Chapter 199 - I Shall Acknowledge You As The King!

Chapter 199 of 342 chapters

Lie Shan had been in Beiqi for many years. It was very natural that he knew about the Spiritual Beast called the White Phantom. However, this was his first time encountering one that could talk, hence he revealed an instant look of astonishment.

“Is this a type of variation?” Lie Shan asked curiously.

“I’m a human!” Sun Qi clenched his dog teeth.

Gu Yu pressed hard on the dog’s head, then looked up and said, “Leader of the Earth Breaking Clan, did you not find anything else appealing other than the King Level spiritual materials?”

“Even if something does catch my eye, you wouldn’t be able to retrieve it. Perhaps you’d consider exchanging the White Phantom with me, if I could give you an over abundance of Earth Breaking Stones, and even offer you a piece of Earth Essence?”

Gu Yu took a glance at Sun Qi. He had no idea that this little creature was worth so much.

Although he could hoodwink Lie Shan by handing over the White Phantom to him, he did not like the notion of offending the Earth Breaking Clan. Such a method would be feasible against his rival, Xiao Tian, but it would be inappropriate to pull this trick with Lie Shan who had achieved the Ghost Emperor Level. On behalf of the players, he did not wish to make enemies of such formidable existence.

“That won’t do, Clan Leader Lie Shan!” Gu Yu shook his head.

“Then, you should go… there’s nothing else we can talk about. In the past, I would have seized what I wanted. But now, I comply with the command of the Lord King of Beiqi to stay away from the outside world. I don’t want any trouble. You should leave!”

Gu Yu could not help but let out a sigh as Lie Shan began to drive him away. He felt miserably poor given that he could not even provide an item that could satisfy them.

Just when Gu Yu was ready to pick up the dog and leave, a few chat boxes popped out from the right side.

Wu Guoyi: “Brother, bring your men to the Liuli Coast now! The Sea King is here, hurry up!”

Chen Ziyu: “The Sea King has invaded. Where are you?”

Liu Chai: “The Sea King has brought the entire Sea King Navy. We can’t hold back anymore, brother!”

From the series of messages, Gu Yi deduced that the circumstances were bleak.

He never thought that the Sea King would actually declare a full-scale war with them. This was definitely not good news for the players’ faction.

Gu Yu immediately grabbed Sun Qi and bolted toward the Mansion of the Dead.

Since there was no transport array at the Barren Grasslands, he had to speed up.

As he was running, Gu Yu started to call for his team members via the guild live chat channel, requesting them to gather together before he got there.

After giving out his command, Gu Yu opened the in-game official web forum, glanced through the page and clicked into one of the player’s live streams at the coast.

Once he saw the situation of the one-sided battle, Gu Yu’s facial expression had completely changed. He came to realize that the situation could no longer be saved, the legion of players had already been defeated on all fronts.

Gu Yu turned to look back at the Earth Breaking Clan before speaking to Sun Qi, “Dog, head over to the Cliffs of Desperation… and hurry!”

At the Liuli Coast, great billows rose one after another, a swarm of beasts and armies of the Sea King Navy had formed an unbreakable torrent, approaching the land with truculent rage.

The battle formation of the Sea King Navy was much stronger than that of their past two attacks. Their troops stretched across the entire coastline as far as the eye could see.

The Sea King’s invasion had heightened the tension of all the players. They started to gather there and hoped to resist the attack with all their might.

However, this time around, the Sea King cut the crap and attacked straight away. Large waves crashed onto the coast, and plenty of the Sea King’s warriors took advantage of this opportunity to break into the players’ formations.

Knowing now that Tong Gua was just a paper tiger, the Sea King was fearless.

In fact, Mu Zhiguang had assured him that once Tong Gua attacked with the ability of a Ghost Emperor Elite, he would definitely come forward and stop the assault.

With nothing left to worry about, the Sea King pledged to conquer all of Liuli District here and now.

Though there were a whopping 10,000,000 players at this point in time, only about 6,000,000 were online. The advantage in numbers was narrow, but in terms of individual ability, the difference remained huge.

Even if the Sea King was eliminated, the commanders of his three main forces all possessed the ability of the Ghost General Level. The first wave of the attack had completely suppressed the players’ army and the frontlines were constantly being pushed back.

It did cross the players’ minds to use the structure building tactic they had employed while fighting against the evil spirits.

The Door Gods were too weak before the Sea King Army. After all, the main purpose of the Door Gods was to restrain extreme evilness. Using them to confront the oceanic capabilities would provide zero suppression on their attributes.

Large amounts of mahogany huts were being destroyed. The Sea King had fully unfolded his ability as the Overlord of the Void Ocean in this battle. Players with four months of training could be said to be completely vulnerable in front of him.

Although the Sea King felt astonished by the death-defying fighting spirit of the players, in his mind, these acts of craziness and determination were completely useless in the face of absolute strength.

Within an hour into the battle, the players’ faction was being forced out of the Liuli Coast altogether. However, the Sea King Navy did not stop there. They continued to suppress the players so that they would retreat even further.

