dumbfoundedly. He looked at Gu Yu, then at Sun Qi. Later, he pulled the straw rope beside him and a huge net suddenly appeared on the ground, tightly wrapping around the both of them before hanging them in mid-air.

“Got you!” Lie Xiaolang yelled with a silly smile.