Chapter 204 - The Final Curtain

Chapter 204 of 342 chapters

After the white-haired old man disappeared, the battle erupted once again.

The Sea King was fighting against the Rock Ghost King and the Hydra King while Lie Shan and Mu Zhiguang continued their battle of the strongest.

Facing such a strong opponent like Lie Shan, Mu Zhiguang did not dare to take any risks. He began to catalyze the black halo and a humongous ugly beast peeked out from within.

“Dark Sky Beast!” seeing that large creature, excitement flashed through Lie Shan’s eyes.

“Have a taste of my hammer!” as the Dark Sky Beast pressed toward him, Lie Shan raised his battle hammer and was prepared to clash directly with him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

With each clash, lightning boomed in the sky and space was stirred by the strong force. Ruptures appeared occasionally, but they were repaired immediately.

After years of inactivity, Lie Shan’s blood boiled with an intense passion. He had finally met a worthy rival. Yelling with euphoria, his large hammer smashed into the Dark Sky Beast’s huge claws again.


After smashing away the Dark Sky Beast’s huge claws, Lie Shan darted closer and grabbed the giant Dark Sky Beast’s finger with his left hand. The muscles and veins on his body popped and he flung his hammer backwards as he moved along swiftly. Then, he utilized this force to throw the Dark Sky Beast onto the ground.


Dust flew, the earth cracked, and a massive pit appeared.

“Nice!” Lie Shan cackled loudly. With his battle hammer raised high, he sprinted downward while yellow gusts of smoke steamed on the surface of his body. When he struck the Dark Sky Beast with his hammer once again, it was like a high magnitude earthquake. The land rumbled and was parted into pieces.

A deep imprint of a hammer was left on the Dark Sky Beast’s back.

Stepping on the Dark Sky Beast’s back, Lie Shan looked upward to Mu Zhiguang, whose face was pale.

“You think you can invade Beiqi with this kind of strength? You should know that that kid Frozen, that fool Da Huo, and the rest haven’t even arrived, and you can’t even defeat me. You’re just here as a joke, right?” Lie Shan could not help but sneer at him with a smile.

To Lie Shan now, no matter how many newbies Beiqi had, those old forces were still the same, so he thought Mu Zhiguang overestimated himself.

Watching the extremely arrogant Lie Shan, memories appeared in Mu Zhiguang’s head.

Back then, many of the clan’s people stayed beside the dying king of the clan, promising him that the legacy of the Mu Te Sea Nation would go on.

However, the king of the clan gave them a warning before he died.

If the Mu Te Sea Nation plans to enlarge their territory in the future, they must never touch the Land of Beiqi. This is because that is a forbidden and untouchable land, a land where numerous elites had fought and killed!

Mu Zhiguang almost forgot this memory.

According to what Lie Shan said, every competitor for the King of Beiqi in ancient Beiqi were Ghost Emperor Peak Level Elites. Now, Mu Zhiguang finally knew why the old king of the clan gave the clan this warning before he passed away.

Just then, Mu Zhiguang looked at the Sea King and his eyes sparkled with affection.

A forbidden land? A land of massacre? So what? I have been fighting against the world my whole life. I am the pride of the Mu Te Sea Nation! I shall protect the glory of our clan!

“O’ Ruler of Death, I am willing to sacrifice my dying body for the power of the supreme Law of Death…”

Mu Zhiguang mumbled lightly and the death halo began to shiver. Black light flowed within it, as if they were answering Mu Zhiguang.

Upon feeling the struggles of the Dark Sky Beast to break free, Lie Shan sank down in order to suppress it. Then, he looked at Mu Zhiguang with hope in his eyes.

“Don’t let me down!”

“I won’t!” Mu Zhiguang replied coldly. His pupils suddenly turned black, his black robes flew without wind blowing and his body was covered in black flames.

“Sacrificing yourself, are you planning on going all in?” Lie Shan had yet to make a move, but he asked with anticipation.

Mu Zhiguang did not answer. He raised his hand to point at the halo. Instantly, a black light appeared from within and quickly rushed into his body.

Lines of the Death Curse floated on the surface of Mu Zhiguang’s body, glowing with a dark black gloss.


Mu Zhiguang started to growl in pain. He opened his mouth and sucked in the direction of the Dark Sky Beast. The Dark Sky Beast also began to shriek in agony, its body disintegrating, turning into black smoke before flowing into Mu Zhiguang’s mouth.

After swallowing the Dark Sky Beast whole, Mu Zhiguang’s body began to swell and contort. Black scales grew on his skin and sharp black claws grew from his hands. In a matter of a few seconds, he transformed into a terrifying monster of around 30 feet tall.

“Wow, looking all intimidating now, are you? Come at me!” Lie Shan laughed, hoisting the battle hammer onto his shoulder.


Mu Zhiguang’s figure vanished into thin air before suddenly reappearing in front of Lie Shan. He then slammed his huge, pointy claws down.


As the claw and hammer collided, a rupture in space and time was formed. It expanded instantly and the bent timespace continuum tore up every creature it touched into nothing.

Lie Shan was taken aback by Mu Zhiguang’s power, but this only fueled the fire burning within him. He lifted his battle hammer again and made a hard swing directly onto Mu Zhiguang’s head.

The hammer landed firmly on Mu Zhiguang’s head, causing him to fly out. When he stood up again, there was a dent on Mu Zhiguang’s head which was quickly dissipating.


The uninjured Mu Zhiguang transformed into a flashing light again, charging toward Lie Shan.

“Ha, good one!”

The two silhouettes collided once more.

The earth continued to crack from the huge force of the collision. Moreover, the close combat techniques showcased in their fight made the other forces around them suffer. The remnant energy waves were too strong, making it unbearable even for Ghost Kings like the Rock Ghost King.

