Chapter 270 - The Beginning Of A Good Show

Chapter 270 of 342 chapters

Beiqi, the Mansion of the Dead.

After Yue Yao became king, his heart was filled with arrogance.

He had been longing for this supreme glory for so long. However, there could only be one king in the Land of the Nine Luminaries. With his eldest brother Xing Yao there, he would never have this opportunity.

Now he had obtained the status along with an incredible power that he had yearned for.

At the time, Yue Yao was no doubt full of himself.

In the following days, Yue Yao learned the situations all around Beiqi through Liu Chai, the Rock Ghost King, and the leaders of all regions.

Above all, one issue got Yue Yao’s attention.

The Death Clan that was continuously attacking from the East Side of the Underworld Sea.

Because of the happenings with the Land of the Nine Luminaries, the players had given up on the defense of the sea. This, in turn, led to constant ambushes by the Death Clan at the Liuli Coast, which caused considerable damage to the ecology of Beiqi.

When Yue Yao heard from Liu Chai that the Death Clan was one of the Sea King’s forces, he could already sense a big headache coming his way.

Nevertheless, he would have to solve this problem since he had already become His Excellency of Beiqi.

In an instant, Yue Yao decided to visit the Sea King himself and resolve these matters through negotiation.

Little did he know that this was exactly what the players wanted him to do.

Barren Grassland at the Western border of Beiqi.

A resource convoy along with Yue Yao’s Army, the players, and other forces in Beiqi marched from the Land of the Nine Luminaries.

To Yue Yao, this trip was vital because the latest batch of fresh resources was all his property, including various kinds of treasures.

After he became the King of Beiqi, the property was divided among his brothers. Of course, Yue Yao wouldn’t just leave the treasures there. He chose to bring all of them to Beiqi.

Although the resources were very important, Yue Yao didn’t lead the operation because he was never worried that anything bad could happen.

The Nine Luminaries and Beiqi were both on his side. Besides, the players, the Rock Ghost King, and the other forces had pledged their loyalty to him with their souls, so they couldn’t possibly betray him in any way.

Under such a foolproof condition, Yue Yao went out to sea without any worries.

50,000 escort members moved toward the Mansion of the Dead on a path recently created along the Barren Grassland.

As the supreme commander of this escort team, Ghost General Mad Tooth couldn’t stop scanning and observing the situation of his surroundings.

Although the escort this time would not easily fail since all the forces in Beiqi had already been overpowered and they would definitely not betray their new king, he still had to be careful. As Yue Yao said, there might be some other dark forces in Beiqi that had yet to surrender.

As they left the border of the Barren Grassland and arrived at the Burial Grounds, the sight in front of them instantly widened.

Mad Tooth let out a sigh of relief. If there was an ambush, the Barren Grassland, which was overgrown with tall grasses and weeds, would be the best choice. Now that they had left that area, the level of danger would automatically decrease.

Just as Mad Tooth waved his hand to ask the team to keep up, heavy footsteps were heard behind them coming from the Barren Grassland.

Mad Tooth immediately turned around to look at the direction of the Barren Grassland. Among the blades of wild grass, he saw countless silhouettes moving toward them.

When the silhouettes were finally visible, Mad Tooth’s eyes narrowed. He was more than familiar with these people. They were the Fire Warriors of Lord Huo Yao, the younger brother of Yue Yao.

Mad Tooth was absolutely shocked by the scene in front of him. With a smack on his Chaos Earth Dragon, he hurriedly rushed toward the back of the escort team. He shouted, “Quick! Yue Yao Army… escort the resources to safety… the rest of us cover for them!”

In Mad Tooth’s opinion, the resources were far more important than the escorts. So, no doubt they had to protect them first.

Nonetheless, at that time, many more silhouettes emerged from the floor cracks of the Burial Grounds ahead.

Without exception, they were all the Fire Warriors of Huo Yao’s Army.

“How dare you! These are the resources of His Excellency Yue Yao. Your lord and His Excellency are brothers, how dare you rob us!” Mad Tooth roared at the Fire Warriors who were coming at them from all directions.

