Chapter 274 - Extremely Wronged (Part 4)

Chapter 274 of 342 chapters

“We’re brothers! This is just so disappointing. You’d better explain this!” Yue Yao was trying his best to contain his anger as he waited for clarification from Huo Yao.

As Huo Yao was confronted by Yue Yao, he raised his head to look at the huge pile of sparkling treasures and let out a sigh, “Second brother, believe it or not, I really didn’t send people to rob your treasures, but I’ll give you an explanation on this for sure!”

After that, Huo Yao turned around and walked out of the Resource Warehouse along the passage. As soon as he was out, he bellowed, “Attention all armies, assemble!”

Upon listening to Huo Yao’s furious bawl, the Fire Army moved immediately. Within seconds, all warriors assembled at the campground.

Soon after, Huo Yao levitated into the air.

“All members who entered the Resource Warehouse recently, step out!”

Seeing Huo Yao’s angry face, all the Fire Army warriors couldn’t help but tremble in fear. Still, a few hundred men stepped forward.

“Did any of you notice the extra treasures in the Resource Warehouse? Tell only the truth!”

Huo Yao’s confrontation caused the few hundred men who stepped out to fall into complete silence.

“Answer me, one by one. Those who dare to hide from me shall be sent to hell!”

Hearing that, all of them trembled once again.

“I did not see anything!”

“I did not see anything!”

“I did not see anything!”

After a few hundred people answered, one after another, Huo Yao turned around and looked at Yue Yao.

“Second brother, do you mind telling me why you’re so certain that my subordinates, the Fire Army, have robbed your resources?”

Yue Yao snorted coldly after hearing that.

“Then, you shall ask your subordinates the reason why they appeared at the Barren Grassland in the Land of Beiqi!”

“Those who went to the Barren Grassland, step out at once!”

After Huo Yao said this, almost a hundred thousand soldiers stepped out.

“Who’s the leader? Explain to me… why did you visit the Barren Grassland!?”

Huo Yao’s face went stiff after seeing so many of his men step forward. He even had a wild guess in his mind.

When he was absent, these soldiers secretly robbed the resources that were meant to be sent to Yue Yao.

“My lord… our leader was… by Lord Yue Yao…” a Ghost Commander stepped out at that moment, shaking in fear.

“He was in Beiqi to cut off my resources, do you think I should spare him?” Yue Yao replied coldly aside.

“You should!” answered Huo Yao right away, knowing justice was not with him. Then, he looked at the Ghost Commander and asked again,

“Tell me why were you in Beiqi then, did you really want to rob their resources?”


Since he was sentenced with such a huge felony, the Ghost Commander was so shocked that he kneeled down immediately.

“My lord, there were intruders at the camp at the time. In order to know which forces they were from, we rushed out and chased them all the way to the Barren Grassland!”

“Intruders? From which force?”

“I can’t be sure, but… but they were very similar to the subordinates of Lord Yue Yao,” as he spoke, the Ghost Commander pointed at the Player Clan.

“Hahaha, my eighth brother, what an interesting guy you are. After all these equivocations, you’re saying my subordinates, the Beiqi forces are the hypocrites? You should’ve just blamed them when I asked you just now, why are you beating around the bush?” Yue Yao laughed cynically in anger after hearing that.

He brought the Player Clan here himself, so how could he not know whether they had the treasures on them or not.

“Second brother, before the truth is revealed, I think we should sort out our thoughts properly. If it really was my subordinates who robbed your resources, I will not let a single one of them go, just to clear it out with you.”

“A few hundred thousand people, not leaving even one? How cruel you are. Not only are you putting the blame on them, but you even want to kill them!”

Huo Yao knew that he was not in a position to say much. Although he was equally mad as he heard Yue Yao’s words, he said, “Second brother, don’t be in a hurry, I’ll sort things out first!”

“Fine, I’ll wait for you!”

After settling Yue Yao, Huo Yao asked again, “About the intruders that you mentioned, did they enter our camp?”

“They did not, but they were a nuisance outside, so we chased after them.”

“Are the leaders of the Resource Warehouse here?” Huo Yao yelled again.

“We’re here!” exclaimed five leaders who guarded the warehouse.

“Did any outsiders enter the Resource Warehouse today?”

“My lord, the Resource Warehouse was closed for today, so nobody has entered it yet. The most recent visit was yesterday.”

Upon hearing this, Huo Yao’s expression turned worse.

All these facts miraculously pointed to the same fact. Thus, even he began to think that his own subordinates had robbed the resources.

Firstly, the resources were robbed today. Since the Fire Army’s Resource Warehouse is closed today, how could these resources just appear out of thin air?

At this moment, the most recent visitors to the Resource Warehouse, the players, were the greatest suspect. However, Huo Yao dispelled this thought at once.

If the Player Clan had entered the Resource Warehouse and tried to sneak the treasures in without anyone noticing, they must have a lot of inventory storage.

However, even he didn’t have treasures like these, while his eldest brother only owned a small fifty square foot inventory storage ring. How would the Player Clan own these, being the subordinates of Yue Yao? Moreover, they needed to own a few of them to store all the treasures.

