Chapter 217 - The Emergence Of The Seal

Chapter 217 of 342 chapters

The crisis in Cangxu was temporarily relieved as the Beiqi Expeditionary Force came back victorious.

The Army of Xianxu marched into a period of rapid development.

Although the death crisis in the Void Ocean broke out again, it did not affect Beiqi. Therefore, Lu Wu was very calm.

Seeing the soul coins increase day by day, he felt that the days were just so laid-back.

Even so, Lu Wu’s shut-in life made him feel distressed.

He had already forgotten how long it was since he last stepped out of his house.

He even needed Bei Li to help him do the shopping.

These days made him feel like a kitten confined to its cage. It was awful!

One day, he felt a sharp pain in his forehead when he was cultivating.

Thinking that something was wrong with the cultivation, Lu Wu stopped his internal energy circulation and trotted to the mirror to find out what happened.

Lu Wu was startled to discover that a pink lotus pattern had emerged on his forehead.

Confused, Lu Wu immediately went to Bei Li, who was stuffing potato chips into her mouth, to clear out his confusion.

Seeing the pink lotus pattern on his forehead, Bei Li was so shocked that she could not even bother eating her snacks.

Her reaction made Lu Wu uncertain about what was going on. He started to panic, too, as her reaction was as if he had cancer.

“Wu, the seal on your body has emerged!” Bei Li swallowed the snacks in her mouth and looked at Lu Wu solemnly.

“Is this serious?” Lu Wu was shocked.

“This is very serious because this seal represents the Deity of Beiqi, ‘Bei Li’ herself!”

“I know. You said that I was once Bei Li,” Lu Wu was exasperated. He felt that he could never bypass this history of his.

“It has another meaning, which is the symbol of the leader of the Heavenless Alliance!”

“No way, it can’t be!” Lu Wu was aghast.

“Don’t tell me that there will be things like going against Heaven waiting for me,” Lu Wu’s jaw dropped.

“No. Whether you choose to do so or not is your own choice. Since the seal appeared on your body, the people in Heaven will never let you go. So, now you only have two choices! One, use the power of the artifact to enter the Six Paths of Reincarnation to reincarnate and remove this seal temporarily…”

“Two! Two! Two!” Lu Wu immediately blurted out.

Are you kidding me? How could I agree to reincarnate when I have yet to even live my own life to the fullest? There’s no way I will do that.

Hearing this, Bei Li released a shallow, pent-up breath, “Wu, because you are a registered deity in the Underworld God List, this seal will always follow you no matter how many times you reincarnate. This is why you are in grave danger now. Those people from Heaven will most probably be able to track you down by sensing the seal!”

Hearing this, Lu Wu thought of the Demonic God.

It seemed that the Demonic God’s Divine Seal also remained after his reincarnation.

“However, I didn’t expect that the seal would appear so soon. If there’s enough time, you can totally assemble an army that can compete with the forces of Heaven. By that time, they won’t be able to do anything to you. But now, you’re in grave danger!”

Lu Wu’s expression also became somber.

“What else can I do other than reincarnate?”

“This is the second choice. Actually, you have already prepared the countermeasures long ago and the pawns will help you, too!” Bei Li could not help but sigh.

“Are you talking about North Sea and the others?” Lu Wu was surprised.

Bei Li nodded hard. Just when she was about to say something, her expression changed, “Wu, quick, let’s get to the Underworld!”

Hearing this, Lu Wu did not bother to question her and immediately waved his hand. The power of the artifact subsequently enveloped both of them and sent them to the Underworld.

After both of them left, a divine consciousness descended abruptly and flitted forward, constantly searching…

Before Lu Wu, who sought refuge in the Underworld, had the chance to ask what happened, he saw Bei Li waving her hand. Then, a ray of light appeared in the air and exploded into a blooming lotus.

“Go! Go to the Cliffs of Desperation!” Bei Li utilized the artifact and brought Lu Wu toward the direction of the Cliffs of Desperation.

