Chapter 226 - Please Return, Great Demon King

Chapter 226 of 342 chapters

The kings of the seven nations and the elder shaman were flabbergasted when a black figure walked past the golden pillars.

As the Sea King reached out his hand, the halo which was pierced into the golden-eyed teen’s heart returned to his hand.

He then walked to the thunderstruck golden-eyed teen who was twitching, reaching out his hand to the latter’s face.

“Young man, out of all the things you could learn, you chose to imitate the grownups by trying to become the boss. You’re too young for that!”

As he spoke, the Sea King slashed the halo across the teen’s neck. Golden blood dripped from it, and the teen fell to the ground. The rotating runes in his eyes instantly stopped rotating.

“Who… are… you!?” the pupils of the elder shaman shrunk as he asked through clenched teeth.

“Who am I?” the Sea King looked toward the elder shaman and smiled.


A huge roar was heard from behind, and a spirit from the Mu Te Sea which was larger than all the other seven statues appeared.

“The Mu Te Sea Nation!”

The moment they saw the statue, the kings who were present immediately recognized the visitor’s identity.

“So the Mu Te Sea Nation hasn’t fallen?” the elder shaman’s face went grim.

The reason he changed the agenda of the meeting last minute to unite the Eight Nations was solely because of the fall of the Mu Te Sea Nation.

This was because the Mu Te Sea Nation was always a pain in his neck.

The influence of the Mu Te Sea Nation was great. Moreover, every generation of king of the Mu Te Sea Nation was very powerful. It was easy for the Eight Nations to unite, however, seizing the throne would not be that simple.

The most possible outcome was that the Mu Te Sea Nation would annex the seven nations and become the overlord. The illusory Nether Sea Nation would never be restored to its former glory.

When he heard that the Mu Te Sea Nation had fallen, he was actually joyous rather than mad, and planned to launch the unification plan.

Who knew that it would end before they had even started.

Looking at the lifeless golden-eyed teen, the elder shaman was trembling internally.

He felt that he had let down the old king.

“How dare you kill your master, you traitor! How dare you come here when you smell so strongly of death!” the elder shaman yelled furiously, casting a fierce look toward the Sea King.

“Did I kill my master? He is your master, not ours. Right?” the Sea King smiled while looking at the rest.

Although the others did not say anything, their expressions made it clear that his words were undeniable.

“You… all of you…” the elder shaman knew the situation was beyond salvation. Nevertheless, he was still unwilling to admit it.

He knew why the Sea King had come here. He would never yield to the Sea King, even though the golden-eyed teen was dead. At that moment, his expression was somber as he spoke, “Is it that you want to be the king? From what I know, the Mu Te Sea Clan was annihilated long ago. Do you even have an army with you?”

Upon hearing these words, the Sea King laughed mockingly, “My army is not any weaker than the army of the seven nations!”

Just when he finished his sentence, countless black figures shrouded the entire area. The Creatures of Death were closing in, and they came in huge droves.

“The Death Clan!” the elder shaman’s eyes widened.

Not only the elder shaman, but everyone there was also astounded. They could not believe their eyes.

Only the Ruler of Death could order those creatures around. Those Creatures of Death did not have any consciousness at all. All they knew was to kill and devour. However, now they were under the Sea King’s control.

“How did you do it? Where is the Ruler of Death?” Hei Sui, who was standing not far away, asked with furrowed brows.

“That’s none of your business. I’ll also give you all a choice. Surrender… or die!” the aura of the Sea King started to grow.

Even though he was battered and bruised, he was once the overlord of the Void Ocean, hence his overbearance was very much still present.

“I will never agree with this!” the elder shaman immediately expressed his stand.

“Why would I need your consent, you old geezer? Your time is up!” the Sea King hurled a punch toward the elder shaman.

The elder shaman snorted and closed the book in his hand. A golden curtain appeared in front of him.


His fist landed on the curtain, causing ripples to show, but not being able to shatter it.

Just as the elder shaman breathed a sigh of relief, he saw the Sea King smiling wickedly at him.

The aura of death surrounded the Sea King’s fist, passed through the golden curtain and enclosed the elder shaman’s body. The barnacles and seaweed on his body immediately wilted and turned to gray dust. He felt that his life was being sucked out continuously.

He wanted to struggle, only to find that he had been bound to his spot. He could not resist as he aged bit by bit.

Under the corruption of the death aura, the elder shaman who was already weak could not take it anymore. His flesh disintegrated and only a pile of bones was left.

Everybody was at a loss for words when they saw what happened.

They knew they were in big trouble this time.

Especially after the Sea King showed his immense power.

In comparison, the golden-eyed teen was still young and needed their guidance. He had also promised to make them lords. The Sea King who had absolute control might not need to do so.

“Choose now… I’m giving you one chance!” the Sea King faced the seven people and smiled.

“What if we refuse?” Hei Sui asked with a grim expression.


“Then I surrender!” Hei Sui’s words surprised everyone else.

