Chapter 266 - Yue Yao Showed Himself

Chapter 266 of 342 chapters

Yue Yao grew anxious at the sight of the Army of Tree Demons encircling them from both sides.

He was at an utter loss for words, especially when he saw Liu Chai bursting with confidence.

This is definitely a boorish fellow, so boorish that he has no intelligence at all.

What surprised him more was that all the generals in the Army of the Player Clan actually complied by dispatching another force to charge toward the Army of Tree Demons. It seemed like they didn’t have a capacity for combat awareness at all.

Under such circumstances, the players’ position had switched from an advantageous one to an inferior one.

The players could feel a surging pressure as they were being attacked on both sides.

Therefore, they started acting again, performing different kinds of death one after another.

At this moment, it came naturally to the players to die as they were at a disadvantage anyway. There was no way they could win.

Since they actually gave their own lives in the performance, Yue Yao didn’t discover any flaw in the plan at all. All he did was persistently give the messenger a wink, hoping that he would talk Liu Chai out of continuing the battle.

From Yue Yao’s standpoint, these soldiers were his future subordinates. It’s such a waste for them to die just like this. His heart ached so much that his face turned green.

The messenger finally got the signal upon receiving Yue Yao’s winks. He instantly grabbed Liu Chai, who seemingly intended to rush forward and battle as well.

“Hey… my lord, hold your horses… you mustn’t give in to your personal feelings. Now that the Rock Ghost King has joined forces with the HydraKing, we must retreat temporarily from this battle and bide our time…”

Liu Chai’s face was congested with anger at his words.

“Retreat? Look how many of my clansmen have died, how could I retreat at this moment? I must kill, kill all of them!”

Both Yue Yao and his messenger were resigned upon hearing that.

“Lord, listen to me, you can’t go on with the battle as the current situation is very unfavorable to us! We’ll lose for sure if we were to continue! What we need is a long-range plan now!”

“No! I feel uncomfortable if I don’t kill the two old fellows, the Rock Ghost King and the Hydra King!”

Yue Yao’s mouth was twitching as he felt an urge to choke Liu Chai to death.

He’s fucking giving up his whole clan just to make himself feel comfortable?

All of a sudden, Yue Yao felt sorry for the Player Clan having such a leader. It’s truly a blessing from the Great Emperor of the Underworld that they haven’t gotten their clan killed yet.

“Lord, I’m your ally, why would I lie to you? You should really retreat now. How about this, we’ll send another batch of resources, so can you just wait until all your clansmen are equipped with arms?”

“I’ve listened to you last time, you told me to put up with it for three days and I did! Now you’re telling me to wait again, how can I stand with it!”

As he said that, he turned around and yelled in the direction of the battle zone, “Kill them! Behead the old crook Rock Ghost King and the bald Hydra King!”

Looking at Liu Chai getting ready to kill them by himself, the messenger immediately caught hold of him again, “Lord of the Mansion of the Dead, please… I’m imploring you, you really shouldn’t go…”

The messenger was tongue-tied at this moment. I used to think that I had a glib tongue, but I really have no idea what to do while facing Liu Chai’s stubbornness.

“Messenger, I respect you because you represent my future patron. But you can’t possibly stop me this time, I’ll not retreat in this battle!”

As his words settled, Liu Chai added, “We’ve got a very different standpoint because you’re not a lord, so naturally our ways of thinking about questions are entirely different! I believe if the other lords of the Land of the Nine Luminaries were here, they would’ve made the same decision as me!”

Yue Yao felt like crying upon hearing his words.

This dork is actually comparing himself to me and giving a speech that his way of thinking differs from the messenger as they’re talking from a different standpoint. Yue Yao had a strong urge to go forward and beat him up.

Noticing that Liu Chai was preparing to go into the battle zone, the messenger pulled a long face and turned to look at Yue Yao, who was standing among the convoy. He was really at his wit’s end.

After taking a deep breath to recover himself, Yue Yao walked out of the crowd and came over to Liu Chai, “Lord of the Mansion of the Dead, I think…”

“Here’s no place for you to talk! Get lost!” said Liu Chai with an ominous face as he pointed at him using his longsword.

The messenger was rendered speechless.

Yue Yao was stunned as he had long forgotten when the last time was that someone shouted at him.