All Mad Tooth could hear at the moment was his madly beating heart.

There were at least a few hundred thousand Fire Warriors around them now. It would be a difficult task to break through the encirclement, so he was thinking he could scare them away with His Excellency Yue Yao’s title.

Actually, Mad Tooth had already imagined a few plunder scenarios in the middle of their journey, but none of those involved Yue Yao’s brothers.

“So what if they’re brothers? Can’t we rob you now?” a burly man in red armor asked and walked out from the crowd while holding his sword. Seemingly, he was the leader of Huo Yao’s Army.

“When Yue Yao finds out about this, he won’t let any of you go!” Mad Tooth was already panicking on the inside, but he held his ground, trying to intimidate the plunderers.

“Not a single soul will find out if all of you died, right?”

The burly man gave his sword a swing and the Fire Warriors charged toward the escort team.

“Supreme Commander Mad Tooth, you should leave now. Go back to the Mansion of the Dead and get reinforcements!” Chen Ziyu, who was one of the members of the escort team, shouted at Mad Tooth.

“Then, what about you all?”

“They are planning to kill everybody and leave no loose ends. Someone has to bring the news back! You’re the strongest one here, so you’re the only one who can make it out alive!”

With one punch, Chen Ziyu managed to drive off two Fire Warriors standing nearest to him.

While gritting his teeth, Mad Tooth glanced deeply at Chen Ziyu, turned around and ran toward the direction of the Mansion of the Dead.

It was obvious that this army had done all of their preparations before attacking them. It was impossible or even impractical for them to retreat along with all those resources.

Besides, Mad Tooth only had one thought in his mind right now, to bring the news back to Yue Yao.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

The burly man who was the leader of the Fire Warriors jumped and pounced toward Mad Tooth.

Mad Tooth quickly reacted by turning his body around and blocked the incoming strike with his spear.

“Surround him, don’t let him run away. No one is allowed to leave here today!”

Obeying his orders, the surrounding Fire Warriors swarmed over and surrounded Mad Tooth.

As a counterattack, Mad Tooth reached out his hand and hit the Chaos Earth Dragon he had been riding on. With his spear up high, he wanted to lunge his way out.

However, the Chaos Earth Dragon fell a few yards ahead due to the intensive attack. With that, Mad Tooth was thrown off his ride.

Facing the endless attacks from the Fire Warriors, Mad Tooth fought hard to kill any approaching enemy. Despite that, it was not possible to break this circle.

Then, the players under the lead of Chen Ziyu and the Tree Demons rushed forward from the back. With the sacrifice of a large number of people, they finally met with Mad Tooth after storming their way in.

“Supreme Commander Mad Tooth, let me open a way out for you. Run, you must get out of here!”

“Okay!” Mad Tooth was so touched that he immediately agreed without further ado.

With the help of all the players, Mad Tooth managed to finally charge his way out of the encirclement, but right when they were about to escape, the leader of the Fire Warriors stood before them.

“Don’t you dare run away!”

“Get lost!”

Both of them went into combat.

At that time, Chen Ziyu shouted in the live chat channel, “Everybody, charge! Let’s finish this last bit of acting and help him escape!”

After listening to Chen Ziyu’s words, the rest of the players pounced toward the Fire Supreme Commander crazily to delay him and help Mad Tooth with his escape.

Without the obstruction of the Fire Warriors leader, Mad Tooth ran all the way toward the Mansion of the Dead without even looking back.

“Don’t let him escape, chase after him!” their commander bellowed as he continued to kill the players.

At that instant, a small group of Fire Warriors separated themselves from the encirclement and pursued Mad Tooth.

Seeing that, Mad Tooth increased his speed even more.

He knew that if he was ever surrounded again, he wouldn’t be able to get out of there alive.

After Mad Tooth could no longer be seen, the Fire Supreme Commander suddenly waved at Chen Ziyu who was still charging toward him.

“Stop, stop, stop. It’s enough. If you cut me again, I’ll definitely fight back!”

After saying that, the body of the Fire Supreme Commander gradually changed.