Chapter 235 - Wang Damang’s Acting Time

Chapter 235 of 342 chapters

Love at first sight was the precise description of Wang Damang’s current state.

He was already memorizing the script while the lady was unconscious.

Needless to say, he was preparing himself according to the plot drafted by the other players, so that he could capture the heart of the lady in front of him.

After two hours had passed, Tian Lan fluttered her eyelashes and gently opened her eyes as she awoke from her ordeal.

To her great astonishment, she was greeted by the sight of Wang Damang staring at her with a concerned expression, “Hey, how are you feeling…”


Before he could offer a word of concern, a hefty punch swiftly landed on Wang Damang’s face, sending him flying.

She slowly sat up and peered at Wang Damang who fell sprawling across the floor. Then, she took a quick look at her left shoulder which was slightly wet.

To her surprise, she discovered that the initial numbness in her shoulder had faded and she had regained her senses.

She was stunned for a few seconds before she looked at Wang Damang again, the hostility in her eyes diminishing significantly.

Wang Damang was clearly dejected at that moment.

This is completely different from the damn script! Why am I getting attacked at the beginning? Are those love gurus even reliable?

He slowly picked himself up from the floor and smiled at Tian Lan awkwardly.

“Did you save me?” Tian Lan continued staring at Wang Damang.

“That’s right!”

He had to admit that.

Tian Lan’s cheeks were instantly flushed as her expression seemed uncertain.

Wang Damang was baffled and swept a glance at the live streaming channel unconsciously.

Best_Love_Guru_Of_Beiqi: “Judging from my years of dating experience, she must be brought up in a more old-fashioned manner. She might be the type where she must marry the man who saw her body. (laughing emoji)”

Crayon_Shinchan: “Well, I did see her body. (laughing emoji)”

Assasin_Creed: “I’ve seen it, too. (laughing emoji)”

Reading the unscrupulous comments from the players, Wang Damang thought that they were unreliable. Yet, some expectations still remained in his heart.

Looking at the lady’s cheeks that were becoming redder, he unconsciously took a step closer.

“Urgh!” Tian Lan spat out another pool of blood and the redness on her face faded subsequently.

Tian Lan felt a lot better after removing the congested blood out of her system. She looked up and glanced at Wang Damang, who was still approaching her and attacked again.


Wang Damang was thrown off once again.

“Stop coming so close to me!”

Wang Damang, who fell on the floor pathetically, was devastated. Why is everything not going as planned? None of those crappy love guru directors is reliable!

“Can you get me out of here? I’ll give you a Son of the Sea in return,” Tian Lan asked as she stared at Wang Damang weakly.

Thoroughly amazed, the players flooded the live streaming channel with comments upon hearing that. It was a golden opportunity for Wang Damang, without a doubt.

“Isn’t this where you live? Why would you want to leave?” Wang Damang asked, even though he was actually tempted by the Son of the Sea.

“All my siblings want me dead! I will definitely die if I stay here!” Tian Lan replied with an ice-cold expression.

With her introduction in the Analysis Menu in mind, Wang Damang knew precisely the reason. However, he still had some uncertainties, “Why don’t you tell your father about this?”

“My father actually encourages competition for the throne. He believes that only those who have gone through the experiences and stand out from the competition shall be worthy of his position. So, he will not interfere even if I die!” Tian Lan’s face fell as she spoke.

“I can get you out of here, I have a Specter Ship!” Wang Damang replied decisively after knowing the reason.

Since the scripts cannot be relied on, I should bring her back to Beiqi first, the rest will have to wait.

A hint of surprise appeared on Tian Lan’s face upon hearing that Wang Damang had a Specter Ship, “Hurry!”

Wang Damang took a step forward, wanting to help Tian Lan up, but he was attacked by her again.

“You walk in the front, I’ll be right behind you. Walk slowly!”

Dispirited, Wang Damang picked himself up again. Online dating is tough.

Despite that, he still led Tian Lan to the coastline. At the same time, though, he was busy planning his next moves to win her heart.

Tian Lan who was following behind Wang Damang was still on guard. She was scanning her surroundings with heightened alertness.

I can finally escape this place. Tian Lan heaved a sigh of relief when they reached the coast of Xinmo Island.

Suddenly, a shadow galloped from their back and blocked their way, “My dear little sister, where are you going? Didn’t you swear that you’ll become the next King of the Tian Yu Nation? Are you finally willing to leave?”

The charming lady chortled as she blocked both Wang Damang and Tian Lan from stepping forward.

Looking at the lady in front of them, Tian Lan’s pupils shrank abruptly as she knew that something bad was going to happen. Her second sister had arrived and she would definitely not let her off so easily, especially when she was heavily wounded like this.

In a flash, another two figures appeared and stood next to the charming lady.

“Eldest brother, second brother, and second sister, please let me go. I’m not taking part in the competition anymore. The Sea King is now the true king, there’s no point for us to kill each other!” Tian Lan said weakly as she stared at the three of them.

“You’re not wrong about the Sea King but what we are competing for now is the position of the Eight Lords below him. You are gifted so you’re still a potential threat to us. Since we joined up to wound you, do you think that we’ll let you go?” the charming lady looked at Tian Lan and laughed heartily.

“A woman’s heart is the most vicious. She is your sister! Are you not afraid to be hit with karma for doing this?”

