Chapter 271 - The Sea King’s Astonishment (Part 1)

Chapter 271 of 342 chapters

When Mad Tooth was too far to be seen, the Fire Supreme Commander’s body gradually morphed back to his real shape. Accompanied by the disseminating black mist, Xiao Tian’s face appeared.

Seeing Xiao Tian, Chen Ziyu smiled and put away his weapon.

The Fire Warriors around them suddenly joined the laughing party as well.

This was the second step of their plan, to provoke the relationship between Yue Yao and his brothers in the Land of the Nine Luminaries.

After Yue Yao officially became His Excellency, the players originally wanted to use a prop that was prestigious in the shop called the Mimic Card. It could easily create a conflict between Beiqi and the Nine Luminaries.

However, Liu Chai found out from Yue Yao that he still had a batch of treasures stored in his palace warehouse and wished to retrieve them.

This undoubtedly gave the players a new goal. Therefore, Yin Xiaoqi changed the script on the fly.

In order to rob this batch of resources, the players had done a lot of preparation. First, they deliberately got close to several of the commanders in Yue Yao’s Army. From them, they found out that the younger brother Huo Yao had the worst relationship with Yue Yao among all of his brothers.

This piece of information was vital. Since the players already had the plan to cause some conflict, they naturally chose the one who would most likely take advantage of Yue Yao.

After this, Yin Xiaoqi also considered that the presence of Yue Yao would be a variable, fearing that there would be problems in the middle of the robbery. So, Liu Chai fooled Yue Yao to go negotiate with the Sea King in the Underworld Sea.

When all preparations were done, the players’ plan was put to action.

The moment when the escort team set off from the Land of the Nine Luminaries after collecting the resources, the convoy’s situation was updated by the players in the forum in real-time. The coordinates of the escort team and the distribution of men were completely transparent to their eyes.

With Yue Yao away, the plundering of the resources became an easy task to the players who had a huge advantage.

On top of that, the most important part of this round was to let loose a person whom Yue Yao trusted the most as this was exactly the key to creating a conflict. Thus, the scene where Chen Ziyu and the others pretended to save Mad Tooth from the encirclement was in order to light the fuse.

Having Xiao Tian there was to make sure that the act was more lifelike. After all, it was not possible to have an army with a few hundred thousand warriors running around without a Ghost General.

Yue Yao hadn’t yet met Xiao Tian, so it was best for him to perform this task.

At that moment, the players who were roleplaying as the Fire Warriors with their Mimic Cards, turned their attention to the resources.

“Take it away. Nothing can be left behind, take the cart, too,” with Wu Guoyi’s words, the surrounding players began to unload the resources and threw them into their inventory.

With everything set, Wu Guoyi started to get the players to go toward the direction of the Barren Grassland.

This was because their mission wasn’t over yet. There was another critical step yet to be taken.

Kuilong Ocean, Xin Mo Island, the Great Hall of the Mu Te Sea Nation.

The Sea King was looking at Yue Yao without saying a word.

He really wanted to laugh, especially after he heard from Yue Yao that he’d become His Excellency of Beiqi.

He and the Player Clan were old acquaintances. He believed the part where the Rock Ghost King, the Hydra King, and the other forces surrendered to him. But for the Player Clan to be loyal to anyone, he refused to believe that.

After all, what was the Player Clan? They were total psychos! In their eyes, the enemies’ strength, whether strong or weak, didn’t matter at all. As long as they were provoked, they would come at you endlessly like a virus.

“Yue Yao, you better go back. Come and find me when you have really taken down Beiqi!” the Sea King shook his head helplessly.

After gaining the power of the Death Clan, the Sea King’s strength was now very close to the Ghost Emperor Peak. He had no fear of Yue Yao at all, not to mention that they were in his territory anyways.

“Sea King, I am already His Excellency of Beiqi!”

Seeing that the Sea King did not seem to believe him, Yue Yao pulled out Beiqi’s Yin Talisman as proof.

