Chapter 253 - Let’s Slaughter Him Ferociously (Part 1)

Chapter 253 of 342 chapters

The gaming pod opened slowly, but Hu He didn’t get out. His eyes remained closed as he laid there silently.

He was the one who broke them out of their seals and he was the one who brought them with him out of the Infinite Darkness.

If it were not for him, none of this would have happened.

In the beginning, Hu He wanted to use these 23 people for his own advantage. At that time, he did not have any psychological burden.

However, those people swore loyalty to him with their own flesh and blood. They even used their lives to protect his safety in the end.

This was undoubtedly a tremendous astonishment to him.

As his fists tightened gradually, his body trembled due to the tension in his muscles.

He had always seen himself as very optimistic and maybe a little cowardly sometimes. However, Hu He could not be more infuriated at this moment.

Yuanxu’s sneer and indifference appeared in Hu He’s mind as he screamed silently. He was burning with the desire to tear Yuanxu apart.

After a moment of venting, Hu He slowly opened his eyes.

“My 23 brothers, you will never disappear. I will walk with you in the future, and carry the burden of avenging you. This is the first vow I’ve made as a cowardly man!”

At that very moment, Hu He had planned everything in his mind already. He would forge his 23 brothers into zombie spirits, and bring them along with him everywhere to exact their revenge.

Yuanxu had a mixed expression as he saw Hu He vanish into thin air.

This turn of events had gone beyond his expectations.

In the beginning, he only wanted to subdue Hu He, who had immeasurable potential. He did not expect things to end this way.

However, there was no sympathy in Yuanxu’s heart.

Although he was surprised at the 23 beings’ fearless loyalty, they were merely his enemies. He would not have any sympathy for his enemies’ deaths, as he had already come a long way. If he was merciful, he would have already been dead in the process of becoming king.


He marched into the old palace that had already been destroyed and came to the opening of the seal that was pitch-black. As Yuanxu reached down, Fenshui the Ghost King’s figure suddenly emerged.

Splash! The moment he appeared, Fenshui fell to his knee. His eyes were out of focus as he bowed, and his mouth continuously muttered, “No…no…”

At the sight of the flustered Fenshui, Yuanxu merely shook his head, “Come to me after you’ve recovered!”

After saying this, his figure dissipated into a phantom and drifted toward the Spectral Dragon Tomb.

In the bleak scenes between the livestreams, the players were no longer lively or noisy. Everyone was weighed down by the heaviness in their hearts.

The 23 figures shocked Hu He and everyone on the livestream.

The war dance and roars of loyalty were still vivid in their minds.

This moving scene reminded them of their old friends.

Lu Mo, Fatty Chef, Instructor Qu Feng…

It was a real world because their existence was real in the hearts of the players.

At that moment, the players were truly fuming.

The players yelled in the chat, claiming they wanted to fight and slaughter Yuanxu.

They entered the game one after another and began to assemble at the Hidden Dragon Village. Fortitude and determination were on every single face.

In fact, they knew clearly that their forces were not yet equal to the army of Yuanxu, but it didn’t matter. All they wanted was to vent and fight hysterically.

At this moment, Lu Wu unlocked his expedition mission again. The Beiqi Army that was ready to be launched instantly swarmed in.

Both servers put their estrangement aside and joined forces to fight for those 23 people.

They were players, but they were humans, too. Hence, they placed great emphasis on their relationships.

The 23 warriors had not only sacrificed for Hu He, but also for them. Even if they were defeated in this battle, they vowed to annihilate and terrorize their enemy.

The constant siren that was calling for assembly had alarmed the Evil King. He immediately drifted into the air and flew over to the Hidden Dragon Village.

To his surprise, millions of players were there and preparing for an all-out battle.

“Are you all insane? What are you trying to do!” the Evil King landed next to Li Xing.

“Don’t stop us if you don’t want to be our enemy!” Li Xing said indifferently.

“You…” the Evil King had no idea what made the entire Player Clan enter battle mode. No doubt, he did not want to lose such powerful subordinates.

As he scanned his surroundings, the Evil King, who was about to rebuke them, fell into silence as he saw each of their solemn faces.

He was an embodiment of evil thoughts, hence he could clearly feel the fury in the players’ hearts. The fury had condensed into a fiery cloud above the Hidden Dragon Village, continuously soaring and spreading.

The Evil King fell silent. He knew that he couldn’t prevent this battle from happening.

“I won’t help you!” the Evil King said as he stared at Li Xing.

“We don’t need it!”

As soon as he had finished his sentence, Li Xing brandished his sword in the air, “My brothers, let us bid farewell to our 23 warriors! Our 23 brothers… with this battle!”

“This battle shall not end until our very last breath!”

The players roared as their chests burned with a rage that needed to be vented desperately.

“Let’s set out!”


The army of players set off from the Hidden Dragon Village as they marched toward the Spectral Dragon Tomb.

The Evil King had mixed expressions as he gazed at the departing battalions.

The army advanced as their battle flags fluttered in the wind.

Due to the approaching of the large army, the Demonic Sword Wolf and Zelotes the Ghost King noticed it immediately. They sent their subordinates to the Spectral Dragon Tomb and began to prepare their army for war.

When the vast army of players stepped onto the border of the Demonic Domain, the army of the two Ghost Kings was already assembled in the distance.

“The Evil King wanted to die. Do you want to die as well? If you start the war, you’ll lose for sure!” Zelotes the Ghost King roared at the army of players as he looked at them from a distance, his voice echoing across the land in deafening waves.

Li Xing did not answer, but merely raised the sword in his hand, “Kill! Vent your anger, and offer the enemy’s blood as a sacrifice to the warriors who had passed on!”


The players began to run and charge.

The threat of Zelotes the Ghost King was nothing to them!

Facing the army of players who were charging in, the Demonic Sword Wolf and Zelotes the Ghost King suddenly shivered in fear.

This battle was not what they wanted, but they could only grit their teeth and brave it.


With the roar of Zelotes the Ghost King, the Demonic Army immediately stationed in place and formed a defensive shield, as they waited solemnly for the impending attack.


The army of players crashed right into it and advanced frantically.

The defensive shield shook intensely from the players’ impact. The demonized people on the front row resisted the impact with all their might to keep the formation in place.

However, the players’ madness was far beyond their imagination.

They stepped on their comrades’ shoulders and leaped into the demonized people army, without a drop of fear in their hearts, even though they knew they would be swiftly surrounded and slain.

In this battle, they didn’t need techniques or formations. The fury in their hearts was the sharpest spear, piercing through the defense that seemed to be unbreakable, as they pushed on.

Under the frenzied attack, the demonized people’s defensive line collapsed immediately. The two Ghost Kings facial expressions instantly darkened.

Then, they shot up and pounced on the army of players.

The Ghost Kings were indeed very powerful. Their presence had caused a huge number of deaths and injuries to the players in the front row.

However, there was nothing to fear.

Kill! Turn the world upside down! No matter if it was a Ghost King or Yuanxu, everyone in our path should be killed!