Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of 342 chapters

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Under the guidance of a certain host, a wave of beast-taming washed through the game.

Many players began forming alliances as they made their way toward Liuli District in search of lone wild beasts, learning the style of that certain host in taming the beasts.

Although the success rate was extremely low, the players were just having too much fun. Very soon, a few players got to ride a large-sized zombie wolf, leaving those unsuccessful beast-taming players in envy.

At this moment, a small three person group were trying to tame a zombie wolf in Liuli District.

Looking at the struggling zombie wolf that was tied to a tree, the three of them performed their various skills. Just as the zombie wolf was beaten to its last breath and when they thought they were just about to succeed, a figure suddenly appeared, levitating next to the tree.

Following the figure’s appearance, the tree began wilting swiftly whereas the dying zombie wolf howled in terror.

Tendrils of black vapor rose from the zombie wolf’s body as it entered the body of the black-robed figure.

“Fuck, you’ve got a death wish!”

Upon seeing their almost successful attempt at beast-taming being wrecked by the figure before them, the three players were so frustrated that they pulled out their weaponry to square up with the figure.

However, at this moment, the black-robed figure turned around, showing the dark gleaming skeleton beneath the black robe. With a flash of its red pupils, numerous black vines suddenly appeared on the ground to trap the three players on the spot.

“I ask, you answer,” a hoarse voice sounded from the Soul Liberating Envoy.

“NPC?” seeing this person, the three players paused in surprise.

“NPC?” the Soul Liberating Envoy was quite curious as well, unclear of the reason why these people were calling him that.

Looking at the struggling players, the Soul Liberating Envoy stretched out its hand again, tightening the hold of the black vines around them.

“Tell me, where did you all come from? Do you all know why the Ghost Supreme Commander who was stationed here died?”

“You’re one of Ghost General Cha Na’s men?”

The three players were not stupid and had immediately guessed the identity of this person.

“Indeed, I am the Soul Liberating Envoy under Lord Cha Na. So now, can you all tell me of your origins and about the Ghost Supreme Commander?”

Hearing this, the three of them glanced at each other.

“Are we goners?”

“Maybe. He’s here to collect our debt. I remember I even kicked that Ghost Supreme Commander once at the time.”

“Shh, he can hear us…”

“Was it the three of you that killed Third Ghost?” the anger in the Soul Liberating Envoy’s eyes flared up upon hearing their conversation.

“No, wait, that’s impossible. With your capabilities, Third Ghost wouldn’t have been killed!”

“You’re just an NPC, what are you being so arrogant for? Do you think we’re scared of you? Let us go if you have the balls! I’ll take you on in single combat after I switch characters!” the leading player said in annoyance.

“Switch characters?”

Once again, the Soul Liberating Envoy seemed curious at their use of unfamiliar terms.

“I’m giving you all one last chance!” the Soul Liberating Envoy’s patience was running thin and he did not feel like continuing this conversation with these three weird creatures any longer.

“You don’t want to kill us since the three of us are very vengeful. We’ll kill whoever kills us so you’d best not get on our bad side.”

“That’s right, that’s right. If you kill us, we’ll get our revenge on you once we become stronger!”

“Hehe, taking revenge on me after death? I don’t think you all even have the chance of turning into default souls after this.”

However, the Soul Liberating Envoy knew that he would not be getting any information out of these three people anymore based on their attitudes. Hence, stretching his hand out once again, a mass of black vapor surged into the vines.

Absorbing the black vapor, the vines began growing quickly as sharp black thorns appeared from within the vines to pierce into the bodies of these players harshly, wriggling in the process.

“Oh? I am unable to obtain the souls!” the Soul Liberating Envoy was shocked to find out that the souls of these three players could not be possessed, as if there was some stronger force pinning their souls firmly within their bodies.

The disbelieving Soul Liberating Envoy lifted his hand once more and a large mass of black vapor surged into the vines. This time, red spots appeared on the surface of the vines, making them seem extremely wicked.

Under the intense attack of the vines, the three players who had turned on their pain receptor shield died in helplessness. At the same time, their corpses on the ground started to slowly fade away into a black vapor.

What the Soul Liberating Envoy found surprising was that there was not a single trace of the loss of soul power from these dead beings. Moreover, the soul that had originally been melded with the body had also mysteriously disappeared.

“This… this is impossible!”

This strange turn of events stunned the Soul Liberating Envoy fully. The situation completely overturned his knowledge of the rules of the underworld wherein souls would enter into reincarnation upon death and their soul power would dissipate into the world.

Just as the Soul Liberating Envoy entered into deep thought, a small five person group appeared in the distance.

“Boss, look at that fellow over there!”

The person who had been called their boss was a Berserker with a large sword strapped to his back. He had also come to Liuli District for some beast-taming.

Hearing his follower’s words, the Berserker looked up to see the Soul Liberating Envoy who was standing beside the wilted tree.

“What is it? I don’t see anything wrong.”

“Don’t you think his appearance looks a bit like that Mysterious Merchant NPC that was officially announced?”

“Mysterious Merchant?” hearing this, the head Berserker paused in shock.

Many players had only heard of the Mysterious Merchant and had never seen him, but all players knew one thing. They knew that there were a lot of valuables they could not buy in the shop that could be bought off this NPC.

On the forum, they had once seen a lucky fellow who had encountered the Mysterious Merchant coincidentally and after a series of negotiations, he had spent five soul coins to buy a fragment needed for the character switch materials of a Rune Master. In the end, he had sold it off for more than a hundred soul coins.

They had been so envious at the time.

“Brothers, we’ve struck the jackpot!”

All five of their faces shone with excitement as they hurried toward the direction of the Soul Liberating Envoy, fearing that he would disappear before they got to him in time.

As if sensing something, the Soul Liberating Envoy who was still in shock turned to see the five players rushing toward him with excited faces.

Once they closed the distance, the head Berserker came to the Soul Liberating Envoy’s side and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Bro, are you selling? Because I’m buying!”

Soul Liberating Envoy, “What?”

“All strangers take time to cozy up to each other. So, what do you say? Since everyone here was fated to meet each other, how about a discount?”

The Soul Liberating Envoy was now utterly and absolutely confused.

He wondered if these weird never-before-seen creatures had brains of cotton because he could not understand nor comprehend anything that came out of their mouths.

Seeing that the Soul Liberating Envoy had kept quiet, the head Berserker was somewhat anxious.

Could it be that I negotiated the wrong way? But that fellow on the forum who encountered the Mysterious Merchant never said how to do it. What should I do now?

Pondering this, a smile graced the Berserker’s face once more as he tapped the Soul Liberating Envoy’s shoulder.

“Bro, let’s take a look at the goods. I heard that you’ve got a lot of good stuff on you.”

“Yeah, that’s right, let’s get a look at the rare items you have first,” said the other four excited players from the side.