The Sea King had one simple plan: to use his absolute strength to deter each and every force in Beiqi, sending them all a message: From now on, he, the Sea King, would occupy all of Beiqi. Whoever wished to challenge him should know their own strength and consider carefully whether to be enemies with him!

The appearance of the Sea King Army had startled both the Rock Ghost King and the Hydra King at the same time. They witnessed everything in silence and had yet to interfere.

Though they were both a part of Beiqi and should combine forces to fight against outsiders whenever an enemy appeared, they knew that even with them in the picture, it would still not make an impact against the Sea King.

Hence, they chose to keep quiet.

North Rocks.

Observing Liuli District from afar, the Rock Ghost King turned his head abruptly and looked at Du Yan who was standing behind him, “What you said was true!”

“Every sentence from this subordinate of yours is true. I suppose that guy is His Majesty, just that he has returned with a different identity!”

“No wonder! No wonder he died all of a sudden, what is his agenda!” the face of the Rock Ghost King got clouded over.

Once again he raised his head and glanced at the Liuli Coast. The Rock Ghost King then instructed, “Du Yan, take a trip to the Ascension Zone, inform the Hydra King of everything you have said!”

“Yes! This subordinate of yours will get going now!”

Under the forceful oppression of the Sea King, many lifelong gamers who disliked war were getting furious. Players started to join the battle one after another, but the situation on the battlefield remained unchanged. A large number of players had died and subsequently went into their three hour cooldown period.

Yet still, more and more players joined the battle. The Liuli Coast was stacked with dead bodies of the Sea King Navy. But these deaths were not even worth mentioning to the Sea King. His army continued to march forward regardless.

In this battle, his target was set on the Mansion of the Dead. He wanted to invade this center zone of Beiqi in order to clearly announce his strong intrusion!

Countless guild commanders were roaring through the live chat channel, they wanted to arrange a lineup based on the specific strategy created through research by professional players in the past to fight against the Sea King’s military.

Nevertheless, in the actual battle, everything was mere empty talk before the absolute strength of the Sea King’s forces. The players’ formations were repeatedly being shattered.

The three main commanders who were leading the troops in the frontline were each considered a boss in the eyes of the players. The three of them combined had unfolded strength similar to that of the sharpest long spear, effortlessly piercing through the line of defense formed by the players.

The battlefront continued to advance and players were ousted from Liuli District by the Sea King with ease as though dry weeds were being crushed. They began to move forward in the direction of the Mansion of the Dead.

At this moment, an enormous ancient tree fell from the sky and relentlessly smashed onto the Sea King’s armies.

“King of Beiqi, show yourself!” the Rock Ghost King bellowed angrily. Vines began to spring up from the ground and swung in a violent manner, sweeping off a large troop of the Sea King’s warriors.

Just then, a black silhouette slowly condensed in mid-air. With his body draped in a black robe, no one could have a clear sight of the appearance of this man as his whole body was covered in darkness.

“I need proof!” the Rock Ghost King rose up into the air and flew toward the direction of the silhouette.

This black silhouette was, in fact, the incarnation embodied by Lu Wu. With a wave of his hand, a drop of blood fell toward the Rock Ghost King.

The moment the blood touched the Rock Ghost King, it absorbed directly into his body.

“You’re not the King of Beiqi!” the Rock Ghost King glared angrily at Lu Wu.

“I will soon be!” Lu Wu replied indifferently.

“Without the Old Ancestor, anyone can now exploit Beiqi. If no new king were to arise, the Sea King could annihilate my army today, and he could slaughter yours in the future!”

Upon hearing this, the Rock Ghost King’s face darkened. Just like what Lu Wu had said, he too had had enough of these tough days.

Considering that this mysterious man in front of him would likely be the one who held the secret weapon passed down by Lu Yan, the Rock Ghost King fell silent for a moment before gritting his teeth, “If you win this war, I, the Rock Ghost King, shall acknowledge you as the king!”

Lu Wu solemnly nodded his head and the silhouette dissipated.

At this moment, a notification rang in the players’ menus:

[Game Notification: The entire Sea King Navy has invaded the frontier of the Mansion of the Dead, each player will be blessed with double the number of attributes!]

Lu Wu himself was uncertain about the outcome of this war. All the same, he would never surrender the Mansion of the Dead. His final eight million soul coins would act as a blessing of a Battle Aura for the players. They should fight to the bitter end!

“My children! Join me in this battle!” as the roar of the Rock Ghost King was resounded in the air, a vast amount of Tree Demons, Enchanted Trees, Steel Zombies, and other warriors of the Rock Ghost Army were seen drilling out of the ground at the frontier of the Mansion of the Dead.

“Demon Snake Army, join me in this battle!”

Once again the thundering roar came from a distance. Soon after, a huge shadow descended from the sky and threw a wide area of Sea King Navy troops off the ground.

A great number of Demon Snakes came swarming from the southwest.

Two powerful Ghost King Elites had arrived with their armies. Coupled with the power acquired by players through doubling up their attributions, the overall strength and ability of Beiqi had surged tremendously.