Chapter 258 - The Return Of Number One

Chapter 258 of 342 chapters

The battle between Liu Chai and the ferocious beast became more intense. This was because they were in close combat and the fighting was very violent. The livestream grabbed all the other players’ attention.

It unfolded like they were watching a blockbuster action movie!

However, as time went on, players noticed that Liu Chai’s combat style had changed.

As Liu Chai understood and learned the attacking style of the beast, he became increasingly confident because he found he had an added advantage over his opponent.

His right arm was invincible!

Therefore, in the following attacks, whenever the huge wooden club of the beast was going to smash into Liu Chai, he would just raise his right arm to take the blow. Then he would launch his counterattack.

With the help of Mu Zhiguang’s unbreakable right arm, the beast of the Ghost Commander had no way of breaking Liu Chai’s defenses. Every time its attacks were blocked, Liu Chai would hit back at the ferocious beast almost instantly.

Although the beast’s skin was thickened with callouses, it was unable to withstand such relentless beating.

Suddenly, the entire live streaming room went wild as the players saw the health of the beast steadily falling.

Crayon_Shinchan: “I strongly suggest that everyone report this Liu Chai student for using bots. Is his right arm made of vibranium? How could there not be a single drop of blood after so much smashing? I suggest the game official investigate this matter. (laughing emoji)”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Since when did Boss Liu train his Kirin arms? (laughing emoji)”

Assassin_Creed: “Kirin’s right arm, so terrifying (laughing emoji)!”

Invincible_Loneliness: “There must be a very wet story behind such a strong arm. (laughing emoji)”

Peppa_Boar: “Hahaha, Guild Leader Liu, your method for the trial is so unusual. It was like using an invincible shield, if the beast was a conscious being, I think it would be fuming at you (laughing emoji)!”

There was a commotion on the streaming channel. Obviously, it was due to the fact that no one thought that Liu Chai would pass the trial challenge with such a rogue method.

However, this method has proven to be very effective.

Mu Zhiguang was a Ghost Emperor Elite. Even if the Ghost Commander’s ferocious beast was to use all of its power, it wouldn’t leave a single scar on the arm, let alone break it.

It could be said that the strength of this randomly chosen close combat trial, the ferocious beast was greatly restricted by Liu Chai until it wasn’t able to unleash its true strength and ability. After every one of its attacks were blocked, it would be smashed repeatedly by Liu Chai.

Moreover, the monsters of the Ghost Commander Trial were completely different from those of the outside world. They didn’t have any cognitive abilities, and their only aim was to constantly attack the players.

Hence, in the end, Liu Chai, who was at a disadvantage initially, relied on the invincibility of his right arm to overpower the beast.

[Server Announcement, congratulations to player Liu Chai for breaking the record for the Ghost Commander Trial, Level 100 – Number of challenges: One]

The appearance of this announcement immediately shocked many of the players, and one after another joined Liu Chai’s live streaming channel to learn about what had happened.

These players were dumbfounded when they learned that Liu Chai had defeated the ferocious beast with just a really strong arm. Subsequently, a huge debate broke out.

Is this how the game should be played? This was the main question that the players had on their minds.

However, Liu Chai’s close-to-cheating method of passing the trial had inspired the other players to think of many other clever ideas.

After this awe-inspiring event, more and more players were becoming enthusiastic about challenging the Ghost Commander Trial.

The players would no longer blindly engage in combat with the trial monster but instead start to build legitimate strategies to win.

For example, many Assassin players would run around and lay traps, and when enough traps had been laid they would start their attacks on the monsters.

There was also a Mage player who was smart enough to learn all the summoning skills of the Cultivation Pavilion. When he entered the Ghost Commander Trial he didn’t even carry his magician stuff but instead just held up a shield. Throughout the battle, he was executing his summoning skills while running around wildly, occasionally lifting his shield when the monster came too close to him.

The players came up with many unusual methods and continued to present a variety of different ways to get through the trial.

It should be said that without cognitive abilities, these trial monsters really couldn’t cope with this kind of combat that utilized strategic planning. Even if there was a trap, they would step right into it.

