Chapter 227 - Transform Into A Human

Chapter 227 of 342 chapters

The Beiqi players felt helpless as Hu He refused to return no matter what they did.

They could not comprehend why Hu He, the Great Demon King, had suddenly changed. He used to love digging in every nook and cranny for seals. Was the other server really that fun?

Since Hu He was unwilling to lend them a helping hand, the players could only count on themselves. Since it was tough to capture Creatures of Death on the surface of the ocean, they had to go underwater.

An abundance of players started utilizing spiritual material to cultivate the underwater ability of their spiritual ships in preparation for their underwater hunt for the Death Clan.

The players kept having awesome ideas. They actually managed to invent submarine warships. With these subs, they started heading toward the deep sea and managed to intercept Creatures of Death that were yet to float to the surface of the water.

Consequently, the players who failed to cultivate submarine warships were not happy. It almost led to an internal conflict among the players.

Lu Wu couldn’t do much about it. The new expansion pack had a rich array of activities, perhaps too vast in variety that the players were now practically lusting for the Death Clan. This led to waves after waves of protests in the forum, requesting to strengthen the Sea King.

Even the authorization process could not keep up with their pace.

That day, Lu Wu was cultivating with Bei Li as she was looking at him with her full attention.

“Is it done? I think it has reached the limit!” he exclaimed while opening his eyes and looking inside himself. The energy inside him had condensed into a thick sludge.

“You are done!” Bei Li smiled and her eyes crinkled. She stretched out her arm and waved. Then, the soul power within the artifact overflowed and nuzzled its way into Lu Wu’s body.

The moment the soul power and Lu Wu’s bodily energy came into contact, an expression of ecstasy appeared on his face.

Once his soul power was fully charged, his body started to transform as well.

After months of cultivation, Lu Wu finally arrived at the moment that he had been waiting for. He could finally transform into a human again.

He had reached the required realm, and the only thing left was the right amount of soul power to bring about the change of the state of the energy within him.

Currently, Lu Wu had all the soul power he wanted, so he could spend it on himself lavishly.

His body underwent consecutive changes due to the soul power as he steadily transformed back into his original man-like state.

When Lu Wu felt his body bloating and expanding, he yelled for Bei Li to stop his intake of soul power.

Once the fluctuation of energy came to a halt, he gently rose up on his feet and clenched his fists. He felt energy pumping in his veins and his skin had never been more delicate and smooth. He even had a well-sculpted body with defined muscle tones.

He had acquired all of the basic skills of a Suan Ni in its default form. He had reached the Ghost Commander Peak and was one step away from entering the Ghost General Realm.

It feels great to be handsome… no, it feels great to be strong!

One million soul coins was money well spent!

Lu Wu turned around cheerfully to find Bei Li with her feet planted on the ground, her hands completely covering her eyes.

Lu Wu was stunned. He glanced downward and immediately darted like a bolt of lightning toward his wardrobe.

He was so used to running around naked for the past few months that he forgot about wearing clothes.

After Lu Wu got dressed, he returned to the room and saw Bei Li still fixed on the spot with her hands on her eyes. He could not help but let out a sigh, “Little Li, I have clothes on now!”

Bei Li slowly removed her hands from her face, revealing her flushed cheeks so red that they resembled a tomato.

At that moment, Bei Li felt like she was traumatized. It was a horrifying scene for a child like her. She could not believe what she actually saw…

I’m going blind! I’m going blind!

Lu Wu was about to respond when his mobile phone rang. He could only give her an apologetic glance before heading to the sofa to answer it.

“Hello, is this Mr. Lu speaking? I am a representative from the Jie De Corporation. I would like to discuss compatibility issues of your game.”

“Oh, incompatibility. I can’t do anything about that. The optimization of this wretched game sucks. I am struggling with this matter, too,” after he got to know the caller’s identity, Lu Wu replied irritably.

The Jie De Corporation had called plenty of times prior to this in hopes of a negotiation with him, but Lu Wu turned all of them down.

In Lu Wu’s eyes, their actions were no different than steps taken to drive him into a dead end.

If it weren’t for the loyalty of Battle Online’s fanbase, he would have been brought down by the Jie De Corporation’s devious actions. Thus, Lu Wu had little to no respect for them.