His veins were standing out on his forehead and he clenched his fist tightly while silently soothing himself. This man is my future subordinate, future subordinate, look at the big picture…


“What about you!? I said there’s no place for you to talk here! Who do you think you are, you’re just a guard!” Liu Chai thundered again.

“Shut up! I am Lord Yue Yao of the Land of the Nine Luminaries!” Yue Yao finally had an outburst of anger.

His stature increased in an instant and broke through his suit of armor, revealing his original appearance.

A look of panic crossed Liu Chai’s face at the scene before him.

“Are you really the Great Lord Yue Yao?”

“Yes, Liu Chai, command your clansmen to pull out quickly… you can’t let the battle go on!”

Liu Chai looked hesitant as he listened, “Lord Yue Yao, since you’re here, why don’t you join the battle with me and wipe out the whole army?”

“I’m telling you to retreat, are you pig-headed…” Yue Yao was about to lash out on Liu Chai, but he decided to hold his temper after some consideration. All in all, this is my future subordinate, I have to save his dignity.

Otherwise, judging from Liu Chai’s awful temper, he was really worried that Liu Chai would put up a desperate fight against him after being scolded.

Now that Yue Yao learned of Liu Chai’s boorish behavior, he thought there was a very high possibility for that to happen.

“Liu Chai, you mustn’t continue battling. Listen to me, I’m the king that will take over Beiqi in the future. Didn’t you say you want to pledge loyalty to me? Are you going to disobey me now?”

In reality, Yue Yao had already thought of the idea of dealing with the Rock Ghost King and the Hydra King by himself.

However, he had his own cause when he chose to disguise himself. Apart from investigating the background of the Mansion of the Dead’s forces, another crucial reason was that he couldn’t let others know that he stepped foot into Beiqi.

All in all, Lie Shan was still a boulder above his head. It would be impossible for Lie Shan to let Yue Yao go if he knew the latter had entered Beiqi.

As a result, before he had an idea of whether Lie Shan would return or not, he didn’t dare take any risk, let alone blow up his cover.

If it was not for the messenger being thrown into desperation by Liu Chai’s stubborn behavior, he never had the intention to reveal himself.

“But… but we can win!” Liu Chai seemed unwilling.

Yue Yao took another deep breath.

“Listen to me, Liu Chai, we need more time to consider the matter to see if we will win or not, but you can’t continue the battle now!”

“Pull out your troops first. We have to take it slow since not all the resources have arrived. You have such a large army, there’s no need for you to worry about the chance of winning once the equipment is complete. Listen to me first this time and retreat!”

“Boss Yue Yao, I’ll listen to you this time since you’re the future king!” Liu Chai put on a sad face.

Yue Yao and the messenger heaved sighs of relief when Liu Chai was finally willing to compromise.

“Warriors of my clan, pull out!” Liu Chai made an order to retreat.

Seeing that the Army of the Player Clan began retreating, Yue Yao wiped the sweat off his forehead, nodded, and shrank back to a smaller size again.

“Liu Chai, don’t let the news that I’m at the Mansion of the Dead get out!” Yue Yao reminded him after pondering for a while.


“Don’t question! Just don’t spread the news!”

“Fine, as you wish, you’re the boss!” Liu Chai scratched his head, appearing to be simple and honest.

Although Liu Chai’s boorish behavior gave Yue Yao a headache, he was very satisfied with him. He was exactly like what the messengers described, easily controlled.

Soon after, the army of players retreated while being hunted down by the Armies of Tree Demons and Demonic Snakes, resulting in many casualties along the way.

After the players left, the Hydra King and the Rock Ghost King were sitting together drinking liquor with their arms around each other’s shoulders.

“Bald… I mean Hydra King, dude, how many shares of the resources do you get from the players?” the Rock Ghost King quickly bit back his words.

The Hydra King almost flew into a rage when he heard the word bald and he glared at the Rock Ghost King with an ominous face.

“You better forget that nickname so that we can remain old mates, or else we’ll no longer be friends!”

The Rock Ghost King nodded instantly.

“Slip of the tongue, just a slip of the tongue… tell me how many percent you’re getting!”

“15 percent, what about you?” the Hydra King asked in reply out of curiosity.

The Rock Ghost King slightly squinted upon hearing the answer, but in fact, he was secretly bursting with joy.

“Same, 15 percent… I’m so upset that the players get the largest share!” he sighed.