Chapter 209 - Beiqi Expeditionary Force

Chapter 209 of 342 chapters

Hu He’s eyes widened in bewilderment as he fixed his gaze on Cha Na’s zombie spirit who was destroying the prison. He ran toward it immediately with the intention of stopping such out-of-control behavior.


Cha Na’s zombie spirit turned around and gave him a backhanded smack using the shovel, causing Hu He to fly out of the room.

Hu He stood up again as he spoke gravely, “I’ll fight with you!”


Another loud smack was heard and once again Hu He was thrown across the room.

Lying on the floor, Hu He’s face was covered with tears. He was just a Zombie Forgemaster, not a strong fighter. On the other hand, the zombie spirit of Cha Na had been strengthened numerous times and possessed the combat capability of the Ghost Commander Level. He could never beat that strength.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Crack!

As the prison bars broke open, Yuanxu was seen walking slowly out of the cell. He staggered toward Hu He’s side before tapping on his shoulder and said, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!” Hu He grit his teeth and replied bitterly.

Feeling the air of the outside world, Yuanxu’s face was filled with an unspeakable sense of enjoyment as he gradually extended both of his arms.

At that moment, there was a gust of wind as masses of the world’s pure soul energy poured in and whirled around him. Then, it turned into a soul energy fog and seeped into his body, nourishing his shriveled frame.

Under the horrified gaze of Hu He, Yuanxu’s body slowly restored to its original state. His muscles formed and bulged up steadily, while his rough skin gained elasticity under the nourishment of the soul energy.

Not long after, Yuanxu transformed from looking like an old man in his twilight years to a seemingly dignified man in his thirties.

“Land of Cangxu! It’s time to change this name!”

Yuanxu’s grayish-white hair danced with the wind while his expression was grim. He knew that it was time for him to claim the rightful throne of His Excellency.

While Hu He was praying for a game notification to never come, it finally appeared.

[Server Announcement: In the region of Cangxu, the Great Demon Yuanxu has been released by player Hu He. He will descend in the Land of Cangxu once again to fight for the throne of His Excellency. All players, please be prepared (Note: This demon with extremely formidable strength was previously His Excellency of the Land of Yuanxu!)]

The news came as a shock in the forum.

Crayon_Shinchan: “Congratulations to the brothers in the European server. Happy to announce that there’s a disaster maker coming your way. Throws flower petals (laughing emoji)!”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Haha, he has gone to the European server? This is hilarious, it will keep the brothers in the European server busy for a while. Have fun you guys, this is just the beginning (laughing emoji)!”

Watermelon_Taro: “So freaking happy this scourge is finally gone! I was so excited that I instantly bought myself a red outfit (ecstatic emoji~)!”

A_Large_Wolfdog: “I’m on cloud nine~ This is the biggest good news so far. We respectfully escort our Hu He, the Great Demon King, to the European server. Oh and don’t even bother coming back (Tong Gua laughing hysterically with arms akimbo.jpg)!”

Star_Universe (European): “Fuck, I’ve heard so much about this Hu He Demon King. Why would he come to our European server all of a sudden? Please don’t!”

Reinhardt (European): “Fuck! Damn you Hu He… We’re doomed, this is terrible news! The European server is definitely going to explode soon!”

Mechanic_11 (European): “I’m going to kill him, I’m going to kill him! We’re in the middle of planning the Hidden Dragon Ghost General’s murder. Now that he’s here, everything will turn into disaster mode, fuck him!”

High_Ping_Warrior (European): “We beg the other server to take him back, please!”

Crayon_Shinchan replied to High_Ping_Warrior: “You’re being too kind. Players in all the servers are a big family, so just take it. Not accepting it means disrespect to the original players (laughing emoji)!”