“Mr. Lu, I think there must be a misunderstanding between us. This time, I humbly request your presence in a meeting regarding a business collaboration. We are willing to provide you twice the money that the Black Sea Corporation has offered you in order to clear up this misunderstanding.”

On the other end of the call, the business representative was drenched in sweat.

As a consequence of the problems of Battle Online, not only did they lose their market value, they also received a huge amount of negative reviews.

Back then, the executives dismissed Lu Wu’s suggestions and decided to carry on stubbornly in the heat of the moment. They originally thought that even if they had willingly given up their local market, they would still have a variety of international markets for them to choose from. In fact, they were right, until the European server of Battle Online was launched.

Once again, they were drowned with waves after waves of subscription cancellations and negative reviews.

Finally, the executives at the Jie De Corporation couldn’t stand it any longer. To the players who bought their gaming pods, they had to continually explain that they were in the midst of a business negotiation. At the same time, they also contacted Wu Guoyi in hopes that they could come to a consensus with Battle Online about removing their ban.

Nevertheless, Lu Wu chose to ignore them and this drove them crazy. Therefore, they couldn’t do anything but watch as the market they could’ve owned get gradually engulfed by the Black Sea Corporation. All this happened despite the fact that the Black Sea Corporation’s gaming pod was launched later than theirs and the former’s specifications were also not any better.

However, that was not the worst situation yet.

Not long ago, they received news that Battle Online was about to launch their American server.

The news felt like a punch to the gut for the executives of the Jie De Corporation.

Previously, they never expected a game to affect the sales of their high performance products. Then, reality slapped them on their faces.

They had only experienced the jarring impact of Battle Online twice, and it was enough to cause them irreversible losses.

Correspondingly, the news made their blood run cold. They could already picture the storm that was going to come afterwards.

The executives at the Jie De Corporation couldn’t stay put any longer. They traveled straight away in search of the only person who had contact with Lu Wu, which was Wu Guoyi. They begged him to meet Lu Wu.

They also spammed Lu Wu’s number with calls. This time, before he could speak, they offered Lu Wu a high profit margin, which was five percent of their net profit from the gaming pods.

Even though the Jie De Corporation came with their utmost sincerity, Lu Wu knew that they would not have made such a compromise if it were not for the pressing situation.

He could only say that they deserved it.

Thus, Lu Wu chose to decline the offer.

As for the fact that they were willing to provide double the profit, Lu Wu couldn’t care less about it.

After all, he was not interested in money!

The Black Sea Corporation chose him for a reason. Naturally, he wouldn’t let them down. Most importantly, the Black Sea Corporation hadn’t forgotten his contributions while their gaming pods were selling like hot cakes. They had already given him a sales commission of five percent.

The face of the representative of the Jie De Corporation turned pale when Lu Wu declined their offer once again.

It was not the first time Lu Wu turned them down. The representative felt that he was already genuine enough, but he did not expect Lu Wu to be so heartless.

Once Battle Online launches their American server, it’ll be over for them.

With that in mind, he spoke again, “Your current actions are against the Law on the Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Interests. I can sue you for your monopolization that forces players to only choose the gaming pods from the Black Sea Corporation.”

The voice from the other end sounded flustered and exasperated.

Lu Wu sighed when he heard that, “As I said, this is the game’s problem and I have no control over the game’s incompatibility. This is a bug in the game, and whether it can be fixed or not is solely my problem. What’s more is that I am short of funding recently, so I cannot afford to fund the game’s research and development. Thus, I shall leave the bug as it is. It will not cost me anything anyway.”

The representative at the other end was at a loss for words.

Just as Lu Wu said, if he insists that it was a bug in the game which led to an incompatibility with their gaming pods, they could not sue him for any valid reason. As for the repairing of the bug, it was really up to Lu Wu, and the Jie De Corporation had no right to interfere with that.

In the spur of the moment, the representative from the Jie De Corporation had the urge to blurt out that they could provide funds for his research and development. Then, Lu Wu could fix it as soon as possible. However, he knew that it was impractical.

That had been their initial trick to block Battle Online.

They wanted to punish Lu Wu as a warning to other game developers, but it backfired.

It was too late for regrets now.

After he hung up, the business representative stayed silent for a moment. Then, he unlocked his phone and made another call.