“Also, both of you! If I have such a younger sister, I would shower her with love every single day. Instead, you guys are planning to kill her! Are you even human? Are… you… even… human…?”

Wang Damang could not help but snap as he observed the scene, “Who are you!? It’s none of your business here. Leave now and we might consider sparing your measly life!”

The charming lady’s expression turned cold as she glared at Wang Damang, her eyes filled with murderous intent.

“Just leave! Don’t worry about me!”

Looking at Wang Damang who was playing a hero like a fool, Tian Lan was not touched at all. He must be an idiot.

“No, I will never leave you!” Wang Damang said with a solemn face.

Expecting to see Tian Lan’s deeply moved face, he turned his head around. However, he realized that Tian Lan was merely looking at him as if he was an idiot.

Wang Damang’s imposing manner crumbled in an instant.

Fuck, this is nothing like those television dramas! Wang Damang was somewhat discouraged for failing to act tough again.

“Since you wish to die, I shall send both of you to the afterworld!” with an evil smile, the charming lady waved her arm and a purple arc solidified in her hands before forming into a spear.

After sending off the last few guests, Sha Shui, Tian Kun, Hei Sui, and the others walked back with a grin on their faces.

The attitude of the numerous forces changed drastically after the Nation Establishing Ceremony had ended, when even the feared Langya Island had returned home. It could be said that they had let out their resentment.

They realized that the Sea King’s ruling might not be a bad thing, after all.

After all, it was the Sea King who was controlling the Army of Death. With the military strength from the Seven Nations and those intimidating military alliances, they believed that they could still be lords that owned parts of the ocean with supreme power.

They were filled with confidence in their future.

In the midst of their conversation on their way back, Sha Shui suddenly looked ahead, “Hey, Tian Kun, those seem to be your children. Are they killing each other?” Sha Shui was shocked.

“Ignore them, just let them be. This is what the future generations of Tian Yu must experience. This is how I seized the throne,” Tian Kun replied, not even the least bothered.

“Oh, since you say so, let’s just…”

Sha Shui who was still looking at both parties nearby, who were drawing their daggers. Before he could finish his sentence, he noticed that something was amiss.

Isn’t that familiar face a member of the alliance? He had some vague impression of this person, he even had a few glasses with him during the ceremony.

Meanwhile, the charming lady had already drawn her spear, which formed an arc, as she bolted toward Wang Damang.

“The fuck, stop! Don’t do it!” Sha Shui howled as he transformed into a light and streamed toward them.

Seeing Sha Shui’s sudden change in expression as she suddenly disappeared, Tian Kun and the others also realized that something was off. Hastily, they turned their heads to look at what was happening.

Tian Kun’s high blood pressure almost shot through the roof at the sight that unfolded upon him.

His own daughter was charging against a member of the prided alliance. Is she asking for death?

“Argh! Stop what you’re doing!” Tian Kun bellowed as well and transformed into another light toward it.

As the incoming purple spear was charging in, Wang Damang would definitely not be a sitting duck. He took out his dagger immediately and blocked the incoming attack.

However, Wang Damang had not even passed the Ghost Commander Trials. Having a Beginner Ghost General as an opponent, he was knocked out instantly as his health was almost completely wiped out. He would have been killed in mere seconds if his opponent exerted more force.

“Such a weakling, yet you dared to play the hero?”

Sarcasm was written over the lady’s face. The purple spear flew back into her hands when she raised her arm, as she prepared to hurl it again.

Multiple howls echoed from afar, followed by a figure appearing beside her.

The charming lady’s expression tensed as she thought that there was an ambush. She immediately turned around, only to see a shoe sole covered with sand amplifying before her.


To everyone’s astonishment, Sha Shui ruthlessly kicked the charming lady, flinging her into the air.

“Who are you?” the charming lady who fell on the ground did a backflip and rose to her feet steadily. Fuming in anger, she reached out to touch the sand and shoe print on her face.

Then, she heard some howling of the wind from another side and hurriedly turned around. Another shoe sole, also covered with sand, amplified in front of her and once again, she was kicked off into the air.

Tian Kun heaved a sigh of relief after landing a kick on his second daughter and gave a grateful glance to Sha Shui.

Sha Shui’s expression was overcome with terror as he wiped off the nervous sweat from his forehead.

The few of them had huge expectations on the alliance. The Sea King would not forgive them if things went haywire, which then they would not be able to forgive themselves.

A few more rays of lights descended. The few lords that arrived later also seemed extremely taken aback.

Tian Kun laid his eyes on his two sons and glared angrily.

Tian Lan’s eldest brother and second brother fell to their knees, kneeling on the floor without hesitation.

Even though they were oblivious to what was happening, the fact that the Lords of the Seven Nations were there meant that there must be a grave issue. No matter what it was, it would be wise to kneel down first.

“Argh!” the charming lady leaped up in a backflip again, the purple rays on the spear in her hand glowing brightly.

To her horror, though, she realized that the noble Lords of The Seven Nations were all there. They were surrounding the young man’s side and checking on him.

Meanwhile, her two brothers were all on their knees with their heads bumped on the floor.

What’s going on?

She was not the only dumbfounded one. Even Tian Lan, who initially thought that Wang Damang was not bright, was stupefied and frozen to the ground.