Chapter 264 - Welcome Gifts For The Future Subordinates

Chapter 264 of 342 chapters

Liu Chai seemed extremely unwilling when he agreed to pull back his troops. Nonetheless, the nine messengers were grateful as they thought Liu Chai was showing them respect.

When the Player Clan retreated, the Rock Ghost King performed an outburst of acting out and bellowed in anger. He started commanding his subordinates, the Army of Tree Demons, to go in hot pursuit and attack, resulting in the players losing a lot more of their troops. All the nine messengers could feel their hearts aching at the sight of this.

Once they returned to the Mansion of the Dead, all the players pretended to be exhausted and lay on all sides on the floor while resting.

“Messengers, you’ve seen the strength of my clan. We are as true as steel and fear no death in a battle, but unfortunately, we don’t have sufficient equipment and resources… sigh…” Liu Chai sighed as he spoke.

“Fear not, Lord of the Mansion of the Dead! Your sincerity is clear to us. We will acquaint His Excellency and the other lords with your message right away. The resources, weapons, and equipment will be supplied to you without delay!”

“Great! We will make war with other forces once the resources are in place!”

Both the messengers and the players were on cloud nine.

The messengers from the Nine Luminaries were elated as they had easily summoned the biggest force at the Mansion of the Dead to surrender, paving the way into Beiqi in advance for Lord Yue Yao.

Without even starting a war at all.

On the other hand, the players were thrilled for the simple fact that another idiot had taken their bait again. They were actually going to send them resources this time!

Both sides burst into hearty laughter after some negotiation, seemingly to be enjoying themselves.

Once the messengers left and after the negotiation had ended, all the players stood up in high spirits. They couldn’t help but burst out into a wild fit of laughter.

In the forum:

Crayon_Shinchan: “My acting skills went through the roof today, that fucking Tree Demon couldn’t even tie me up! Fortunately I was quick-witted to take two steps forward and bump into his vines so that he could strangle me to death. So, is there any extra drumstick, director? (laughing emoji)”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “Guys, you won’t believe this. I wandered around the Ancient Tree Demons for quite a while, blinking and tipping it with the wink, yet it just wouldn’t hit me. I got mad and straight away backstabbed it, then it finally noticed me and crushed me to death (laughing emoji)!”

Watermelon_Taro: “So it appears that it is very hard, even when you want to get yourself killed. I think those little tree demons were unable to kill all the players as there were too many of us (laughing emoji)!”

Assassin_Creed: “At that time, I was going to take the opportunity to scrape something off the Rock Ghost King himself, but in the end, I was instantly killed the moment I got near him. I’m so angry, it was such a rare opportunity.”

Little_Tree_Rock replied to Assassin_Creed: “You wicked fellow (Tong Gua smashing face.jpg)!”

Predestined_Tong_Gua replied to Little_Tree_Rock: “I advise you to be kind and delete the picture… (Cha Na overlooking.jpg)”

Roast_Jade_Hare_With_Chang’e_In_The_Arms: “Hahaha, it’s so much fun! The little tree demon in front of me just seemed like it was tired of killing, looking so weak that even its branches and leaves were trembling. It was so adorable that I wanted to capture it and raise it myself (laughing emoji)!”

Crayon_Shinchan replied to Roast_Jade_Hare_With_Chang’e_In_The_Arms: “Capture and raise it until it’s big enough for you to chop and sell as spiritual material, right? You’re very creative indeed (laughing emoji)!”

Looking at the players showing off their skills, Lu Wu was already completely convinced.

The King of the Nine Luminaries, the great fellow with exalted rank, had actually been played by these players.

All I can say is that the players who are able to resurrect can really do as they please.

Land of the Nine Luminaries, Dark Heaven Pavilion in His Excellency’s palace.

His Excellency Xing Yao was sitting high up on the throne while the rest of the eight brothers were sitting below him, at his left and right-hand side, following the proper order. The nine messengers who just returned from Beiqi were standing in the center.

