Chapter 210 - Prestige And Rank

Chapter 210 of 342 chapters

A particularly large number of players had signed up for the new expeditionary force. If Lu Wu had not set the participation limit at five million players, he feared that all players in Beiqi would join the expedition and leave their land behind.

After a full battalion of five million players were gathered, Lu Wu took the plunge to start the update.

[Update Content: Prestige and Rank System]:

Prestige System Description: At the current stage, the Prestige System will only be in service for cross-server events. Prestige can be obtained by killing enemy monsters in the cross-server battle mode and Prestige Points will be given based on the strength of the creature killed.

Wandering Souls Level: 1 Prestige Point

Ghosts Level: 3 Prestige Points

Ghost Commander Level: 10,000 Prestige Points

Ghost General Level: 80,000 Prestige Points

Prestige points obtained can be traded for special items in the Prestige Shop.

Rank System Description: After earning a sufficient amount of Prestige, players can exchange their points for a corresponding Rank in the Rank System.

Rank Distribution:

Corporal (Level 1 to 10): 100 Prestige Points per exchange (Each level requires 100 Prestige Points)

Attributes: Health +30 (30 health points incremental for each level)

Sergeant (Level 1 to 10): 200 Prestige Points per exchange (Each level requires 200 Prestige Points)

Attributes: Health +40 (40 health points incremental for each level), Endurance +2 (2 points incremental for each level)

Commander (Level 1 to 7): 300 Prestige Points per exchange (Each level requires 300 Prestige Points)

Attributes: Health +50 (50 health points incremental for each level), Endurance +25 (3 points incremental for each level)

Items available in the Prestige Shop:

Prestige Shop Level One (available for Corporal):

[Surging Blood (Rank Skill)]: 500 Prestige Points

Skill Effect: After casting the skill, the player gains a 1.2x bonus on their main attribute. Lasts for ten minutes and has a cooldown period of two hours.

[Swordsmen Summoning (Rank Skill)]: 800 Prestige Points

Skill Effect: Summon ten swordsmen with strength equivalent to that of Level 30 Berserkers to join the fight (vanishing upon death). Lasts for half an hour and has a cooldown period of five hours.

Prestige Shop Level Two (available for Sergeant):

[Calvary Summoning (Rank Skill)]: 1500 Prestige Points

Skill Effect: Summon ten warriors with strength equivalent to that of Level 50 Calvary soldiers to join the fight (vanishing upon death). Lasts for half an hour and has a cooldown period of five hours.

[Fiery Elixir (Can only be used once)]: 500 Prestige Points

Item Effect: After drinking the elixir, all skills (including passive attack) will deal fire damage. Lasts for ten minutes.

Prestige Shop Level Six (available for Lieutenant General):

[Elixir of Resurrection (Can only be used once)]: 5,000 Prestige Points

Item Effect: The effect of the elixir will last for five minutes after consumption. During this period, the player will be resurrected upon death (not available in the Versus Arena or other battlefields).

[War Cry (Rank Skill)]: 5,000 Prestige Points

Skill Effect: The player releases a war halo covering a radius of fifty feet upon letting out a war cry. Allies (including the player) within the range will gain a 1.3x increase on their main attributes. Lasts for ten minutes and has a cooldown period of eight hours.

At this point, Lu Wu had released ten tiers of ranks and there were hundreds of items available for each rank in the shop, all of which were special items that could not be purchased in the regular game shop.

He was sure to make many Elixirs of Resurrection from Prestige Shop Level Six available. Players who would take this elixir would be as good as souls who returned to the battlefield after getting their injuries repaired by Lu Wu using some soul coins. This explained why the price was extremely high.

The players of the Beiqi Expeditionary Force were whipped into a frenzy by this wave of updates. They were dazzled by all the skills and growing range items available in the Prestige Shop and their hearts were filled with the desire to own everything.

Moreover, by enabling immediate growth to their attributes and health, the ranks were even more powerful.

This was simply an artifact in the eyes of Mages and Assassins.

Prior to this, their health would not increase much even after each upgrade, but the addition of ranks would turn the situation around.

For instance, when a Mage would upgrade their prestige to Level Five, attributes aside, the health itself would be increased to 3,500, fully transforming them into a human tank. Mages no longer have to hide from the Assassin’s attack, they could just stand tough and cast their skills head on.

