Chapter 237 - Lu Wu Was Ambushed

Chapter 237 of 342 chapters

The gamers’ lives had more or less returned to normal after the Sea King had built his nation.

Aside from waiting for the Sea King to strengthen his forces, their daily routine was just to chop wood, kill monsters, and so on.

Currently, the size of the Death Clan in the Void Ocean was increasing. They were even expanding toward Beiqi, which resulted in frequent skirmishes with the players.

Lu Wu could already guess what the Sea King’s plan was.

It was clear that he was trying to deplete the Beiqi Army’s energy by leveraging the Death Clan’s undead advantage. He would then gather his forces to have a deathmatch with them.

However, the Sea King was unaware of the features of the players. Needless to say, he was way too naive.

Lu Wu was not the only one who was satisfied with the Sea King’s plan, the players were even more pleased with it.

He really deserved to be the most popular boss in the game!

In the meantime, Lu Wu was strategizing the expansion of Beiqi’s land.

The north was definitely not in his consideration, as the European server’s Cangxu was located there.

Therefore, heading west toward the Barren Grassland and south toward the Arctic Abyss became Lu Wu’s target for expansion.

Lu Wu noticed that the ice mountains at the Arctic Abyss were melting after Frozen the Ghost Emperor had left.

Also, the players soon learned in the forum that the Earth Breaking Clan had the materials to develop Rune Masters. Thus, they went to investigate the Barren Grassland in the west and realized that the whole clan was gone.

That was undoubtedly good news for Lu Wu.

Both the Earth Breaking Clan and the Ice Snow Clan may not have a huge number of clansmen, but they possessed powerful strength.

By relying on their ability to revive without limits, the players could possibly fight them and cause some damage. However, there was still a vast gap with their overall strength.

Now that the ancient clans were long gone, it could be said that all of Beiqi’s forces were under Lu Wu’s control.

After some careful contemplation, Lu Wu finally decided that his next step for the expansion would be directed toward the Land of the Nine Luminaries to the west of the Barren Grassland.

After all, the path to the Arctic Abyss would be too cold and unsuitable for the players. As long as the ice mountains had yet to melt, Lu Wu would not put that location into consideration.

After deciding on the next direction they would take, he then queried the omnipotent Bei Li about the status of forces distribution in the Land of the Nine Luminaries.

According to her, the Land of the Nine Luminaries was formed by nine strong forces. However, unlike Beiqi’s forces that were scattered around, they were ruled as one unified domain.

The domain was controlled by nine brothers. Star Luminary, the eldest among them, was the king. His strength was on par with a Greater Ghost Emperor or higher.

In other words, it would be extremely tough to take over the Land of the Nine Luminaries.

As the nine brothers were very united, they would fend off outsiders together whenever they were under attack. The entire Land of Beiqi might collapse under their counter-attack if they started a war directly.

Nevertheless, Lu Wu was not in a rush. He focused on planning the main quests for the development to the west instead.

After finalizing his decisions, it was time for a walk.

Since he had already stayed at home for a few months after transforming into a kitten, he decided to go out to look around and drop by the supermarket for some groceries on his way back. He wanted to prepare a nice meal for Bei Li. After all, he had already grown tired of Bei Li’s unhealthy snacks.

Lu Wu went downstairs after greeting Bei Li and walked to the grocery store.

Breathing in the fresh air outside and watching the orange sunset, Lu Wu realized how beautiful it was to be alive.

Suddenly, Lu Wu’s phone rang as he was turning into an alley.

Lu Wu unlocked the screen and realized that it was another call from the Jie De Corporation.

“Hello? What’s up now?” Lu Wu decided to pick up the phone, after a few moments of hesitation.

“I’m giving you one last chance to consider. Are you really not going to unblock our gaming pods?”

The voice over the phone was hoarse, but Lu Wu only chuckled, “My company is poor and the devs cannot even afford to pay the employee salaries. We don’t have any other choice.”

“You’ve just established a firm foothold in the gaming industry, I don’t think that you have seen enough. You’re too naive. Do you really think that we can’t handle you?” the voice said threateningly.

“Oh? Are you threatening me? Police, please help me!”

“I initially thought that it would be difficult to find you. Little did I know, you’re only using a common, unencrypted phone. This was absolutely out of my expectation and also saved me a lot of work. Since you still insist on becoming our enemy, that’s too bad.”

After he had finished speaking, he hung up the call, letting the irritating beeps ring endlessly from his phone. Lu Wu was slightly baffled by that peculiar exchange.

Suddenly, he felt a gush of wind from his back.


A heavy blow landed on his head, as a burly figure appeared behind him.

The person waited for Lu Wu to collapse, but Lu Wu merely turned around with confusion after a few seconds. He was holding his aching head, evidently perplexed.

Surprised that he was still standing, Number One’s eyes instantly widened.

He did not go all out for that hit, as the group’s order was just to kidnap Lu Wu to exploit him.

Still, it should have been strong enough to render Lu Wu unconscious. He did not expect Lu Wu to be perfectly unharmed.

“Who are you!?” Lu Wu couldn’t help but grumble.

When he noticed the black iron in the burly man’s hand, he thought of what the representative from the Jie De Corporation had said over the phone. Lu Wu already had a clear guess of where this person came from.

Number One struck again, he raised the iron baton and hit Lu Wu’s neck brutally.

He struck with more force this time, certain that Lu Wu wouldn’t be able to endure the hit.


However, Lu Wu did not repel his attack and took it gallantly. However, his glare at Number One had changed completely.

“How is this possible!?” Number One was in utter disbelief.

He knew very well how strong he was. He could even carry a bull after the experiment! Yet, his strength didn’t seem to affect Lu Wu at all.

Number One started to suspect that something happened to his body, wondering if all the strength he gained during their transformation experiment had vanished.

It was that moment when Lu Wu understood that the Jie De Corporation was going to play dirty. His expression instantly darkened.

He grabbed the iron baton near his neck and moved it away, little by little. Number One was staggered as Lu Wu snatched the iron baton from him.

To Number One’s dismay, the man who looked too weak to even stand the wind, twisted the iron baton made from alloy like a braid and kneaded into a ball.

Is he human!? Has he been through the experiment, too? Number One’s eyes widened with shock.

Finally realizing Lu Wu’s ability, Number One was aware that he was not a sizable opponent and turned around to flee.

Looking at Number One’s attempt to escape, Lu Wu squinted to aim, lifted the metal ball in his hand, and hurled it at Number One.


A loud noise was heard and a pothole was formed on the ground.

Looking at the pothole from the iron ball, Number One was terrorized as cold sweat formed on his forehead. He then ran again with increasing speed.

“Aww man, the ball went slightly to the side!” seeing that he failed to hit his target, Lu Wu began to chase his target.

Even though Number One sprinted as fast as lightning, he was still a notch below Lu Wu. Lu Wu raced past him within seconds and punched him down to the floor.

Number One felt like he was hit by a train when he was punched at the back. His organs were throbbing and he vomited a pool of fresh blood with some indistinct pieces of flesh in it.

Lu Wu pondered about how he should handle Number One, as he stared at him laying on the floor after losing all his combat ability completely.

Killing him would be easy for Lu Wu.

However, there was one thing that Lu Wu absolutely did not understand. Is this burly man a cultivator as well? How could he have such superhuman strength and speed?