Chapter 243 - The Terror Of The Great Demon King (Part 1)

Chapter 243 of 342 chapters

The players in the live streaming channel were stunned as they watched Hu He take out a speaker.

The lights flickered and the music blasted into everyone’s ears.

Ripples gradually appeared on the surface of the green pool, as one by one, the Shebi Corpses opened their ghostly green eyes.


The angry howls of the Shebi Corpses rose and fell.

The bodies that had been motionless for countless years had finally been awakened.

At this moment, each Shebi Corpse had their gaze locked on Hu He. Their eyes were glowing with a thirst for blood.

Agony and endless pain were spreading all over their bodies.

After being awakened, they had once again fallen into the painful phase, like they were stuck in a living hell.

Under the Ancient God’s curse of being immortal yet constantly suffering from the torture of not having a soul, they longed for fresh blood, even more so to consume souls.

At that time, Hu He was surprised as he noticed a Shebi Corpse in the middle of the pool that was significantly bigger than the others. It was staring right at him with a face full of anger, looking as though it might shoot fire out of its eyes anytime.

In Hu He’s uncertainty, a server announcement appeared:

[Server Announcement: A Primordial Demon-Sealing Formation has been broken by player Hu He in the Land of Cangxu, and thus, the Shebi Corpse Clan has been born. This clan bears a curse of the Ancient God, which renders their flesh body immortal. All players please be careful!]

Seeing that he had successfully completed his first quest, a pleased smile appeared on Hu He’s face.

Then, he gazed at the Shebi Corpse with a huge body while opening its analysis menu.

[Shebi General (Ghost King Peak)]:

Character Details: The most gifted clan leader of the ancient Shebi Corpse Clan. He had accidentally entered the forbidden area of the Ancient God and picked the Ancient God’s natal spiritual plant, committing a heinous sin. That was the downfall of the whole Shebi Corpse Clan, turning every one of them into half-alive, half-dead, yet immortal Shebi zombies. In an endless slaughter, the Shebi General ultimately awakened his last sliver of Spirit Wisdom, resolutely sealing himself and his clansmen in the Shebi Underground Palace, in an attempt to use an endless sleep to put an end to his clansmen’s agony, so they shall slaughter no more!

Character Status: Soul-Destroying Curse, absence of soul (In this state, no matter how strong the body’s talent is, without the blessing of a soul, its realm is unable to be upgraded).

Upon reading its character information, Hu He was dumbfounded. Now he understood why the Shebi General would look at him with such fury.

Meanwhile, the players in the forum were bursting with laughter.

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Poor Shebi Clan, they could finally end their suffering after going through so much, but then they encountered the Great Demon King, who dug them out forcefully.”

Crayon_Shinchan: “Great Demon King, hurry up and tell him, stop sleeping and let’s have some fun! Now that there’s so much going on in Cangxu, why is he sleeping? Kill!”

Assassin_Creed: “The Great Demon King: Want to sleep? No way! Move your body to the beat, let’s have some fun!”

A_Large_Wolfdog: “Hahaha, the guy sealed himself in, perfect!”

Lost_8k_To_Online_Dating: “You want to enter a deep sleep? Our Great Demon King said, no way! As long as I’m alive, I’ll be damned if you don’t have some fun. (laughing emoji)”

Classy_Lady_Yin_Xiaoqi: “I’m laughing so hard, I reckon the Shebi General would probably feel like strangling the Great Demon King.”

Watermelon_Taro: “The Great Demon King is mighty, the Great Demon King is the best!”

Looking at the players’ comments, Hu He also felt a little awkward.


The Shebi General’s body gradually regenerated, before leaping from the pool toward Hu He.

Seeing that, Hu He immediately kept all the tools around him. At the same time, he adjusted his pain receptors to the lowest setting. After that, he opened his arms wide as he welcomed death.

Under the Shebi General’s wrath, Hu He did not even last more than a second before being torn into a cloud of black mist.


The Shebi General sucked vigorously as though he wanted to suck out Hu He’s soul.