Thus, this theory was denied by Huo Yao almost immediately. Yet, the problem was here. Since the Player Clan had no inventory treasures and the Resource Warehouse was not opened today, how did those treasures get into the warehouse?

After sorting out his thoughts, Huo Yao was suddenly worried. Could it be that few of my subordinate lords colluded and robbed my second brother’s treasures? Then, they hid this heist from me?

Nevertheless, based on his understanding of his subordinates and bodyguards, Huo Yao knew that they wouldn’t dare do that.

The issue was caught in a dead-end. Questions in his head became more entangled, thus Huo Yao couldn’t come to a sensible conclusion.

Yue Yao had the same hypothesis as Huo Yao.

However, they were in different situations. Yue Yao knew that he brought the Player Clan to the Fire Army camp himself.

So, his conclusion was totally the opposite. He thought Huo Yao was concealing the truth and his subordinates were forced to not admit their crimes.

“Eighth brother, have you made up your mind? How are you gonna explain this to me!?”

“Second brother, I think there must be a third force trying to frame me and ruin our relationship. They must have many inventory treasures for them to rob your resources and sneak into my Resource Warehouse after that,” Huo Yao presented his own assumptions to answer Yue Yao’s question.

“Hahaha, eighth brother, I never knew you were such an excellent speaker. This incident couldn’t be more clear! Obviously, your subordinates are lying and you are the mastermind of this heist!”

“Stop talking about that! Other than the gods themselves, who else could have mastered the laws of space and invented such treasure in the Underworld? Could it be that some god wants to incite our relationship? If it really was an Underworld god, did they have to waste so much effort in destroying us?”

“Second brother…”

“Silent! I’ll take the treasures with me. You and I will visit our eldest brother and let him take care of this!”

When Yue Yao finished, he turned and looked at Liu Chai, “Send these treasures back with the others… I’ll return later!”

Rather upset, Liu Chai said, “Boss Yue Yao, you must win our reputation back!”

“Don’t worry, I promised to give you an explanation, so you will surely get one!”


Dark Heaven Pavilion, Nine Luminaries.

This time, the nine brothers gathered, but each of them had a grim expression.

After listening to Yue Yao’s description and Huo Yao’s assumptions, without exemption, everybody thought Huo Yao lied.

However, they understood this brother too well. Although he was slightly grumpier, he would never do something that could potentially ruin their brotherhood.

Jin Yao, the fifth brother, said, “Eighth brother, what you said was sort of unbelievable. We’re all brothers here, you can just admit it and apologize. Even though we are siblings, your explanation…”

“Fifth brother, even you think that I did this!?” Huo Yao bolted up, the anger on his face could not be concealed.

“If it wasn’t you, was it really an Underworld god?” Yue Yao glanced at him coldly.

“Second brother, stop pressuring me! I said that I didn’t do any of this!

“What do you mean? Still being so confident after committing these lowly crimes! Am I really nothing to you?” Yue Yao got up at once, too.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became very solemn. The two of them were so tense and serious, it was as if they could start a war at any time.

“Enough! Remember that you’re brothers!” Xing Yao slammed the table and hollered.

“Eldest brother, I do treat him as a brother, but Huo Yao doesn’t return the favor!”

“Fine, I understand this incident already. Eighth brother, I’m going to question you now, please tell me the truth. We’re brothers, so even if you did this, own it and nobody will blame you. We’ll just think of it as you’re temporarily blinded by profit. Everything will be fine if you correct your behavior!”

“Eldest brother, I said I didn’t do this. I really didn’t!” Huo Yao couldn’t help but shout out in frustration, with all his brothers still being skeptical.

Huo Yao felt extremely wronged. He hadn’t done anything, but all of his brothers firmly thought that he had. Wrath was boiling in his heart, so much so that an urge to kill began to emerge.

Yue Yao scoffed scornfully, “Eldest brother, until now, he still has no intention of admitting his wrongdoings. However, the truth is clear. It was either some Underworld god’s act or eighth brother’s, you decide!”

Hearing this, Xing Yao’s head ached badly.

He also thought that Huo Yao had instructed his subordinates to rob the treasures out of sudden greed. No god would need to waste so much effort to incite them, as the combined forces of the Nine Luminaries was unrivaled.

“Eighth brother, apologize now!”

“Eldest brother, I didn’t do this!” Huo Yao screamed in rage again.

“Eighth brother, if you still see me as the eldest, apologize to your second brother!”

“Fuck, if you want me to apologize for things I didn’t do, you’ll have to dream about it! And you, Yue Yao, fuck you and quit this brotherly nonsense if you don’t trust me!” Huo Yao utterly erupted in anger.

He felt extremely wronged, but then they wanted him to accept this frustration and apologize for it. It was simply unbearable.

At the thought of it, Huo Yao grew angrier and kicked the court table in front of him, before jumping onto Yue Yao with his fists flying.

“Yue Yao, how dare you frame me! This could even be an act which you’ve plotted and carried out yourself!”

“Eighth brother, you…”

Seeing that Huo Yao suddenly attacked him, the brothers became frightened and stood up at once.


Yue Yao confronted Huo Yao’s attack with a powerful punch.

A strong air flow ripped through the air, toppling all the surrounding tables and chairs and sending them flying away.