From those who were watching from the outer world, these two silhouettes were too fast. All that could be made out were just black and yellow lights running into each other.

Currently, Lu Wu was lying in Bei Li’s arms, focusing attentively on the battle of the two Ghost Emperor Peak Level Elites.

Before him was a data menu added up by the artifact.

These numbers caused Lu Wu to be truly stunned.

In just a mere second, more than 10,000 collisions had occurred between them. To top it off, an average of more than 300 close combat techniques were performed per minute.

Nonetheless, this was not the most frightening fact. After their collisions were digitized by the artifact, the health bars that reflected their health conditions appeared on their bodies.

With every collision, their health would drop.

However, Mu Zhiguang was in the state of Death Curse and had triggered a health revival feature. Thus, no matter how much health he lost, it would recharge instantly.

On the other hand, a similar phenomenon was happening to Lie Shan. Every time he was injured, a pure strength of the earth would emerge from the ground, healing all his wounds.

As this battle grew fiercer, all other forces stopped fighting and scattered to find shelter.

At this point, the battle was starting to affect other parts of the world.

The constantly splitting space and time caused a sudden change in heaven and earth. One moment it was bright, then in another second, it turned dark. The skies howled with strong winds and wept with rain, then all of a sudden, the sun would return again to clear skies.

After another half an hour of battle, not only were there no signs of stopping, Lu Wu realized that both their body’s statistics were still increasing.

A black line fell from the black halo in the sky, connecting itself to Mu Zhiguang. Lie Shan was still summoning the strength of the earth to support himself in maintaining his full power.

Luckily, the battle was happening at the border. If it had been at the Mansion of the Dead, they would all be done for. Lu Wu was mentally rejoicing.

The two silhouettes sped up in the lasting battle, their speeds completely overcoming the sound barrier. The outer world could only hear delayed explosions coming from all directions, with no head nor tail of their origins.

“Bow down!” With a deafening holler that shattered the world, a gigantic golden battle hammer came into sight. Then, it plummeted right smack on to Mu Zhiguang’s body.


A blinding white light changed the world into daytime.

A mushroom cloud rose from the borders of the Mansion of the Dead.

“Arghh, I’m blind! Is this some sort of fucking atomic bomb!?”

“Dammit, can the two of you who are fighting with cheat codes sympathize with us players? This is too much!”

“Am I dead? Why did the world turn white!”

“Totally amazed! The battle between the Demonic God and Hiderigami was scary enough, but I think this battle is way cooler. I’m watching from so far away and yet my health bar is still going crazy. It can’t go on like this, I gotta run further away.”

“Whoa, I’m so glad that I could play till this stage in this life!”

“We can’t afford to provoke the gods while they are battling, let’s run!”

This strike caused chaos among the players as they scattered to retreat to safe areas farther away.

The tree spirits, wolves, mythical snakes, and other creatures, too, dug into the earth and hid.

A few moments later, everything returned to silence.

What followed was a magnificent shock wave that travelled three times the speed of sound. Everything outside was cut by the pebbles which were flung out, and no players were spared from the fatal barrage of the bullet-like pebbles raining down on them.

Aside from the Earth Breaking Clan who were protected by the rock giants and some Beiqi forces that hid underground, all of the players and the Sea King Navy were wiped out simultaneously.

A bead of cold sweat fell from Lu Wu’s forehead when he saw this.

This is so terrifying. If these two came to the real world, they would be walking nuclear weapons.

As a heavy hammer dropped down, Mu Zhiguang’s health decreased by half on the menu.

However, before he could recover, Lie Shan hurled down another strike with his hammer.

The roaring shockwaves swept across the land once more.

When the storm ended, Lu Wu noticed Mu Zhiguang lying half-dead on the ground, his cursed body plastered with cracks.

“This is the end. You are an elite, but because you are an invader, you must die!” Lie Shan said while heaving his golden battle hammer up.

Mu Zhiguang opened his eyes weakly, his eyes full of resentment as he looked at Lie Shan.

Once, he was called the black sheep of the Mu Te Sea Nation because he possessed the power of death.

However, there was also a time he was called the hope of the clan, ironically for the same reason.

One thing never changed.

He was the strongest genius in the history of the Mu Te Sea Nation!

Moments before he passed away, Mu Zhiguang had an epiphany.

The world is big, hence it’s expected that there are still many geniuses stronger than me.

He slowly closed his eyes, but when the huge hammer was about to fall on him, Mu Zhiguang suddenly opened his eyes and grabbed toward the direction of the Sea King.

The death halo in the sky slipped down, covering the Sea King, who was still stunned. Then it quickly glided toward the Void Ocean letting the Sea King escape.

Lie Shan was shocked. He tried to stop it, but it was too late.

As he witnessed the disappearance of the death halo, Lie Shan’s anger grew. He had failed to fulfill the King of Beiqi’s order to kill all invaders.

As he growled furiously, the battle hammer came crashing down!

In his moment of death, Mu Zhiguang’s eyes were only filled with relief.

He was exhausted. He had sacrificed everything and given his all for his clan. It was time for a well-deserved break.

Golden lights erupted and everything was torn by a golden glow…

“You’re the only one left from the Mu Te Sea Nation… there’s no need to fight anymore, just promise me you’ll make it out alive!”

Inside the halo, the Sea King clenched his teeth and listened to Mu Zhiguang’s last words for him.

His big brother had once sacrificed his freedom for his clan. This time, he had given his life up for the Sea King. This caused his heart to be filled with hatred and guilt.

“Big brother, I hereby swear to avenge you! May you rest in peace!” the Sea King’s eyes glowed with vengeance as he looked at Beiqi from afar.