Chapter 252 - The Blood Sacrifice War Dance (Part 2)

Chapter 252 of 342 chapters

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With a swift movement of his arms, blue veins and a layer of red energy appeared on the surface of his body.

“Ha!” another person started waving his arms after this dragon’s movement.

One after another, they suddenly gave up on their defenses. They let the purple energy sweep away everything, and they began to dance to the movement and rhythm of the Horned Dragon.

Yuanxu’s pupils immediately constricted upon seeing this as he couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “The Blood Sacrifice War Dance!”

“Hoo! Ah!”

23 people stomped their feet at the same time and slammed their right arms on their chest, as a shroud of red energy immediately wrapped around their bodies.

Yuanxu’s expression stiffened at the scene that unfolded before him.

The Blood Sacrifice War Dance was a kind of oath dance that the ancient ancestors performed before going to the battlefield. It could be traced back to the oldest tribal era. When the war dance began, it meant that the warriors were preparing to give up their lives for their tribe and fight till their last breath!

They would burn their spirits like brave warriors who were determined to slit their wrists and sacrifice everything in exchange for a short period of tremendous strength.

As they danced, blood and sweat flowed down their bodies, while the red energy grew increasingly stronger.

“Hoo! Ah!” they slammed on their chest again as their eyes gradually turned red.

“Even so, I’m not someone you can compete with!” Yuanxu roared and the purple vortex abruptly expanded.

“Hoo! Ah!”

Their bodies were burning and they were reaching their limits. Yet, the red energy of the 23 people managed to resist Yuanxu’s attack and was continuously advancing.

At that moment, Hu He was completely dumbfounded.

He saw the Analysis Menu of the Horned Dragon and the others, as well as the self-sacrifice prompt in the status bar.

Are they sacrificing their lives for me?

Not only Hu He, but even the players in the exuberant live streaming channel had turned off the comments screen and were staring at the screen with their whole hearts trembling.

“Run! Stop sacrificing yourselves. Don’t do this. You guys asked me to be your big brother, how can you guys disobey me? I ask you guys to leave… I will abandon you guys if you refuse to obey!” shouted Hu He hysterically.

At this moment, he desperately hoped that these fools would listen to his words and instantly leave. The further they went away, the better it would be.

However, they all ignored his words, as they simply continued dancing. Their lives were being drained with the flow of their sweat and blood.


The area of the energy collision suddenly exploded, sending Yuanxu flying far away.

However, the Horned Dragon and the others immediately came to Hu He and formed a human wall with their bodies in front of him, protecting him from the incoming shockwaves.

“Listen to me, please listen to me… I beg you guys, stop risking your lives for me!” Hu He looked at them with a pleading look.

They didn’t say a single word. They merely stared at Hu He with a silly smile.

Yuanxu, who was being blown off, rose from the ground and suddenly roared, “Go to hell!” Then, he promptly dashed toward Hu He.

“Hoo! Ah!”

The war dance started again. At that moment, they were like ancient warriors who were guarding their tribe, burning their lives with their great fighting spirit. They were never stepping back.

Their fighting spirits were flaming while the angry Yuanxu was thrust back, again and again. He even spat a mouthful of blood, but the defensive wall of flesh and blood was still unbreakable.

Thus, this bizarre turn of events made Yuanxu completely mad. He couldn’t accept his failure because it reminded him of a man who pulled him down from the throne.

“Argh! All of you, go to hell!”

As his long grey hair fluttered in the air, Yuanxu could no longer hold himself back. He exhausted all the soul energy in his body and formed a purple thunder-filled light orb between his hands that was rapidly expanding.

Even though they felt an immense pressure, 23 of them remained calm and indifferent in the face of the storm. Instead, the red flames on their bodies burned more vigorously.

Their bodies turned brittle and dry from the surging flames but at this moment, all of them growled loudly.

When they faced Yuanxu’s last blow, they chose to burn all their remaining vitality in order to protect their big brother, who had accompanied them in the Infinite Darkness. Even in their final breath, they wished to fight for him for one last time.

As the purple orb of destruction struck, circles of energy waves set off countless ripples and turned into a slashing gale.

At this moment, all 23 of them who had been completely wasted, voluntarily leaped in the path of his attack.

Perplexingly, there was no burst of shockwaves when the two sides collided.

After an endless sizzling sound, the purple orb of destruction gradually melted away.

Yuanxu was absolutely shocked at the sight of it.

They were using their last sacrificial power to dissolve the orb of destruction instead of colliding with it.

Is it all for him? Yuanxu turned his head and looked at Hu He with a complex expression on his face.

In the battle against the purple energy orb, charred bodies fell from the sky, one by one, as the purple light orb gradually shrank.

Hu He bit his lips bitterly, as tears ran down his cheeks. He could no longer hold them back.

When the last body fell to the ground, the atmosphere was plunged into a sepulchral silence. All the energy had been dissolved by them, causing the cataclysmic shockwaves to weaken so significantly that Hu He could only feel a light breeze.

At that moment, Hu He seemed to be able to visualize those crazy fools drifting past him, with a silly smile on their faces, as if they were waving goodbye to him.

“Goodbye… big brother!”

“Argh, who are you to kill them! Fuck your mother, fuck your ancestors!”

Hu He combusted with frenzied rage and dashed crazily toward Yuanxu, who was already staggering.

There was only one thought in his mind.

Kill him! Kill him!

Smack! Yuanxu gave Hu He a slap, which sent him flying, as a sneer appeared on his frail face.

“There’s no reason. All enemies deserve to die! It’s just that I didn’t expect them to use the Blood Sacrifice War Dance to fight for you. I’m shocked but isn’t it pitiful? After all that wasted effort, the ending still couldn’t be changed!”

Hu He’s eyes were filled with fury as he slowly got up from the ground. He then wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and stared at Yuanxu with resentment.

On the other hand, Yuanxu broke into a grin. After all, he was still the winner even though the process was a little unexpected.

Hu He suddenly turned around and went to his new friends’ charred bodies. He then solemnly brought them into his inventory under Yuanxu’s puzzling gaze.

After putting away the 23 bodies, Hu He slowly turned and fixed his gaze on Yuanxu, as if he wanted his face to be deeply engraved in his mind.

“I, hereby swear to my 23 brothers, that one day, I will take Yuanxu’s deplorable life!” Hu He announced, as he took out a dagger from the inventory.

“Yuanxu, I will wait for that day to arrive. At that time, I will make you cripple with fear. This is my oath to my brothers!”

After finishing his sentence, Hu He abruptly stabbed himself in the neck with a dagger as Yuanxu watched in disbelief.

Even if he was going to die, he would never die at the hands of Yuanxu.

The picture in his eyes gradually dimmed and everything became blurry.

He once thought that he was merely an ordinary player with a different sort of joy compared to other players. However, he felt a real weight on his shoulders now.

From today onward, he would be shouldering the vendetta of his 23 brothers.

He desperately wanted to become stronger because he finally understood the importance of strength in this world, where the strong ruled over the weak.

True or false, nothing mattered any longer. In Hu He’s heart, 23 of them were his eternal brothers!

When the picture completely darkened, Hu He seemed to have seen the pure smile on their faces again.

He had also seen the 23 bodies roaring and dancing, using the ancient warriors’ war dance to boost their physical limit in order to protect him.

He slowly closed his eyes, as mournful tears rolled down his cheeks again.