The nine brothers appeared to be extremely shocked as they listened to the messengers’ report.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they had personally trained and taught these messengers, they would’ve thought the nine of them are spouting nonsense.

In their opinion, that lord must be an intelligent man for him to be a leader in the Land of Beiqi.

Therefore, in any case, if they were unable to draw these people to their side using these conditions, they had an initial plan to promise the people some future benefits in order for the latter to willingly give their lives for them.

However, the result is far beyond their imagination. Not only did they manage to come to an agreement, but they also straight away dispatched troops to attack other forces.

They were stunned upon listening to the nine messengers’ narration.

“Your Majesty, the clan occupying the Mansion of the Dead is very forthright and honest… everything I say is true!” the leading messenger assured.

“Your Majesty, I can vouch for that. Although they are wildly impulsive in doing so, it’s definitely not a window dressing. We saw their clansmen fighting with the Rock Ghost King’s army with our own eyes and there were really many casualties in the battle.”

“There really are such hotheads! Haha, I believe you guys!” Yue Yao uttered with a smile.

“I believe it, too. The Underworld is so big that nothing should be a surprise. After all, it’s fairly normal for them to find somewhat unique characters. And besides, according to the messengers, the critical factor that allows them to settle down at the Mansion of the Dead and become the largest force in Beiqi is their extraordinarily large number of clansmen. That ought to explain it!” Ri Yao, who was sitting beside Yue Yao, expressed his opinion as well.

“Since we just have limited knowledge about the Beiqi forces, we must be extra careful. How about this? Second Brother, go with them secretly when we send them their resources, and make a thorough investigation to find out what’s actually happening!”

“Alright, Big Brother. I’ll prepare the resources immediately and follow along to take a look!” Yue Yao replied with a grin on his face.

Upon listening to the description of the Mansion of the Dead’s strength by the messengers, Yue Yao was quite content. After all, a loyal force came in inches, not in miles. It could not have been better than having such a hotheaded clan.

After everything was settled, Yue Yao was the first to leave once he bid farewell to his brothers.

Since the job of preparing the resources was assigned to him this time, he would have to personally check on it.

There was another significant reason.

To him, since he was the future King of Beiqi, the Beiqi forces were going to be his future subordinates. Therefore, he certainly had to prepare more resources for them. These resources might belong to the nine of them now, but the resources would go to him once they fell into the hands of the Beiqi force.

Yue Yao headed for the Resource Warehouse as he was calculating in his mind, getting ready to pick out the materials to be sent to Beiqi.

The Resource Warehouse in the Land of the Nine Luminaries was a huge castle that was heavily guarded, following a three-shift system where each shift was commanded and led by two Ghost Generals. At the same time, security alarms and checkpoints with lethal attacks were set all over the castle. It would be extremely difficult even for those of Ghost Emperor Realm to take out the treasures in this castle without setting off any of the lethal attacks.

Nevertheless, nobody would stop Yue Yao from entering the castle as he was one of the rulers.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the castle, Yue Yao cut his finger and pressed it on the blood detection point at the gate of the castle.

This was only the first checkpoint at the gate of the castle, after clearing all the nine checkpoints, Yue Yao finally entered the Resource Warehouse.

The floor was glistening under fluorescent light and the fragrance of elixirs wafted through the air. Other than some unique treasures that were placed in an orderly manner in a corner, everything else was thrown all over the place.

Yue Yao glanced over the warehouse, pondering about which resources he should bring to Beiqi.

Elixirs? Hmm, I must bring these to improve their strength, and I’ll need it to make pills in the future as well.

Spiritual Ore? Hmm, this is a must, too. Since there will be Spiritual Ore, I should bring along some casters with me then.

Equipment? This is crucial as there’s a lack of equipment. But these are really good weapons, I’ll just bring these for the Lord of the Mansion of the Dead and his bodyguard then.

Treasures? I’ll bring some of these and reward the Lord of Mansion of the Dead, there’s no need for the rest.

Strolling around the Resource Warehouse, Yue Yao picked up one item after another and commented on it from time to time as he was preparing the welcome gifts for his future subordinates.