Lu Wu did not know whether he should cry or to laugh at how the players were trying to pass this trial. Originally, this Ghost Commander Trial was set up to compare the player’s own strength and the Underworld’s cultivation system. However, in the end, the players treated this challenge as a strategy game.

Of course, this scenario was not what Lu Wu had expected.

Therefore, Lu Wu took the opportunity to do some tweaking to the Second Level of the Ghost Commander Trial during the period when nobody was doing the challenge. He strengthened and upgraded the monster’s combat consciousness so that they would no longer storm at the players ineptly.

As for the First Level’s loophole that the players had discovered, Lu Wu did not intend to revise it.

Since it was a bug that the players had discovered on their own, then they could use it.

Lu Wu could only say that they would regret it one day. It was because of their ingenuity that the second level of the Ghost Commander Trial would be enhanced.

However, right now the players had no idea about this new change. The whole forum had become lively and players were sharing strategies for each character class to pass the trial. Everyone was fantasizing about the rewards they would get from the trial.

Offline, at the border of the Dragon Nation.

A figure was slowly walking over from a distance. He walked over to a stone surface of which half was embedded into the body of a mountain with a blank expression and stood in front of it for some time.

At this time, the tiny hole on the surface of the boulder emitted a ray of laser light and swept over the man standing before it.


“Identity confirmed… welcome back, Number One!”

After the robotic voice called out, the flat surface of the boulder slowly slid open and the lights were switched on from the space within it to reveal a pathway made of steel.

This was the underground human engineering laboratory that the Jie De Corporation had constructed outside of the border of the Dragon Nation. The location of this facility was well-concealed and was difficult to detect with the naked eye.

Moreover, Number One was created in this facility and he had received the power stronger than any other ordinary human.

As Number One walked along the passage, he finally came to the end of the passageway, where a steel wall blocked his way.

Right at this moment, the surveillance camera at the top of the wall slowly rotated to face Number One.

“It’s Number One, Number One is back!”

When the guard saw the familiar figure in the surveillance image, he immediately took out his walkie talkie and reported it to the Base Director.

“Quick, let him in!” Abel quickly cried out as he was sitting with the Base Director.

He was full of expectation as he could finally meet the person in charge of Battle Online that had caused him so much trouble.

He had even thought of some ways to entertain his distinguished guest.

As the steel door opened, Number One immediately strode into the elevator that led to the underground level.

“Number One, please head to the Base Director’s office. They’re waiting for you!” the voice of the guard could be heard inside the elevator.

Number One didn’t give any reply, but instead, nodded. Suddenly a dull light appeared in his eyes.

When the elevator reached the designated floor, the door slid open and Number One paced toward the direction of the Base Director’s office.

Along the way, he passed by storage space for human research and came across countless human bodies immersed in nutrient-rich liquid storage.

These bodies were covered with scars and some of their skin was festering which looked very painful. Their eyes were tightly shut and they could only sleep with the help of tranquilizing drugs.

When Number One reached the Base Director’s office, he opened the door and walked straight in without knocking.

Both Abel and the Base Director were astonished by Number One’s sudden arrival.

“Why didn’t you knock before you walked in!?” the Base Director yelled all of a sudden.

He had the highest authority in this whole facility base so it was completely normal for him to be angry with Number One’s impoliteness.

“Where’s the guy? Where’s the person in charge of Battle Online?” Abel stood by the side and asked. He didn’t care about formalities. He only wanted to see the person in charge of that wretched game.

Therefore, when he found out that Number One was here alone, he began to feel anxious.

After all, Battle Online was about to open their American server. If they didn’t settle this matter, their market share would end like the other servers, where it would also be taken over by the Black Sea Corporation.

“I’m asking you… where is he?”

As a result of not getting a reply from Number One, Abel immediately walked up to him, grabbed him by the collar and shouted.

A hideous grin appeared on Number One’s face. A malicious glint flashed across his face as he raised his hand and grabbed onto Abel’s head and slammed it against the wall.


Like a watermelon being split open, the blood splattered everywhere. The Base Director who was standing by his side was immediately taken aback by this scene.