Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of 342 chapters

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Faced with the vicious Ghost Wolf Riders, the players had momentarily put away any personal grudges against one another as they formed an unprecedented team.

They showed no sign of fear, even though their numbers could barely compare with the Ghost Wolf Riders.

Accompanied by their battle cries, the players lunged at the Ghost Wolf Riders once again.

“Annihilate the traitors of Beiqi even if it means sacrificing our own lives! This is for our honorable deaths!”

Ye Xue’er’s gaze was fixated on the Ghost Supreme Commander at a distance ahead. Clad in heavy armor, he was riding on a Fire Demon steed. With a swift leap, Ye Xue’er launched an attack towards it.

As he saw the oncoming attack from Ye Xue’er, the Ghost Supreme Commander revealed a look of disdain as he reached behind his back and wrapped his hand around a gigantic sword.


Just as Ye Xue’er’s silhouette burst out before the enemy, the sword slashed out abruptly with an eruptive energy, striking her head-on. The visuals before her eyes slowly begun to fade into darkness.

[You have been killed by the Ghost Supreme Commander, three hours of cooldown to respawn!]


Ye Chen, who was greatly surrounded at that time, was enraged when he saw that his younger sister had been killed. He bellowed in anger as he dashed toward the Ghost Supreme Commander.

Having seen Ye Chen charging down the lines of enemies, his comrades had also advanced forth to assist him in slaying the enemies before them.

“To bring down the enemy troops, we must first eliminate their commander! My brothers, do not fear death, we’re bringing the Ghost Supreme Commander down with us!” aware of the situation, Chen Ziyu let out a roar too as his team immediately swerved to follow Ye Chen’s charge toward the Ghost Supreme Commander with murderous intent.

Right when they were rushing like madmen in the direction of the Ghost Supreme Commander to secure a kill, the three forces reached a consensus, that even should they die they will bring down one of the commanders of the ghost clan with them.

Upon their clash of confrontation, many players who did not purchase weapons from the shop had their starter weapons shatter from being overused. However, they maintained their composure by continuing the fight using rocks picked up from the ground, or even with only bare hands.

The Ghost Wolf Riders were stunned by their crazed battle stance, of all the battles that they have fought, this was the first time they met such a deranged bunch.

Along the countless deaths of many players, the Ghost Wolf Riders were losing many of their fighters as well.

The battle grew fiercer as it persisted, even the Ghost Supreme Commander had no room to let down his guard.

Eventually, with the players hacking persistently at the enemy lines, a path leading toward the Ghost Supreme Commander had been cleared out.

Although the players were surging towards him, the Ghost Supreme Commander was unfazed. Instead, he brandished his sword and slashed forward forcefully. In a sweeping flash of the dark blade, the players were wiped out.

“How powerful!”

Chen Ziyu’s face darkened when he saw the capabilities of the Ghost Supreme Commander.

“Take him down in numbers, forget the other Ghost Wolf Riders, just kill the commander!” Wu Guoyi roared as he led a charge toward the Ghost Supreme Commander.

Faced with the onslaught of hundreds of players, the Ghost Supreme Commander’s green irises constricted as his pupils narrowed. It was followed by multiple forward slashes of his sword which had once again decimated the advancing players.

Yet again, the players could not be scared away as they continued pouncing toward the Ghost Supreme Commander in a clamor of angry shouts.

Under such circumstances, the Ghost Supreme Commander finally could not hold out against the players’ extreme close-quarter combat and was surrounded in the middle.

A clattering frenzy of attacks were launched against him. Even players who had lost their weapons were attempting to clamber on top of the demon steed to bite at the Ghost Supreme Commander.

Though the players’ attacks were violent, they were still facing off a Boss Level creature whose strength and capabilities far surpassed theirs. As anger boiled in the eyes of the Ghost Supreme Commander, a green glow appeared, encircling his body.


Following the Ghost Supreme Commander’s furious roar, the green light diffused in a sudden eruption and the surrounding players were completely blasted away.

At this moment, the Ghost Supreme Commander had gone insane. His sword was raised before the blade lashed out, killing all the players around him. At the same time, his demon steed had reared up only to stomp down with such force that shook the ground, knocking most of the players off balance before they fell to the ground.

The Ghost Wolf Riders around them had also taken this opportunity to break into the players’ lines, killing the players as they went.

Because of that, many players died and went into respawn cooldown.

When there was only one player left, the Ghost Supreme Commander gave a wave of his hand which immediately halted the attacking Ghost Wolf Rider Army.

As he rode atop his demon steed, the Ghost Supreme Commander stared down at Wang Damang, his tall figure looming over the last remaining player.

“Tell me why did you guys come here!”

“Say, big guy, did you think that I would be afraid of a bunch of traitors like you?” Wang Damang kicked the front leg of the demon steed but ended up staggering backwards.

“I can spare you, if you tell me the reason you guys came here!” the Ghost Supreme Commander stared at Wang Damang coldly as he questioned again.

“I am a descendant of the King of Beiqi. As for our reason for coming here, it’s obvious that we’ve come for your damned head!”

Wang Damang’s reply made the Ghost Supreme Commander glower icily, “The King of Beiqi is dead, how would he have any descendants, you dare lie to me!”

After hearing those words, Wang Damang saw no point in saying anything else. He took a step forward and without warning, he leapt upwards, a dagger in his hands as he attempted to maim the Ghost Supreme Commander’s head with all his might.


His attack struck the Ghost Supreme Commander’s helmet, to which the commander was not affected in any way and had merely tilted his head.

Reflected in Wang Damang’s widened eyes, the Ghost Supreme Commander reached his right hand outwards with a powerful sweep and caught Wang Damang mid-air by his neck.

“Last chance!”

“You think I’m scared? I’ll be good as new in three hours,” Wang Damang struggled to lift his dangling legs and aimed a kick at the Ghost Supreme Commander’s chest.


The Ghost Supreme Commander did not give anymore chances. He swiftly wrung the boy’s neck until it snapped.