They were no stranger to Hei Sui’s attitude. He even lasted until the very end before he had no choice but to submit to the golden-eyed teen. No one expected him to succumb so easily to the Sea King.

“A wise choice!” the Sea King gave a thumbs up to Hei Sui.

“I surrender, too, but what do you want us to do?” Tian Kun asked as well.

“Invade Beiqi!” at the mention of Beiqi, the Sea King’s eyes sparkled coldly.

Ever since his conflict with Beiqi, he realized that everything was not going smoothly for him. His fruits were stolen, his precious jewels robbed, and the force of Beiqi always harassed his subordinates in his territory on the sea. They had even annihilated his navy that he once prided himself on. He swore to seek his revenge, even if Mu Zhiguang’s dying wish was for him to refrain from doing so.

He swore that he would seek revenge and never forgive what they did, even if it imprisoned him in the endless Abyss. True to his words, he acted as such.

The Meeting of the Eight Nations was another opportunity for him.

Now that he possesses the power of the Ruler of Death and controls a terrifying Army of Death, if the seven nations decided to join hands with him, there would be no reason for him not to seek revenge. Even if that Lie Shan makes a move again, he would not be afraid.

“Beiqi? Beiqi is a nation on land. What’s the point of taking them down? It has no benefit to our development in the future!” Tian Kun appeared doubtful.

“I am the new king of the nation. My wish is the nation’s wish! I don’t need you to understand why. You just need to obey!” the Sea King glared at Tian Kun, the overbearance on him enveloping forward.

Facing the tyrannical Sea King, the other kings groaned in their hearts. The Sea King was much harder to serve as compared to the golden-eyed teen.

They could already imagine what would happen to them when the Sea King gains control of the seven nations. They would all become his servants.

“Swear your allegiance to me now and from today onward, refer to me as your king. The new nation’s title shall be the Mu Te Sea Nation!”

As soon as he said that, the expressions of the kings who were present changed.

They would not object if the name was changed to the Nether Sea. After all, it was their original name, and it brought them ancient glory. There was no humiliation in doing so. However, to change the nation’s name to Mu Te was straight-up colonization.

“Swear your allegiance to me!” the Sea King stepped forward, and the golden halo flew from his hand, rotating above the seven of them.

This was his gift to Mu Zhiguang.

To restore the Mu Te Sea Nation was the deceased man’s dream that he had been chasing after his whole life.

He died for him, so he would create a brand new nation to mourn his death.

The Sea King never cared about the two words, Mu and Te. However, he remembered the words from that day onward.

“The King of the Mu Te Sea Nation!” the cowardly king of the Sha Shui Nation couldn’t take it anymore as he immediately kneeled.

“And the rest of you!” the Sea King glared at the remaining six.

“The King of Mu Te!”

When the rest realized what was happening, they chose to make a compromise, even though they were unwilling to do so. They kneeled and pledged their loyalty to the Sea King.

“Hahaha! Good!”

The Sea King laughed heartily while his Army of Death buzzed frantically behind him, frightening the seven kings.

They were worried about their own future.

The players were still complaining in the official forum.

Watermelon_Taro: “Are you all rabid dogs? It wasn’t easy for me to find a Creature of Death in the Void Ocean! Four ships just barged in and snatched it from me! Do you guys not have any fucking manners?”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Recently the price for the Death Clan skyrocketed. There are rich people everywhere collecting their bodies on the Liuli Coast. What a scene!”

Crayon_Shinchan: “You guys who are craving corpses remind me of a malignant player (laughing emoji)!”

A_Large_Wolfdog replied to Crayon_Shinchan: “You are the malignant player now (grinding teeth emoji)!”

Crayon_Shinchan: “Since you’ve stuck out your head, I’ll have to pat it again… (laughing emoji)”

Lost8kToOnlineDating: “Stupid Sea King. I strongly request the developers to buff up the Sea King!”

Crayon_Shinchan: “I have an idea. Why not we invite Hu He the Great Demon King back, so that he can enlarge our death seals (laughing emoji)!?”

The entire forum fell into a brief silence after Crayon_Shinchan posted that message.

Now that the Death Clan was so scarce, it had become a problem, and many players were moved by his suggestion.

After some discussion, the players banded together as one and sent Hu He the Great Demon King a message, which guaranteed that they would not kill him nor backstab him in the future. They pleaded that he come back to Beiqi and make a seal. They were even willing to raise funds for him to do so.

Hu He who was in the European server opened the message, fell silent for three seconds, and deleted it without any hesitation.

“Bastards! How dare they use the seal as a facade to torture me? I won’t believe you even if you show me the stats, you ungrateful demons!” the Great Demon King said through gritted teeth.

Then he glanced at the European server players who were surrounding the resurrection point.

“Don’t think that I’m scared of you. Wait till I’ve refined Hiderigami, and we’ll see about that!”

The European server players raised their heads to look at him for a brief moment, then continued to chat, play chess, and eat.