Chapter 216 - Justice Will Never Be Absent

Chapter 216 of 342 chapters

Two hours later…

Liu Chai raised the cup of water in his hands at the Hidden Dragon Ghost General, “Look at you, sweating so much. Do you want to stop and have a cup of water?”

Hearing this, the Hidden Dragon Ghost General’s eyes were filled with grief and wrath. His lips parted and closed as if he wanted to say something.

At that moment, his pair of numb hands suddenly lost strength, causing the magic wand to slip out of his grasp.

The densely packed skills immediately smashed on his body, knocking him to the ground!

The output of the players also became more persistent when they noticed that the Hidden Dragon Ghost General was unable to hold on any longer.

Maybe even the Hidden Dragon Ghost General did not expect that he would face death under such oppressed circumstances.

Liu Chai had kept his promise and handed over the final right to slay the Ghost General to Sun Qi the White Phantom. After all, the little dog had suffered so much in this battle and it was thanks to his effort that they could defeat the Hidden Dragon Army.

The players also did not complain because if it was not for the dog, they might not even have the chance of gaining any prestige points, let alone obtaining the prestige from the Hidden Dragon Ghost General.

Sun Qi, who had done his best, burst into tears. He felt that he had finally made it.

He shook his body and turned to look at Reinhardt who was still sitting on his back, “Are you not going to get off?”

Reinhardt was disappointed. The war was over, after all, so he had no choice but to jump down.

But his heart would still miss the ride that was like lightning speed. It could only be described as exciting.

When the battle was completely over, a book gradually appeared in front of the players.

As a ray of light flashed across the four large gold characters, the pages started to open slowly.

[March 3, 2319, the Hidden Dragon Ghost General who pledged loyalty to Yuanxu had started a war with the Army of Xianxu. When the battle was at stake, the Beiqi Expeditionary Force arrived and fought hard to turn the tide. Together with the Army of Xianxu, they won the battle in the end!]

At the bottom of these sentences, there was a picture of the players surrounding the Hidden Dragon Ghost General.

[Server Announcement: Every player of the Army of Xianxu who participated in this battle will receive a title: Unyielding Protector!]

[Unyielding Protector (Purple Title)]:

Dedicated to all the players who participated in the Xianxu Defensive War. Your efforts have brought peace to our homes.

Title Effect: Able to enter the Naraka Realm Instance Dungeon that has yet to open in advance.

[Server Announcement: All Beiqi players who participated in the expedition will be rewarded 100 prestige points. The blood you shed for our allies will be recorded in the Annals of Great Battles, and at the same time it will remain engraved in their hearts!]

The game notification that appeared made both servers’ players cheer together.

Especially the European server players.

From being suppressed at the beginning of the war to the hot pursuit in the end, such real war experience had brought great satisfaction to them after achieving the final victory.

It was their first time being on the battlefield and they were glad to be able to feel the surge of adrenaline rush in such an atmosphere.

This battle made the European server players understand the terrific abilities of the others whose server had launched three months earlier than theirs.

The strength they displayed was also fascinating.

The huge gap did not bring disappointment but instead ignited their desire to succeed.

Although they were allies in the Underworld, they were still going to be enemies in the future cross-server wars.

At that moment, the European server players were already quietly preparing for the future cross-server war.

If they were not strong enough, then they needed to become stronger.

They already had full control of the Hidden Dragon Region, so the area for training had been expanded. They had plenty of resources as the interior of the region still had some of the Hidden Dragon Warriors who ran away earlier.

They were already excited to start leveling up and becoming stronger.

At that moment, a game notification rang again in the mind of the Beiqi players.

[Game Notification: The War of the Supportive Expedition Force has come to an end. The portal will reopen in three hours, please be prepared. During this period, you are free to roam around the Land of Cangxu as you like!]

Realizing that they had three hours left to stay in Cangxu, many Beiqi players started to wander around to observe the difference in the sceneries between the Land of Cangxu and their native Beiqi.

There were also some players who were trading spiritual materials with the European server players, preparing to bring some of the local specialties back home.

There were some other players who followed the European server players back to Hidden Dragon Village, hoping to see if there were any chances of receiving a special quest here since anything was possible in the game.

Right now, Reinhardt was en route back home with a smile plastered on his face. Thinking of his heroic act during the battle, he couldn’t help but feel proud of himself.

Just then, a black figure dashed out of the bushes and threw him to the ground suddenly.

Reinhardt was shocked and tried to fight back, only to realize that it was Sun Qi the dog.

“Brother, what are you…?”

“I’ll bite you to death, you bastard! Wasn’t it fun riding on my back just now…” the dog grit his teeth and bit Reinhardt.

Currently on the east side of the Hidden Dragon Marsh.

The appearance of a flash of golden light put a pleasant smile on Hu He’s face.

“I leveled up again! What a pleasure!”

His level was way higher compared to the others on the European server. Although many players came to him, he managed to beat them to a hasty retreat.

From Hu He’s point of view, the Land of Cangxu was truly heaven. Even if he made a huge mistake, he could still get away with it and no one could do anything about him.

“Ah, I missed backstabs! The days of training without them are so relaxing as no disturbance at all.”

Hu He, who was sitting on the tip of an enormous rock, muttered proudly as he glanced at Cha Na’s zombie spirit who knocked out a marsh crocodile with a punch.


Suddenly, a soft cry could be heard from behind him, and this shocked Hu He.

That familiar voice made Hu He remember the black and white screen that always appeared after this voice.


Hearing the sound of the dagger thrusting into his body, Hu He turned around in disbelief.

“Big sister, this is the European server!” Hu He looked at Little Pomelo with grief.

“Being paid by someone to take care of a problem is a killer’s attainment. Moreover, I just happened to stop by because of convenience!” Little Pomelo stuck out her tongue and thrust her dagger forward.

Hu He’s lips twitched upon hearing her.

That’s too fake. We are on the European server now. Was it necessary to stop by and thrust a dagger in me? I seriously suspect that you’re addicted to stabbing me.


Another dagger appeared in front of his chest, piercing deep into his heart.

Hu He did not have to turn around to know who did it.

“Big brother, please spare me. I’ve already run away to the European server. Don’t you think you’ve all gone too far? Can’t you spare any mercy?”

Hu He slowly turned around and glanced at Murphy while struggling to keep calm. Otherwise, he was afraid that his tears would just roll down his cheek uncontrollably.

“The mission was taken based on a bounty regardless of right or wrong,” Murphy said coolly.

This time, the Runes of Yin and Yang emerged and collided with Hu He. His health was instantly emptied by the explosion and the screen in front of him turned black once more.

Seeing Hu He on the ground, Little Pomelo skillfully took three continuous photos.

She even purposely turned on the beauty filter.

After settling everything, both of them held hands and walked back.

The European server players specially invited them to help this time with a pretty high price.

After they were done with this, they felt that they were a step closer toward a happy life in the future. They could not help but feel delighted.

The lid of the transparent gaming pod slowly opened, revealing Hu He who was lying inside with soulless eyes.

He suddenly recalled something said by the players in the forum.

“The backstab of justice might be late, but it would never be absent!”

Hu He’s heart was filled with grief because he was sent to trial again by a backstab. He then turned around all of a sudden and started hitting the gaming pod with his bare hands.

“This is such a horrible game! This is such a horrible game! I quit! I don’t want to play it anymore, I hate this game! It doesn’t provide any gaming experience at all, I’m not playing it anymore!”

After venting out his frustrations, Hu He huddled himself up in the gaming pod and started to sob, “I hate them! I hate…”