Chapter 254 - Let’s Slaughter Him Ferociously (Part 2)

Chapter 254 of 342 chapters

The horrifying lethality caused by the army of players broiling with murderous intent immensely shocked the two Ghost Kings.

The mentality of the two sides differed greatly, as their side was fighting for Yuanxu. They were forced to do so and they had to persevere.

On the other side, the players were fighting for themselves, their brothers, and their friends. This battle was to avenge their unjust deaths.

As the two Ghost Kings were cornered in the battle, they quickly began to struggle.

They didn’t understand why the players were so determined. Is it worth it? This was the question that the two Ghost Kings could not comprehend.

They had experienced countless battles, and came to understand the truth – the stronger side on the battlefield would undoubtedly be the weaker side’s graveyard. Any smart soldier would not dare to approach it.

However, the players were completely different from what they had imagined. Everyone seemed to be an ant who wanted to devour an elephant. Mindlessly, they were all diving in fearlessly to attack the Ghost Kings.

Under the relentless attack, the two Ghost Kings retreated after holding out for about ten minutes. They swiftly hid as they caught their breaths behind their army.

At this moment, a hint of fear emerged in their hearts.

What they were afraid of was not the power of the players, but the fearless energy burning in the players’ hearts.

Even the two Ghost Kings couldn’t help but admit that they were real warriors.

After all, the players’ army was fighting with their own lives.

It was as if they had given up on returning at the very moment they entered the battle.

This was their assumption, but the players were proving it with their actions. Thus, the two Ghost Kings couldn’t help but be filled with fear and trepidation.

Indeed, they were truly afraid.

From a distance, the Evil King had a mixed expression as he looked at the battlefield.

In his sight, an illusory burning cloud was stirring above the players and he could also see the players’ fearless fighting spirit.

Do they really want to be killed?

At this moment, he suddenly remembered Li Xing’s unwavering words. My clan is powerful. We’re not afraid of death!

This used to be a joke to him, but the players have proved it now with this battle.

The entire clan was strong, and not afraid of sacrificing their lives. It was a sacrificial army that was made up of 10 million fearless warriors.

Even the Evil King was profoundly taken aback by the players’ fiery spirits.

He was an embodiment of evil thoughts. Although he had consciousness and emotions, he couldn’t understand what the players were fighting for.

Am I an evil thought that can never understand the meaning of life? The Evil King was rather perplexed.

Meanwhile, all the players were slaughtering the enemy army mercilessly and endlessly.

Their roaring cries greatly frightened the Army of the Demonic Domain.

Soon, the idea of fleeing came to the mind of every soldier of the Demonic Domain. Their remaining will to fight was like a weak flame in the storm. They were constantly under the great risk of being extinguished at any time by the army of players, who were advancing like a raging storm.

“No one is allowed to flee! Our support is coming, hang in there!”

“Those who retreat will be executed!”

The two Ghost Kings howled with all their might to stabilize their army’s low morale.

However, everything was in vain in the face of the army of players. The morale of the army had shattered already, and their motivation to fight had long been extinguished.

Their failure was becoming imminent, faster than a spreading wildfire, forcing them to step back in fear.

In this situation, the two Ghost Kings leaped into the army of players again to block them from advancing.

“Who cares if you’re the Ghost King! I’m going to kill you!”

“This battle shall not cease until our very last breath! Kill!”

“Those who have hurt my brothers and friends, I’ll kill you no matter where you are!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The infuriated roars of the players echoed in all directions.

This battle was to comfort the spirits in heaven and also to vent the anger in their hearts.

The player’s slaughtering continued, as the Army of the Demonic Domain remained on the losing end. There were already soldiers who were fleeing. Their fear could not be stopped no matter how or what the Ghost Kings commanded.

After they clenched their teeth in persistence, the two Ghost Kings could no longer withstand the attack. Thus, they hastily began to retreat with their army.

The fury in the players’ hearts had not been extinguished, so they continued to charge forward forcefully.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The military drums rolled, and a huge army emerged from the sky and the ground.

The army of Yuanxu had now arrived.

The appearance of support was a pleasant surprise for the two Ghost Kings. Hence, they began to command the army to launch a counterattack.

However, the players’ expressions did not change one iota.

From the moment the war began, no one had the expectation to return alive. To the players, this battle had only just begun.

The combined army of the eight Ghost Kings and about a dozen Ghost Generals had been formed.

Yuanxu Army’s strength was on full display at this moment.

As the battle continued into the fourth hour, the battlefield was swiftly filled with countless corpses. Nearly, a third of the players’ army was already wiped out.

However, it didn’t matter. Being fearless and passionate was the source of their best weapon and power. As long as we’re alive, we will fight! Fight! Fight!

Despite the great advantage, the hearts of every commander in the Yuanxu Army were trembling.

“Do you want to be annihilated?” one of the Ghost King asked with a quivering voice.

As soon as this remark was voiced out, all the Ghost Kings fell silent.

Hoo! Ah!

In the army’s live chat channel, the players shouted the war chant and roars that were made before the warriors had died.

“Beiqi Army, fight with me! As long as our heart is warm with blood, this battle shall not cease!”

“Xian Xu Army, fight with me! Let us use our flesh and blood in exchange for the destruction of our enemy!”

Li Xing and Liu Chai shouted the oath of battle in the army’s live chat simultaneously. This greatly motivated the players, injecting them with a fiery determination.

Countless corpses adorned the field, as their blood flew endlessly. This was their blood sacrifice.

The 23 warriors had guarded Hu He with their blood and with the Blood Sacrifice War Dance, so they would now use the enemy’s blood to reciprocate this sentiment.

At this time, a figure suddenly appeared in the sky.

When he lowered his head to look at the players beneath him, his eyes were full of consternation.

With the piles of corpses in the background, the sound of war was like an eerie requiem, sending shivers down everyone’s spine.

Yuanxu was touched indeed. He admitted that the players, who were fighting vigorously beneath him, were respectable warriors.

However, they were still his enemy. Since they took the initiative to attack, Yuanxu would not have the slightest sympathy. The thirst to kill shone brightly in his eyes.

In a flash, his figure dove at the army of players like a falling comet.

“Yuanxu, you thief! If you’re so heartless. I’ll offer your life as a sacrifice to my 23 warriors!”


The wind roared as all the players looked at Yuanxu who was falling from the sky. The weapons in their hands were thrust high and their spirit of battle stirred furiously like the clouds in the sky.


The players cried in unison as they waited for Yuanxu’s descent.

They were fearless and only hoped that their power could leave a scar on Yuanxu’s body.

As Yuanxu was about to collide with the army of players, a trace of darkness appeared out of the blue. It blocked Yuanxu’s attack firmly and pushed him forcefully away.

When the dark fog dispersed, the figure of the Evil King stood in the air.

“From now onward, your opponent is me!” the Evil King said indifferently as he looked at Yuanxu who was flying backward.

At the sight of the Evil King, Yuanxu’s expression turned sour.

“You said you wouldn’t come!” Li Xing lifted his head and said.

After hearing this, the Evil King turned his head and sneered, “Hahaha, you are my warriors. From this moment onward, I have officially acknowledged you! So, I’m going to stop Yuanxu in this battle!”

After saying this, the Evil King turned his head around and let out a deafening howl. His body turned into a huge giant and he instantly lunged at Yuanxu.


Yuanxu had now met his match. The players changed their direction again to charge at the enemies that were swarming in from all directions.