Chapter 22

Chapter 22 of 342 chapters

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Firstly, this game style did not need to be a fighting game, it could be freestyle or a relaxing kind of game.

For instance, if they could take back Liuli District from Cha Na in the future, then players who enjoy fishing could totally fish in the Underworld Sea by Liuli District.

As claimed by Bei Li, the Underworld Sea was filled with plenty of rare fish, some with the ability to enhance players’ Soul Strength.

Aside from selling it at the shop, players could consume it to enhance their strength.

Additionally, at the bottom of the Cliffs of Desperation laid a zone of murky land, which was currently the territory of the Rock Ghost King. That place would be great for cultivating new creatures.

Should they conquer that zone, it could unlock the ability for players to rear pets which they can even train to assist in battle.

As long as players could imagine creative ways to play the game, it could be said that there were endless possibilities in this underworld realm, making the gameplay so much more fun.

At the border of Liuli District and the Mansion of the Dead.

The Ghost Supreme Commander was looking coldly at those provoking players who were not far away.

He was unsure of the reason for the presence of all these weird creatures who called themselves the descendants of the King of Beiqi here at the Mansion of the Dead. Despite that, he was shocked when he saw many among them whom he had killed before.

Recently, his camp was disturbed by them numerous times already.

All these so-called players chose not to encounter him face-to-face anymore ever since the last battle, instead they had formed small teams and started their continuous provocations around the camp.

He initially thought that these weak existences would be terrified by a few massacres, but the fact was indeed the opposite, the disturbances were becoming worse and this had irritated the Ghost Supreme Commander. So he decided to bring along all of his subordinates to the Mansion of the Dead this time to identify the real situation.

But just as the armies crossed the border line, the sky turned dark all of a sudden, reminding Ghost Supreme Commander of the great king who was very powerful here in Beiqi, his heart then trembled involuntarily.

“Kill them all!”

The Ghost Supreme Commander suppressed his inner fear at once, he then said while raising his sword and pointed at the players far away.

The whole regiment of Ghost Wolf Riders immediately dashed toward the provoking players with their weapons.

“Your idea really works. These traitors really can’t stand it anymore and are coming over here!”

Ye Xue’er said in disbelief after catching a glimpse at Wu Guoyi who was also observing the situation beside her.

“Of course, have you ever heard of the saying, ‘the older the wiser’? Now, keep leading them in deeper, I’ve already asked someone to disseminate about this on the forum. By then, we’ll have millions of players, so we don’t have to be afraid of these few thousand ghost clan scraps,” said Wu Guoyi proudly.

Meanwhile, Lu Wu was also paying attention to this annihilation war which was initiated by the players.

Three hours ago, the three biggest guilds had come to a consensus with numerous groups of players in the forum on annihilating the Ghost Supreme Commander.

This post of the annihilation action had been pinned on top of the forum, receiving a great number of followers among the players.

Maybe even Wu Guoyi, the initiator of this war was not expecting things to go so smoothly as well. The Ghost Supreme Commander was really leading his men to annihilate them.

Those groups which were sent for the purpose of provocation were caught and wiped out by the army of the Ghost Supreme Commander very quickly, without any chance to resist.

While looking at the Mansion of the Dead which covered with heavy dark clouds miles away, the Ghost Supreme Commander swung his sword while leading his army forward.

“Let’s go towards Beiqi’s Mansion of the Dead!”

There was sand and dust everywhere at once as thousands of huge wolves carrying the ghost soldiers ran toward the deserted Mansion of the Dead.

The Ghost Rider Army kept bumping into players who were alone by themselves and killed them without hesitation. This further motivated the Ghost Rider Army, making them think that although there were a lot of players, they were all weak and fragile.

But when the Ghost Rider Army reached the Mansion of the Dead, they were startled.

All they could see was a myriad of players who were staring at them around the Mansion of the Dead.

“What actually is this? Why are there so many!?”

The Ghost Supreme Commander was very familiar with this area, but since he was away for a few months, he was not aware of the presence of all the new creatures here.


The Ghost Supreme Commander could feel the numbness on his scalp while he was facing such a huge group of players. He was not going to continue to fight because even if he won, the price would be very high.

However, those players were already prepared for this, so there was no way that they would let him and his army escape. Once again, they gathered one by one quickly and formed a human barrier behind them.

This very scene was being live-streamed through a virtual helmet of a player onto the forum, letting those who were sacrificed watch this together. Many people were following closely to this counterattacking war.

Peppa_Boar: “Sad day, this is actually worth my life. Let’s kill all the traitors, go!”

Invincible_Loneliness: “Offering a reward of a million to those players who manages to kill the ghost clan scraps, you can do it!”

Numerous players were commenting on the live stream, the war was on the verge of breaking out as well.

The Ghost Supreme Commander was really shocked this time, he could only choose to retreat while encountering such large numbers of players, but he never expected that he was not allowed to do so.

In order to stay alive, the Ghost Supreme Commander suddenly waved his hand and his army turned around immediately, killing the players behind them.

“Stop them! Let’s kill them! Don’t be afraid to die,” one of the players shouted with rage.

At the very moment, the armies of players dashed towards the Ghost Supreme Commander from all directions.

Although most of their levels were rather low and some would be eliminated even with just one attack, this had motivated the fighting wills of the players, they attacked insanely as if they were committing suicide, splitting the whole Ghost Rider Army in a blink of an eye.

It was not that scary for one to go against ten, but it was indeed scary for one to fight against tens or hundreds.

The players had no particular formation of fighting, no commander, and no tactics. All they had was reckless abandon, they kept attacking just because they had an advantage on head counts.

As for the ghost clan creatures, although they were bloodthirsty and brutal, they were also afraid of being dead once again, but the players were not.

Death was normal to the players, despite the fact that it was just a three hour cooldown time, they were not afraid of death at all, they really could sacrifice their lives for good.

The players who were watching this on the live stream of the forum were very excited.

“Kick his crotch! Yes! That’s it!”

“Dude, on your left, left hand side, aargh, not listening to me, no wonder you died!”

A bunch of netizens were commenting outside the fight.

There were players who died and joined the forum from time to time, it was bustling both inside and outside the game.

Contradicting to the players, the Ghost Supreme Commander looked gloomy right then, although every time when he waved his sword he would kill a bunch of players, there were too many of them, too many that even the Ghost Supreme Commander felt it was hard to handle.

It was then that the steed of the Ghost Supreme Commander almost shook him off all of a sudden. He looked back immediately and noticed that a person was stabbing the demonic foal’s hindquarters with a big sword.

Off the game:

“Hahaha, great, a fatal attack, perfect!”

“I remember that this dude is the big boss of the Great Dragon Guild, his name is Chen Ziyu, he is really good!”

The Ghost Supreme Commander was so furious as if there were fire burning in his eyes when he felt the tremble of his demonic foal. He suddenly waved his sword backwards, trying to kill Chen Ziyu.

Suddenly, a figure dashed out from the side, pushing Chen Ziyu away while enduring this fatal attack by himself.

“Boss, take revenge for me!” the one who blocked the bullet shouted at Chen Ziyu before his screen blacked out.