The Sea King was shocked after noticing the Yin Talisman, but his expression remained weird.

The Player Clan is under him now? How is that possible!?

Even after Yue Yao had presented the Yin Talisman, the Sea King still had a feeling that something wasn’t right.

If it was so simple to subdue the Player Clan, he would have taken all of them down when he invaded Beiqi back then. Therefore, he smelled something fishy about this.

“His Excellency Yue Yao, I believe you now, but could you tell me how you conquered Beiqi?” the Sea King couldn’t help asking curiously after giving it some thought.

The purpose of Yue Yao’s visit to the Kuilong Ocean was to resolve the crisis of the Death Clan’s invasion. He had no intention to hide anything from the Sea King, so he told him everything. After all, it was never a secret.

After listening to Yue Yao’s story, the Sea King laughed out loud.

Both Yue Yao and Hei Sui, who was standing at the side, got confused by the Sea King’s laughter.

“Yue Yao, oh, Yue Yao. You are quite big-hearted,” the Sea King patted his thighs and appeared to be very delighted.

“Sea King, what do you mean by that?” Yue Yao frowned involuntarily.

“Do you understand each of the forces in Beiqi?” looking at Yue Yao, the Sea King chuckled as he asked again.

“Of course. After I became His Excellency, I learned about all of them!”

“Oh? Then, what do you think of the few clans in Beiqi?”

In his conversation with Yue Yao, the Sea King was trying to slowly bring the topic to the Player Clan.

“The Player Clan?” speaking of them, Liu Chai’s dumb face came into Yue Yao’s mind.

Thinking about it, Yue Yao decided that there was nothing to hide, so he spoke truthfully regarding his opinion on the Player Clan.

After listening to Yue Yao’s explanation, the Sea King let out a good laugh once more.

The Player Clan that Yue Yao had described was totally different from the Player Clan that he had met.

The Sea King knew how cunning the Player Clan was. They had used different maritime tactics to plunder his treasures and resources. Because of that, the Sea King could no longer bear it and launched a full-fledged war against Beiqi.

On the other hand, in Yue Yao’s description, the Player Clan was a clan of stupid, inflexible, and rash cowards.

At that moment, the Sea King was already sure of one thing.

This Yue Yao must have been fooled by the Player Clan!

Although he was not sure what the Player Clan wanted to do, the Sea King had a feeling that Yue Yao wouldn’t end well.

However, the Sea King was very glad to watch the infighting of Beiqi, so he smiled as he said, “His Excellency Yue Yao, I believe you now. Since we are not enemies, the Death Clan will retreat!”

“Thank you!”

After confirming that the Death Clan would not attack again, Yue Yao was relieved. With Beiqi’s current strength, it was not a smart move to go against the Sea King. It was best to negotiate for a peaceful settlement.

After a little more small talk, Yue Yao finally got up and left. The Sea King also sent him away politely.

After Yue Yao left, the Sea King, who was back at the Great Hall, hooted with laughter.

He couldn’t hold it in anymore. In his opinion, this Yue Yao was a big fool and was about to be deceived while still feeling good about himself.

“Your Majesty, why are you so happy?” Hei Sui questioned cluelessly and curiously.

“You all know about the Player Clan, right? Oh, the clan that came to the banquet on Langya Island and ended up in a battle with us!”

“Of course we know. They are very strong indeed. Oh yes, Your Majesty. You mentioned before about them being the clan of Beiqi…” at that moment, Hei Sui and the others suddenly thought of something.

“Yes, they are my biggest enemy, but now Yue Yao is telling me that he overpowered Beiqi!”

A smile broke out on the Sea King’s face.

“Lord King of Sea, what you mean is that His Excellency of Beiqi is about to be…” Hei Sui was stunned as he spoke.

At that moment, a few of the lords including Hei Sui understood all of a sudden why the Sea King was on cloud nine.

Ruling Beiqi without fully knowing the Player Clan, they couldn’t help but mourn for half a second for Yue Yao. They knew that this fellow might be dead very soon.