Chapter 222 - A Massacre Triggered By A Fish

Chapter 222 of 342 chapters

At the Void Ocean, the Demonic God who was floating in mid air was holding a red fishing rod that was infused with Blood Qi.

From time to time he would look at the crystal blue sky, the mysteriously deep ocean, and the seagulls cawing in his ear. The beauty of nature pleased the Demonic God very much. For the first time in his life, he realized that happiness was in fact this simple.

As the fishing rod bobbed, a smile appeared on the Demonic God’s face.

Although he could easily catch fish by himself, he was enjoying the beauty of the world and was against using such a brutal way. He enjoyed the fun of fishing tremendously.

Seeing a red spiritual fish jumping from the water and the splashing droplets shining under the rays of the sun, the Demonic God smiled joyfully.

He reached out his hand and was about to take it.

Suddenly, an enormous black figure a thousand meters wide emerged from the surface water.

As the Demonic God gaped in bewilderment, a giant creature leaped from the water and swallowed the red spiritual fish in one gulp. At the same time, it snapped his fishing line that was condensed by Blood Qi.


The giant fish dove into the water once more, splashing waves that drenched the Demonic God.

What the fuck…

The massive black figure slowly faded away. The Demonic God felt his negative emotions brewing inside him.

“I’ll beat you to death!” the Demonic God roared and lept into the water to chase after the giant fish.

Little Pomelo and Murphy looked dejected as they saw Mo Xiaoxin leaving with his private Specter Ship.

“Murphy, do we really have to approach every single player with Xiaoxin in their names?”

“We don’t have a choice. Crayon_Shinchan hasn’t left any clues. We can only try one by one,” he sighed helplessly.

Mo Xiaoxin sighed a breath of relief when he saw the backs of the retreating duo.

He had a narrow escape this time.

If they really had their eyes on him, Mo Xiaoxin felt that it would be much better if he stayed in the safe zone. After all, that Hu He player was a great example. The future would be more than pain and sorrow.

As he thought about it, Mo Xiaoxin reached his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead. He could not help but feel lucky.

His Specter Ship drifted away with the bobbling waves, approaching the Void Ocean.

Mo Xiaoxin took out his fishing equipment from his inventory and prepared to start his daily carefree labor.

What Mo Xiaoxin didn’t notice were the two figures squatting on top of the ship’s mast.

Their gaze scanned him from time to time, suspicion clearly written on their faces.

Murphy and Little Pomelo had decided to give up, but the more they thought of it, the more they found it strange.

Their killer instincts told them that this person was suspicious. They decided to carry on with their observation as there might be unexpected gains.

However, after following him for half an hour, they hadn’t observed anything fishy, and this left them even more puzzled.

Pondering, Little Pomelo started a livestream.

If the two of them couldn’t recognize him, they might as well gather everyone from the forum to identify that person.

Soon, a post showed up on the official forum page.

[Instinct tells us that this person is Crayon_Shinchan. Does anyone have a way of proving it?]

Peppa_Boar: “The bounty killers are finally going to carry out a backstab of justice on the master troll from the forum. Good luck (laughing emoji)!”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “From my months of experience of reading Crayon_Shinchan’s comments, you can try asking him a question. If he trolls you in response, kill him (laughing emoji)!”

Watermelon_Taro: “Crayon_Shinchan should be responding to this post soon. Otherwise, his suspiciousness +50%”

A_Large_Wolfdog: “My keen sense of smell tells me he is the one!”

Assassin_Creed: “He is too good at hiding. If you really want clues, you probably won’t find them in the game. But his characteristics of trolling seem obvious, so you can only try starting with this.”

Lost8kToOnlineDating: “Not a good idea. He’s not stupid. He won’t troll if he recognizes both of you. The only way is to wait for him to launch the forum and observe carefully. The forum interface will show his ID.”

The players started working together to figure out whether that person was Crayon_Shinchan or not.

Under normal circumstances, Crayon_Shinchan would respond instantly when he saw posts like this. Surprisingly, he did not appear and mock them for being overconfident in the forum. It caused everyone to suspect him even more.

However, it was better to play it safe. They couldn’t conclude that this person was Crayon_Shinchan with that single point. It could also be that he was busy today.

Everybody started intensely discussing all kinds of methods to test him. There were even players who overreacted, shouting slogans like, “Rather kill all than miss one.”

It was obvious how much everyone in the forum hated the troll.

Reading the players’ reply, Little Pomelo nodded and started observing Xiaoxin closely.

There was an agreement among everyone’s viewpoints, and that was how it was impossible to identify Crayon_Shinchan in the game. It could only be done through the forum.

The two of them squatted and watched over Mo Xiaoxin intently, waiting for him to launch the forum dashboard and to pick up any vital clues.

Down below, the forehead of Mo Xiaoxin, who was holding a fishing rod and had his back to the duo, was full of sweat.

Fuck… luckily I was smart enough to spend a sum of money to upgrade my exploration skill to the max. Otherwise, you people would have blown my cover.

Mo Xiaoxin acted calmly and did not launch the forum. He held on to the fishing rod and gazed across the boundless ocean as though he was enjoying the scenery.

It started to dispirit the twin assassins.

Why is it this hard to take a look at the forum menu!?

