Chapter 246 - The Garden Of Death

Chapter 246 of 342 chapters

Although his impression of the Player Clan had dropped, they seemed to be loyal to him, so he had no major complaints, “Very well, from now on, the Player Clan shall be a force under my command!”

Li Xing immediately nodded in agreement and asked, “So, Evil King, how do you think we should fight with Yuanxu?”

Hearing this, the Evil King did not answer. Instead, he replied with a question while looking at Li Xing puzzledly, “Are you enemies with Yuanxu?”

The Evil King thought it was unnatural for Li Xing to proactively ask about his plans to counter Yuanxu. After all, Yuanxu’s formidable strength was no secret. Should he not be trembling in fear, facing such a menacing enemy?

He couldn’t figure out why Li Xing was so enthusiastic to fight Yuanxu.

“Yes, Evil King, our clan has a deep hatred against Yuanxu…”

Yin Xiaoqi’s script was very comprehensive. It included the player’s behavior before the Evil King and the lore of their own faction. So, the Evil King nodded in realization when he heard Li Xing’s story.

When he understood the irreconcilable hatred between the Player Clan and Yuanxu, the Evil King was relieved. At the very least, this could be used to increase the Player Clan’s combat prowess in the fight against the Yuanxu Army.

After listening to Li Xing’s explanation, the Evil King nodded, “Regarding fighting Yuanxu, I think his main stronghold is in the northeast. We should start to expand our forces from where they are least present. At the current stage, the Hidden Dragon Zone where you are now, the Relic Ruins, the Hidden Mist Forest, and so on, a total of seven forces have pledged their loyalty to me. We shall set up our main base in this area and expand our forces up north… ”

After listening to the Evil King’s plan, Li Xing could not help nodding.

His plan was totally practical to Li Xing.

In their discussion afterward, Li Xing did not merely listen. Other than voicing his own doubts, he began to propose a counter-plan according to Yin Xiaoqi’s plan.

Yin Xiaoqi’s suggestion on the forum was to make the Evil King give up on the areas around the Hidden Mist Forest and focus on grouping in the Hidden Dragon Valley and the Relic Ruins.

Currently, the Evil King was at a disadvantage.

Blindly expanding his territory would not be a smart thing to do, which was why he should give up the remaining land and focus on defending his stronghold. He should fortify his strength because, the lesser his territory, the easier it would be for him to defend. After his forces had grown in strength, he could start to consider expanding his territory.

Li Xing’s suggestions seemed very strange to the Evil King. He immediately began to consider their feasibility.

He was the embodiment of demonic thoughts, so he was not afraid of dying. However, he could not stand risking his troops in the early stages. After considering carefully, the Evil King felt that going on the defense seemed like the correct answer.

This time, the Evil King changed his opinion on Li Xing, “Excellent, I accept your suggestion. I shall inform them to leave their own territories, and camp in the Hidden Dragon and Relic Ruins. As for you guys, just stand by and await my command. This war will come sooner or later!”

Li Xing nodded respectfully. He was grinning inwardly and was extremely impressed by Yin Xiaoqi.

She had accurately predicted that the Evil King would approach him first and finally accept his suggestions. Everything was proceeding steadily according to her script.

The next thing they had to do was to display the players’ strength so that they might earn the Evil King’s favor and prepare for the next step of the script!

Land of Cangxu, The Garden of Death (Forbidden Area).

Behind the towering statue of the Evil Demon God, wild grass was growing everywhere. Among them were vibrant and multicolored poisonous plants. A poisonous mist hung in the air. The plants were shaking their vines and dancing like ghostly snakes, it was a terrifying sight to behold.

This place was named a forbidden area because it was once where the creator of the Land of Cangxu, the Evil Demon God, planted his spiritual garden. The place was filled with magical and demonic plants, which meant danger was everywhere.

Hu He was walking on this land, searching for the next seal while streaming live.

Recently, as he continued releasing disasters, his fame shot up among the players and he enjoyed it a lot.

This, in turn, became his motivation to excavate more seals.

Other than solving the problems of the European server players, Hu He reaped bountiful rewards hunting seals. He had already obtained two Fledging Ghost King corpses.

Although he was getting stronger, he was still quite anxious and afraid when he reached the Garden of Death.

The plants here were too deadly. Ghost Commander level plants were everywhere. Hu He even suspected the existence of Ghost King level demonic plants, too.

With his strength, even though he possessed Cha Na’s zombie spirit, a Greater Ghost Commander, and had been reinforced multiple times, he was barely qualified to enter this place. The only thing he could do if he encountered any powerful plants was to run for his life.

His compass was showing its peak value. Even though it was dangerous, Hu He did not have the slightest intention to leave.

As he walked further in, the compass would twitch a little after a certain distance.

Hu He looked at the soil beneath his feet and found nothing special.

Nevertheless, the compass would not be wrong. So, he commanded Cha Na’s zombie spirit to start digging.

After digging for ten minutes or so, a huge pit was excavated there.

Suddenly, Hu He halted the zombie spirit’s digging and jumped into the pit himself.

He did not want to stop, but Cha Na’s zombie spirit could not dig any deeper. The layer of rock beneath could not be broken using a metal spade.

To find out the reason, Hu He slowly shoveled away the layers of soil. Finally, he found a black stone tablet.

When he saw the dents on the spade, Hu He was surprised at how hard the rock was.

Feeling curious, he began to command Cha Na’s zombie spirit to dig from the side while he cleaned up the dirt stuck in the carvings of the stone tablet.

After working diligently for some time, the true face of the tablet gradually revealed itself.

It was a pure black stone tablet. Red blood-like spots covered its surface and many strange inscriptions were carved onto it. In the middle, there was a pitch-black recess which looked like a handprint.

Hu He stood up and began to investigate the tablet. The convoluted inscriptions began to unfold under the artifact’s analysis.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!

This is my grave. Hereafter, there shall be no end to the bloodshed, even the blood of the Great Emperors!

There should have been a few more words that followed after, but the black handprint had destroyed them. So, only the remaining few words were legible.

I… Kill… Destroy.

Return… Eventually… Apocalypse.

Beyond the region…

Hu He was shocked after decrypting the words. He did not understand the meaning of the Great Emperor, so he couldn’t decipher its meaning. The only feeling he had was that the author held a profound grudge against someone or something.

His viewers were completely stupefied as well, as they couldn’t understand what the tombstone was saying at all.

They began to speculate about hidden contents related to these inscriptions.

However, there were many trolls online, so the speculation became more and more twisted, turning into various jokes and memes.

Just when Hu He was planning to carefully study the tombstone, a dark shadow covered the sky.

Hu He immediately looked up and saw an overly gigantic bird creature resembling an eagle hanging in the sky, staring straight at him with its sharp eyes.

“It’s you!”

As he saw Hu He trying to check out the tombstone, Fenshui the Ghost King flapped his wings, stirred up a strong tornado from the ground, and sucked Hu He up to the sky!