Chapter 214 - I’m Not A Mount

Chapter 214 of 342 chapters

With the aid of Sun Qii’s powerful attributes, Reinhardt galloped through the ranks of the Hidden Dragon Army. He was as unstoppable as the God of War.

Along the way, any warriors who tried to stop them were sent flying. All because they failed to gauge the combined strength attributes of the duo.

The sense of pleasure made Reinhardt cheer uncontrollably.

The dog, who was running with all his might, gnashed his teeth when he heard Reinhardt’s cheer. If it were not for his constant self-reminders about the 80,000 prestige points reward, he would have turned around and bitten Reinhardt to death.

“Woohoo! Woohoo!” Reinhardt was still shouting excitedly. The Beiqi players were almost out of breath from laughing as they watched them from the back.

“We… we’re in the middle of a war! All of you… please be more serious, and stop laughing! Hahaha!” Liu Chai immediately rebuked the players when he saw them falling over each other while laughing uncontrollably.

However, after he finished talking, he could not help but laugh uproariously himself.

Some meddlesome players had even begun filming a video of them, ready to make it into a GIF or a meme. Meanwhile, the clueless dog was still fervently sprinting toward the Hidden Dragon Ghost General.

At that moment, the Hidden Dragon Ghost General had already noticed them charging toward him.

He promptly commanded the warriors to form a blockade. At the same time, the wand in his hand began to fill with energy. Three rays of black light subsequently shot toward them.

“He’s using his skills! Brother, brace yourself!”

“Got it!”

After replying, the dog stopped charging forward. Instead, he started to dodge the attack agilely.

That scene induced another burst of laughter from the players. As they were standing at the back, all they saw was Reinhardt sitting on the floor hopping left and right while advancing.

With the help of the dog’s agility, they easily dodged two of the spells, but Reinhardt had to withstand the last spell by himself.

Despite that, Reinhardt did not suffer much damage from the attack because of the strong immunity of the Dark Knight and the sharing of health due to the dog’s mounted state.

“Speed up! Armored Assault!”

As Reinhardt let out a roar, a ray of purple and red light shrouded the both of them, increasing their speed once again.

This time, Reinhardt immediately locked on the Hidden Dragon Ghost General as his assault target. Simultaneously, the dog also stopped dodging in this state and charged furiously toward the Hidden Dragon Ghost General.

Working together, they pushed forward bravely, every step bringing them closer to the Hidden Dragon Ghost General.

This made the Hidden Dragon Ghost General panic, so he hurriedly cast a few offensive spells at them before turning around to escape.

Nonetheless, the distance between the two sides had been drawn closer. Accompanied by Reinhardt’s excited yell, they mercilessly collided straight into the Hidden Dragon Ghost General.

The collision was not too damaging for the Hidden Dragon Ghost General. Instead, it managed to disrupt the spell energy that had originally consolidated on the tip of his magic wand. These energy fluctuations caused the black wind to disperse.

“Brothers, charge! Prestige is coming!” the players who witnessed the scene got excited and started to dash forward while screaming.

Without the disturbance of the black wind, their speed increased, gradually closing the gap between them and the Hidden Dragon Army.

“Brother, retreat! We’ll charge again later when he releases the black wind!”

“Damn, I have to do this again?” hearing this, Sun Qi couldn’t help but clench his teeth.

“What if the Hidden Dragon Ghost General’s skills can be cooled down? Don’t be mad. Didn’t they already promise you the good stuff?” since he was reluctant to get down, Reinhardt could only try to persuade the dog.

“Okay!” the enraged dog had no choice but to run backward, bringing Reinhardt with him.

Reinhardt was having a great time as he killed the enemies with his rifle along the way.

At first, Sun Qi was irritated by Reinhardt’s occasional cheer while sitting on his back.

However, he soon noticed that even if Reinhardt was the one who killed the Hidden Dragon Warriors, he could still obtain prestige points. This realization made him cease his internal complaints and he started to charge around with Reinhardt, targeting crowded places.

Both of their existences were like troublemakers on the battlefield. They messed up the already disorganized Hidden Dragon Army, causing them to clash with one another while retreating. It was the epitome of chaos, with even their speed of retreat affected.


“Advance to the left!”

“Turn right this time, turn right!”

“Shut up! I’m not a mount!” the dog could not help but to growl.

Although he wanted prestige, his teeth could not help but to grind with hatred when he realized Reinhardt was treating him like a mount.

“Yes, brother. No problem!” Reinhardt reassured excitedly.

At that moment, the Hidden Dragon Warriors formed a wall, attempting to stop them from advancing.

“Halt!” Reinhardt shouted subconsciously.

“Halt your foot! I’m not your mount!” the dog who was infuriated and instantaneously accelerated, crashing into the wall just to prove to Reinhardt that he was not just an animal he could command.

With the combined force of the duo, the players at their rear quickly caught up with them, gradually devouring the enemy from the back.

Seeing the grim situation, the Hidden Dragon Ghost General’s face turned ashen. He raised his magic wand again, intending to create a wave of black wind.

“Brother, charge! The target, Hidden Dragon Ghost General, is going to use his skill again!” Reinhardt pointed his rifle at the Hidden Dragon Ghost General while bellowing enthusiastically.

Sun Qi did not reply to him this time. He swore quietly in his heart that when the battle is over, he would bite the bastard on his back to death a hundred times to vent his hatred toward him.

Nevertheless, he clenched his teeth and changed direction when he remembered about the 80,000 prestige points reward. Once again, he charged toward the Hidden Dragon Ghost General.

The black wind was disrupted again under the combined attack of the duo.

Without the disturbance caused by the spells, the players at the back started to kill passionately. Many of the Cangxu players joined them, insanely charging toward the enemy.

Due to the complete loss of morale, the warriors of the Hidden Dragon Army no longer even had the will to resist. Even if they were caught, they would only struggle with all their might and try to escape.

Therefore, the players could easily make their kill. The battle went from a semi-resistance to a one-sided slaughter.

The Hidden Dragon Ghost General could not find a counterattack strategy under the hot pursuit of the players’ forces.

As a Ghost General who specializes in spells, his melee ability was weak. Although he had various growing ranges and crowd control abilities, his warriors had completely lost their fighting spirit. No matter how strong his growing range was, it was of no use.

Besides, his crowd control abilities were restrained by the super speedy duo. Each one of their attacks always managed to hit him at crucial times.

Even more to his despair was that in this duo, one possessed a strong defense whereas the other had strong healing abilities. When they worked together, they were an invincible team.

Facing such a duo, the Hidden Dragon Ghost General felt helpless.

“Ahoy there!”

At that moment, accompanied by Reinhardt’s cheer, the dog and knight duo charged from the side once again.

When the Hidden Dragon Ghost General witnessed this scene, he grit his teeth and swung his magic wand at both of them.

“I will beat you at any cost!”