ZERO (European): “It looks like something big has happened. I just got to the forum, can anyone tell me what’s going on? (Confused meme)”

Jason (European): “Boss, we’re done for… player Hu He, the Great Demon King, seems to have transferred to our zone. Besides, he has dug up a disaster level existence, an existence who is much more powerful than the Hidden Dragon Ghost General!”

ZERO (European): “WTF! Gather the players, we have to kick him out as soon as possible! Quick!”

At that moment, players on the local server were bursting with joy whilst players on the European server were in utter misery.

To begin with, the European server was going through a major development stage in an effort to catch up with the others, but now, the presence of Hu He had left them in a complete mess.

A lot of players started running toward the safe zone, waiting for the arrival of a huge calamity.

However, the severity of the situation far exceeded the expectations of the players.

Yuanxu appeared after Cangxu was dead.

At that time, the main forces of Cangxu had refused to accept one another as everyone wanted to be the new king. Now that the all-powerful Yuanxu had appeared, the initial balance of the situation would likely be disrupted.

After all, those who had no support in the underworld would easily be bullied, just like the time when Beiqi first lost Lu Yan. Thus, they would most probably seek the patronage of Yuanxu.

The players of the European server had gradually grown stronger under the mutual restraint of different forces. However, if Yuanxu was successful in conquering each of the forces, the players would have to face a truly powerful contingent of the Yuanxu Army.

Cangxu was fuming when he received the news. He barely managed to train the players to be stronger, but now that the Land of Cangxu might be unified by Yuanxu, what would become of them?

If Lu Wu was not there to stop him, Cangxu would have ran over to Hu He and strangled him a hundred times.

Even though Lu Wu prevented the violent behavior of Cangxu, he couldn’t help but have the urge to choke Hu He to death. This bastard was incredibly dastardly. He was basically the players’ number one nemesis.

If only he could, Lu Wu would create a server on Mars and throw him out of Earth, sending him straight toward outer space to let him suffer alone. By that time, it would all be fine even if Hu He decided to blow his new planet up!

Just as Lu Wu and Cangxu had expected, once Yuanxu discovered that Cangxu was dead, he started roaming around to subdue a crowd of Ghost Kings and Ghost Generals in an attempt to obtain the throne.

Moreover, a number of Ghost Generals and Ghost Kings had once again pledged their loyalty to Yuanxu.

In the face of this situation, Cangxu immediately sought the help of Lu Wu.

At this stage, the European server could be said to be his lifeblood, he could not bear to lose it. After all, he can only resurrect his Xian Ke after they become strong.

After much consideration, Lu Wu decided to provide Cangxu with some support. He reacted by launching a new event.

[Cross-Server Event Update: Beiqi Expeditionary Force!]:

Event Details: The Land of Cangxu is about to face the invasion of Yuanxu, the Great Demon. Xian Xu, a longtime close friend of the King of Beiqi, has requested our help.

Brave warriors, the sound of the horn signals an assembly. Put on your battle armor and sharpen your knife for it will be a bloodbath. Let us fight bravely for the great future of Cangxu!

Event Participation Requirements: Event registration will be held at the Mansion of the Dead. Players will become a part of the Beiqi Expeditionary Force upon successful registration. Once the event officially starts, players will be transported to Cangxu and participate in the fight to defend our home!

A purple title of ‘Beiqi Expeditionary Force’ will appear above all players on the team once they enter the Land of Cangxu.

Event Reward: Privilege to activate the prestige and rank system in advance. Rewards will be given based on the player’s rank in exchange with the prestige earned.

With the start of this event, the local players who were prepared to laugh at the sufferings of the players in Cangxu suddenly had ants in their pants.

All the players got envious, particularly for the early activation of the prestige and rank system reward.

They knew what it meant if the system could be activated in advance. It signified that they would be one step ahead of any others, and that advantage could potentially bring extra rewards.

Not long after the event was opened for registration, the Mansion of the Dead was crowded with people. These players were eager to sign up for the Beiqi Expeditionary Force as they feared that they might not be able to get a place.