At that moment, the sky of Beiqi was torn to a crack. A large white seal appeared and it released thousands of rays of golden light, like the sun shining brightly on the ground.

When Lu Wu, who was being carried by Bei Li, was illuminated by the golden light, the lotus seal on his forehead started to burn and glow.

“Beiqi rebel, how dare you come back!”

The thundering voice resonated throughout the sky and earth, then the white seal quickly pressed toward Lu Wu.

The speed at which Lu Wu and Bei Li moved was no match for the falling speed of the seal at all.

Just when the seal was about to smash onto them, a white figure suddenly appeared above them.

His left hand was behind his back while his right hand was raised at the sky, lifting the falling seal.

Lu Wu turned around in shock, only to realize that it was North Sea.

“Long time no see, teacher!” North Sea smiled and nodded to greet Lu Wu.

Shocked, Lu Wu did not know how to respond. After some contemplation, he finally replied, “Uhh… long time no see!”

“Who are you? Why are you harboring this sinful deity who went against Heaven?” the voice from the sky sounded again and a golden figure slowly emerged from the clouds.

“I am your grandfather!”

After he finished talking, North Sea pressed his palm upward. The seal instantly flew skyward and was kept by the golden figure in the sky.

“Are you part of the Heavenless Alliance? Then I shall bestow on you an endless hell!”

This time, the figure above threw three big seals, pressing down with the power of the sky and earth.

“I think you’re just sick of living. How dare you sentence me to hell. Don’t cry when you get beat up later!” North Sea spoke while flying upward, throwing three continuous punches at the golden figure.

The seemingly powerless punches did not have any fluctuation of energy. However, the base of the three golden seals in the sky sank suddenly, and three clear fist prints could be seen with prominent cracks around them.

“Where did you get such power while not being recorded in the Annals of Gods!?” the deity above seemed to be very surprised.

“I’ll be recorded soon enough!” North Sea laughed uproariously, his figure disappearing on the spot. When he reappeared, he was right beside the golden figure.

“Hundred Seals!” the golden figure seemed to be extremely shocked and roared in anger. Seals subsequently appeared around him, encircling and protecting him within.

“Break!” North Sea hurled his fists and his right arm turned black instantly, colliding with the golden seals around him.


His black arm penetrated the barrier formed by the golden seals and swiftly grabbed the golden figure by the neck.

At the same time, a shadow of the Demonic God appeared behind North Sea.


“Demonic God!” the Hundred Seals Deity’s expression changed.


Scarlet flames burned on North Sea’s right arm. He grabbed the Hundred Seals Deity and fell toward the ground like a meteor.

This collision shook the Underworld like a fallen asteroid and caused the entire Beiqi to quake.

When North Sea reappeared, his left hand was grabbing the Hundred Seals Deity while his right hand was in his chest. With a jerk, a golden heart was extracted from his chest.

The Hundred Seals Deity’s body started to twitch uncontrollably, and the golden light on his body was slowly fading away.

At that moment, North Sea had a ferocious expression. He then shoved the golden heart into his mouth and swallowed it.


His voice resounded through the sky. His whole body was ablaze with golden flames that were constantly burning his body, making deep cracks like a dried-up land.

“He is indeed a lunatic!” looking at North Sea who was screaming, Bei Li was astounded.

“Why?” Lu Wu who was aside immediately asked.

“He’s trying to use the Divine Fire in the heart of a deity to ignite his own Divine Fire… and to attain divinity in such a way goes against Heaven!”

“Is it dangerous?”

“As long as he succeeds in apotheosis, he will be hunted down by every single deity of Heaven. He’s like a firefly in the dark, wherever he might be, those in Heaven can always find him through the burning tracks of the Divine Fire! Trying to attain divinity this way is basically suicide! No one has ever done that and survived!” Bei Li’s face was particularly solemn.