After a three hour battle of wit and courage, the duo finally gave up and jumped from the mast, appearing beside Mo Xiaoxin.

The thud of something landing could be heard.

Faking surprise, Mo Xiaoxin turned around.

“Huh? It’s you guys! Why are you guys on my ship?”

“Just passing by!” Murphy said coolly.

You goddamn liar! There is nothing but water around. Why don’t you show me how you passed by?

Mo Xiaoxin wanted to troll him, but he restrained himself.

“That’s not very good, is it? I’ve already said that I’m not Crayon_Shinchan, yet you still followed me in secret.”

“We’re truly sorry, Crayon_Shinchan!” Little Pomelo apologized.

Hearing her, Mo Xiaoxin raised his hand, “Don’t even think of trying. I’m really not Crayon_Shinchan… so stop probing me!”

You guys are still too young to bait me out! Mo Xiaoxin was pleased with himself.

“Then we have nothing else to say. Launch your forum to prove your innocence!” as they spoke, Murphy and Little Pomelo pulled out their daggers.

“Why… why should I launch the forum? I don’t like forums… I don’t even have an account!” after hearing that he had to launch his forum, Mo Xiaoxin started to panic.

“Then create an ID now. You won’t lose anything anyway. Furthermore, the forum ID and account are linked… this will prove your innocence!”

Seeing Mo Xiaoxin start to sweat, the players who were watching the stream started to get heated up.

Watermelon_Taro: “Wow! Looks like they’ve actually found Crayon Shinchan. It’s getting exciting! Let’s spectate!”

A_Large_Wolfdog: “Kill him! I’ll be waiting for him in the safe zone (sly smile emoji)!”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Hahaha, look how his face changes. He really looks like the character Crayon Shinchan!”

Invincible_Loneliness: “Who was the person who said he had escaped the three worlds and the five elements, and mere humans could not find him? (laughing emoji)”

The players discussed furiously. Most of them agreed that this person was indeed Crayon_Shinchan.

Murphy and Little Pomelo smiled, resting their daggers on Mo Xiaoxin’s neck.

“It seems like it’s you!”

However, it was at this moment that a figure appeared in the live stream.

Crayon_Shinchan: “You foolish humans; I already said that I am beyond the three worlds, nor am I within the five elements. Why don’t you guys accept the fact that you’ll never find me? (laughing emoji)”

Crayon_Shinchan: “Looks like someone is about to die. Let me spectate +1 (laughing emoji)!”

Crayon_Shinchan: “Just do it, or else I’ll go and have my meal (exasperated emoji)!”

His appearance shocked everyone in the forum.

The ID name could not be repeated. If Crayon_Shinchan appeared in the forum, then that person in front of them in the game would definitely not be Crayon_Shinchan.

The sudden twist caught everyone off guard.

Even the twins were shocked.

They were speechless as they looked at Mo Xiaoxin who was equally shocked.

You could have proved it by launching your forum if you’re not Crayon_Shinchan. Why did you have to make it so complicated? What a waste of everyone’s time and reaction!

Annoyed, the duo kept their daggers and apologized while bowing once more.

Mo Xiaoxin breathed another sigh of relief in his heart. He was basking in his intelligence again because he already understood what happened.

Half an hour ago, he contacted his mother, who was playing Battle Online next door, through his Friends Menu. He asked her to come to his room and use the forum on his computer, where he had already logged in with his account.

If it was not for the preparation earlier, he would not have been able to survive this crisis.

Good thing I’m that smart… any normal antagonist would have died!

“Can you guys leave now?” Mo Xiaoxin who was now confident spoke impatiently toward the both of them.

“No. You may not be Crayon_Shinchan, but we suspect you to be a member of the trolling community. Launch your forum for us… you may be on the wanted list, too!” even though they had apologized, they had no intention of letting him go.

Mo Xiaoxin was dumbfounded.

Just as Mo Xiaoxin was panicking and the both of them pulled out their daggers again, the ship suddenly tilted toward the right.

All of them struggled to keep their balance, grabbing onto the ship’s side to avoid falling into the water.

They could see a huge semicircle swirling on the water surface and a gigantic fish head parted the water, rapidly enlarging in their view.

It was a fish… a huge fish… an enormous fish!

Seeing the behemoth in front of them, they and the viewers of the livestream were nonplussed.

They knew this fish. It was none other than the legendary monster inhabiting the Void Ocean, Tao Wu.

What was even more shocking was that there was a creature inside Tao Wu’s mouth.

It was a boy with red hair and skin.

Furthermore, with his physical strength, he was able to keep Tao Wu’s mouth open. It was unbelievable.


As the redhead boy roared, Tao Wu’s humongous body was pulled out bit by bit from the water.

“Give me back my fish!” the redhead boy shouted angrily.

Tao Wu did not answer him. Instead, it continued to struggle.

It seemed to anger the redhead boy as he instantly threw it toward the surface of the ocean, spattering waves that were hundreds of feet tall.

The trio who stood there with shocked expressions were struck by the wave, and the ship dismantled at once. They were thrown into the water and swirled in the rumbling ocean.

They struggled to float to the surface, but before they could, they were pounded deeper back into the sea by the current. The impact caused all of them to pass out.

Even up until their deaths they didn’t know what had happened.

Was it a quarrel triggered by Tao Wu owing the boy a fish?