The introduction of the Prestige System gave many civilian players the hope of a brighter future.

Although soul coins could be purchased by the rich, prestige was not something that could be bought. Only by killing the monsters and demons could one obtain prestige points. As long as the players were diligent enough, they could easily utilize the Prestige System to close the gap between them and the high-end players.

Nevertheless, it was true that these things were difficult to obtain.

Even so, it stirred up the players’ hearts. Those who failed to register had no choice but to beat their chests and stomp their feet, lamenting the missed opportunity for them to rise.

The five million players who had activated the Prestige System in advance were on cloud nine. They boasted about their luck and rubbed their fists together, preparing to enter the Land of Cangxu to put up a good fight with the demons.

Now that everything was in place, Lu Wu just had to wait for Cangxu’s feedback on the current situation before releasing this large contingent on the warpath.

Beiqi, Cliffs of Desperation.

In the white-haired old man’s small cottage situated halfway up the mountain, four figures were seen aside from the white-haired old man.

“Your Majesty!” the four who appeared in the cottage proclaimed as they got down on one knee in front of the white-haired old man.

“Are you all aware of the reason why I commanded the four of you to stay hidden from the world?” the white-haired old man looked at Frozen, Da Huo, Earthbreaker, and Barbarian Bull, his four great subordinates of the Ghost Emperor Level.

Frozen and the rest were puzzled. After all, they had lived in seclusion for hundreds of thousands of years, their patience had definitely worn out. If it was not for the overbearing pressure from North Sea, they would have escaped much earlier. However, at that moment, no one dared utter a word.

“It is coming. The mark on her body shall reappear very soon. As the leader of the Heavenless Alliance, she had no choice but to reincarnate if she didn’t wish to expose herself. But this time around, I believe she won’t do the same. It is probably time for me to lend her a helping hand…”

“The opportunity for me to attain divinity has finally come!” the white-haired old man said with a smile.

The facial expressions of Frozen and the rest were grave upon listening to his opportunity for divinity.

They knew that the power of North Sea had reached the pinnacle of a Void Deity. To achieve apotheosis, all he needed to do was to fill in his name on the Underworld God List.

At first they were wondering why North Sea had been stalling his apotheosis, but they did not expect their leader to change his mind all of a sudden.

“Your Majesty, are you saying that she is the Old Ancestor?” Frozen lifted up his head and asked.

“Yes! It’s time for her to come back. However, those in the world of immortals would never let her get away with it. So do you all know what I’m planning to do next?” North Sea looked at his subordinates and chuckled.

The four of them felt goosebumps and three words appeared in their hearts at the same time, “Going against Heaven?”


“No. Since the Old Ancestor had such courage to do so, then it is only natural for me, as a posterity, to display true valor by going against Heaven along with Your Majesty!” replied Frozen, his delicate face filled with perseverance.

“I, Da Huo, pledge to follow Your Majesty until my death. Those arrogant fellows are a real eyesore. If I was crowned King of Beiqi in the past, I, too, would have definitely joined the Heavenless Alliance.”

When he finished speaking, the three of them turned their gaze toward Da Huo at the same time.

“Ahem… I’m saying if… in short, I now pledge my allegiance to Your Majesty without a second thought!” Da Huo seemed to have noticed something, hence the swift explanation.

“We pledge to follow Your Majesty until our deaths!” Earthbreaker and Barbarian Bull made a vow resolutely.

“Actually, if any of you are afraid, rest assured that you will not be blamed. Resume your hiding and this battle will certainly not affect you.”

“We pledge to follow Your Majesty until our deaths!” the four of them said in unison once again.

“You all are truly contemptible to the bones! Hahaha!” looking at the four of them, North Sea could not help but to let out a loud laugh.

“Now that we are going against Heaven, would Your Majesty like to visit the Great Emperor to accept your amnesty in advance, thereby increasing your strength before the war?” Frozen parted his lips and asked.

“There is no need, my chance of divinity still lies with the deity!”

The four of them were stunned by what they heard. They immediately thought of a special myth about attaining divinity and they mentally gasped it in surprise.

At that moment, they realized that the King of Beiqi whom they had pledged loyalty to for hundreds of thousands of years had not changed a bit. He was still that insanely dauntless man just like he was before!