However, Hu He’s soul had already been absorbed into the channel by his artifact, so he was nowhere near to consuming it.

After many unsuccessful tries, the thirst for blood in the Shebi General’s eyes skyrocketed.

Under such endless agony and torture, he lost his mind once again.


The Shebi General’s roar caused the other Shebi corpses in the pool to howl in anger, before leaping out of the pool and sprinting after the Shebi General.

Flesh, souls. These were the things that they craved the most.

The time for slaughter is here.

Although Hu He had died after digging out the Shebi Corpse Clan, he had completed the task entrusted by the players, bringing Yuanxu an enemy that could not be killed.

Nonetheless, this was just the beginning.

As Hu He entered the cooldown stage after death, none of the players left his live streaming channel. They were all waiting for Hu He the Great Demon King to respawn and continue stirring up the winds and the rains.

After three hours…

Hu He had just respawned at the resurrection point when he noticed that countless players were gathered near the resurrection point, and all of them were staring at him in anticipation.

“Welcome back, Great Demon King!”

“Good luck on your next expedition, Great Demon King!”

Seeing Hu He online, the European server players started to cheer, looking forward to him showing off again.

Although he was astonished, the feeling of being valued touched Hu He a little.

He thought of the days when he was beaten and yelled at, yet look at him now, the hope of all the people.

Sure enough, he was right to persevere. He was finally someone important now!

Thus, Hu He held his head high and left the safe zone amidst the farewells of the players, proceeding to look for sites of Ancient Seals in the Land of Cangxu.

As for how terrifying Hu He’s lethality was, the players started to experience that themselves in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the European server was extremely lively.

[Server Announcement: The Primordial Winged Serpent Clan has been awakened from a deep sleep by player Hu He in the Land of Cangxu. All players please be careful!]

[Server Announcement: A residual corpse of an Underworld God has been awakened from a deep sleep by player Hu He in the Land of Cangxu. This residual corpse has lost its consciousness. Due to its natural urge, it will consume flesh and soul to repair its residual corpse. All players please be careful!]

[Server Announcement: The seal of an ancient Black Demon Tree has been broken by player Hu He in the Land of Cangxu. This plant is extremely dangerous and has the ability to produce plagues. All players please be careful!]

[Server Announcement: The Evil King has been awakened by player Hu He in the Land of Cangxu. This creature was transformed from the demonic thoughts stripped from the Ancient God before he became a god, and he has the power of a Fledgling Ghost Emperor. All players please be careful!]

[Server Announcement: The Zilean Vortex has been awakened by player Hu He in the Land of Cangxu. It is a storm born of the evil Spirit Wisdom Manifestation and does not have a physical body. It is considered a natural disaster and will rage through the region. All players please be careful!]

[Server Announcement: The seal connecting the Underground Clan to the earth’s surface has been broken by player Hu He in the Land of Cangxu. There is a high possibility that the Underground Clan will enter the earth’s surface. It is unknown if they are good or evil. All players please be careful!]

In the beginning, the players were shocked, but slowly, they started to become numb. They no longer had the energy to complain about Hu He’s lethality.

In just three days, Hu He had already dug up more than ten different seals, each one concealing beings of extreme lethality.

The arrival of these nearly indestructible evil forces made the Land of Cangxu much livelier.

The whole area of Cangxu could literally be described as overrun by demons.

The players in the east corner of Cangxu sat back and watched as the disasters raged on.

Although the players were slightly affected, they were still very ecstatic. After all, they had already prepared for their evacuation. It could not get any better now that the situation ended up like this.

Perhaps, in the eyes of others, the disasters were an endless bother, but to the players, it meant more experience points and soul coins.

Even though it might be troublesome for them to deal with it when the time came, they were very happy.

At this moment, Yin Xiaoqi, who was well-received and followed closely by the other players, published another suggestion post.

This time, her suggestion once again shocked all the players. It was such a creative suggestion, so clever that it sent chills tingling down the other players’ spines.