Chapter 24

Chapter 24 of 342 chapters

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The players were bursting with joy after they defeated the Ghost Supreme Commander and his army.

It was a sleepless night for many of them. However, the next day, the players noticed a new notification message when they logged into the game.

[Notification of Berserker’s first character class advancement into Rune Master]

Many players clicked into the message out of curiosity. Their screen display shifted to an empty area in the wilderness in an instant.

A warrior with a strong build stood upright in the middle of a vacant land. There were runes glinting in various colors on his body.

[Character Class Introduction:]

Rune Master: In their chase for extreme power, Berserkers abandoned their weapons and used their bodies as containers to imprint runes of the world to train their bodies to the strongest

Character feature: Whenever a new rune is drawn, a Rune Master can obtain the rune’s feature skill and have a huge improvement in his strength

Weapons: Bare handed, boxing gloves

Character requirements: Default character class has to be a Berserker, with a minimum of Level 30

After the introduction window disappeared, the Rune Master who was standing on the empty piece of land shifted his body. The runes on his body started glowing and formed a noise similar to the revving of an engine.

“Rune of Strength!”

The red gems on the Rune Master’s body flashed instantly followed by his shout. Both his arms started expanding gradually and his veins were popping out. Smoke and dust flew everywhere when he hit the ground with his fists. A huge pit was then formed on the ground and cracks were spreading around.

“Rune of Defense!”

The blue gems shone with radiance followed by his second shout. The Rune Master crossed his arms on his chest as he bowed slightly. A blue spherical light screen was instantly formed.

At the same time, a shadow holding a wand appeared in front of the Rune Master.

“Death’s Call!” meteor rain condensed from dark aura poured from the sky followed by the mage’s angry cry.

However, the attacks only formed ripples on the blue light screen when they hit. There was no way for them to break the Rune Master’s defense.

“Rune of Speed!”

After the attack, the green gems lit up and the Rune Master was shrouded by a green mist. With a flash, he disappeared from his original spot and started flashing around with speed.

The game’s introduction window reappeared after the demonstration ended.

[The character class Rune Master has various cultivating modes, the number of runes available to be drawn can be increased by leveling up]

Newest update, addition of Berserker’s advanced character class: Rune Master. Addition of new NPC: Character Class Advancement Instructor

[A Rune Master can only achieve character class advancement after completing the advancement quest]

Introduction of character class advancement quest: More information can be obtained from Character Class Advancement Instructor Master Qu

There was an uproar on Battle Online’s forum when the contents of the newest update were released.

Peppa_Boar: “How original! That’s so original! Looking for materials required for character advancement for a high price.”

Lonely_Carefree: “Fuck! Why isn’t it available for other characters? Is Berserker the son of the GM? Can I change my fucking character class right now?

KeyboardWarri0r: “I condemn this strongly. Why are there no advancements for assassins like me? I’m jelly.”

CashyPlayer: “Sad. Is there no future for a useless mage like me?”

Crayon_Shinchan replied to CashyPlayer: “I’m a mage too. Let’s cry together.”

ThunderInCharge replied to Crayon_Shinchan: “Count me in for the crying fest. Also, send the devs a middle finger.”

Strike_Gold: “Luckily, I chose to be a Berserker. I get to watch you all die from jealousy.”


A question post appeared in the forum as the players were discussing the update.

An image consisting of information about the character class advancement quest for Rune Master was attached in the post.

Requirements for character advancement into a Rune Master:

First stage: Hunt and kill specific creatures

Second stage: Collect materials to create a rune (Any one of the runes is required)

Materials required for Rune of Strength: Black burnt ore (produced in the mines in the Langya Scorched Earth Zone), volcanic core (produced in Flaming Hell), and 10 black shield fragments (dropped by Black Shield Demons)

Materials required for Rune of Defense: Black burnt ore, dead waters core (produced in Dead Waters River Area), Netherworld Pearls x10 (dropped by netherworld creatures)

Rune of Speed, Rune of Destruction, Rune of Flight, Rune of Explosion, Special Rune of Qiu Niu, Special Rune of Xing Tian…

Third stage: Character class advancement completed. Advanced character mode activated.


“Can someone please tell me, what the heck are these materials required for the character class advancement? Aside from Netherworld Pearls, I know none of them. I don’t even know where they are located.”


Lonely_Carefree: “Awesome, the tougher it is, the better. It’d be best if you Berserkers go insane from looking for these materials.”

CashyPlayer: “I agree with you. But then, I took a peek, the growth of this character class seemed really powerful especially the various growing range. No, I’m so jealous, I’m cursing you all so that you won’t find them.”

Peppa_Boar: “I’m shook. Rune Master is really strong. However, the difficulty for the character class advancement must be even higher than we can imagine. Even from the netherworld creatures that we know, there aren’t many players who can solo it, not to mention the other creatures who sound really strong.”

Strike_Gold: “I think I should find ways to improve the most basic strength, defense, and speed. The special runes seem to be impossible to be obtained by one person’s strength.”

Ye_Xue’er_is_the_cutest: “Objection! How can a great assassin like me not have such an original character class advancement? I’m requesting a rune assassin.”

All Ye Xue’er’s followers replied to her: “Everything Xue’er says is right!”

Crayon_Shinchan replied to Ye Xue’er’s followers: “Bootlickers, bootlickers. Lick all you want, you’ll get nothing in the end!”


Looking at the players’ debates, Lu Wu rubbed Bei Li’s small head with a smile.

“You’re such a genius, you developed a new character from just one small piece of rune!”

Bei Li pushed away Lu Wu’s hand with her head. She looked proud.

“Yes, I’m currently researching on the mages’ character class advancement. I’m planning to release three different character advancement options for mages that players could choose from.”

“Which three?” Lu Wu asked with curiosity.

“The cursed path which is good at controlling and removing buffs, the demonic path which is a good attacker, and the gremlin path which is good at shape-shifting. Each has their own unique characteristics, all three are powerful.”

“Sounds great!” Lu Wu gave her a big thumbs up.

“How about assassins? What are you going to do with the assassins’ character class advancement?”

“I’m still thinking about the assassins. All the character classes I created require special materials from the underworld which will be added soon for the players which means that I have to create new body templates. It’s not like I can just add anything whenever I thought of it. So, I have to really think through for the character class advancements and research about them over and over again!”

“Can I help you in any way?” Lu Wu felt a little bit sorry, looking at Bei Li who had been busy with research every single day.

“You… you can just bring me nice food every day. After all, research takes a lot of effort and thinking, I will need many different great food to replenish my nutrients. As for helping in the research, I think it’s fine. The research requires very high talent and IQ, you will certainly not help much.”

Bei Li spoke with a serious expression and her words hurt Lu Wu’s ego.