Chapter 291 - Double Kill

Chapter 291 of 342 chapters

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Although they didn’t see the Black Lily as a threat, the previous player’s reminder did make them realize that there could be an enemy hiding in the dark anywhere at any time. They began to scan their surroundings to prevent being ambushed.

While levels could give a player powerful attribute boosts, the Cobra Squad believed that they could completely get the better of this gamer known as the Black Lily.

It would not have bothered them even if her level was higher!

Now, on top of an 18-floor-tall building 500 yards away from the team, Emily was sunbathing lazily, biting a cigarette she bought from Beiqi.

When she was done smoking this one, the corner of her lips curved upward. She reached for the Kiss of the Black Lily and looked through her scope to search for her new prey.

She scanned through the buildings, and the Cobra Squad appeared in her sight.


Even though they were players, the rule of this area was the law of the jungle. Players were not only competing with hellish creatures but also with fellow players. Emily had completely adapted to this principle. This was her hunting grounds, any trespasser would receive no mercy from her.

The barrel pointed from one player to another, looking for its next kill.

Usually, snipers would take out the long-range damage dealers first to lighten the pressure. Emily, however, had absolute confidence in her own skills, so she pointed her rifle at the warrior nearest to her.

She squinted her left eye slightly as her pointer finger slowly applied pressure on the trigger.


The charged bullet drew a blue streak in the air, accurately piercing the head of the soldier.

[You have killed Player Rocky! Critical Damage!]

Simultaneously, a red number -1823 appeared on that player’s head.

Rocky’s sudden death shook the squad, but their battle senses were keen. Realizing that there was a sniper, they immediately spread out and sought cover.

Looking at the damage on the mech, Johnson had a grave expression on his face. He quickly signaled to his team that there was a sniper at their two o’clock and asked them to provide cover fire.

They nodded and proceeded to spread out.

Knowing that there’s a sniper aiming at them, they avoided showing themselves and began to move more discreetly.

When the team was well dispersed, Johnson held a fist up, signaling them to attack.

Ten members who swapped their weapons for sniper rifles appeared all together at once, aiming their guns in the direction of the shooter, and providing cover fire for their teammates who were going to move forward with Johnson.

Johnson swiftly led three melee and three supports to the nearest abandoned vehicle.

When Johnson’s crew reached cover, the ten snipers squatted down concurrently.

They indubitably had the right idea to assist Johnson and the melee characters to close in on the target by providing cover. However, their target had already vanished.

Realizing that the enemy sniper might have changed her position, the snipers signaled to each other.

Finally, they decided to split into teams of two, each providing cover to a certain area of the building.

Receiving Johnson’s command again, they reappeared and began firing at once.



A blood-red number appeared again. It was another critical double damage. Another Cobra Squad member was killed immediately.

However, this helped the Cobra Squad snipers to determine Emily’s new position. Before she could reload her next round, the remaining nine took this opportunity to shoot at her.

Nonetheless, Emily was already down. She held her rifle and rolled on the ground to her right.

Click! Emily pulled the reload trigger, a blue bullet shell was ejected from the side of the barrel, and she loaded a fresh round in.

She looked up without hesitation, took aim, and fired!


Another blood-red critical damage countered… and another dead sniper.

At this moment, a dark look hung on the faces of every Cobra Squad member.

They were one of the top elite armed forces in the United States, but they lost three men in a row to a player so quickly. They would become a joke if word of this got out.

Finally acknowledging the enemy’s sniping skills, the remaining eight began to crawl.

After all, they would become sitting ducks if they stayed at the same spot.

They turned exceptionally serious as they didn’t believe that their professional sniping skills would lose to a player.

When they were ready, Johnson led them to their next cover. The eight snipers quickly appeared, each targeting a general area, firing at the wall at the top of the building.

Emily did not reveal herself this time. As the snipers were preparing to get down, Emily stood up suddenly and fired away.


A critical hit kill!

When she got back down, there was a smile on her face. Her eyes were filled with excitement.

She lit a cigarette and inhaled it deeply before blowing out a puff of thick smoke.

These enemies were pros, absolute professionals! Emily realized this when she saw their movements, but this made it more interesting for her.

Caressing the stock, where the lily continued to bloom and wither unceasingly, she could feel her excitement rising continuously.

Emily was a born sniper. Aiming and shooting were skills that required composure and patience to ensure a precise shot. However, she could do both almost simultaneously, as if she could pull her trigger while she was still aiming. When the bullet was fired, the barrel would be perfectly aligned with the target.

This was where she outshined the Cobra Squad snipers. They could never hope to match her speed. Even if they did, they couldn’t achieve the same accuracy as her.

They were completely overwhelmed by her skill and merciless shots.

Emily gave the snipers kisses of death one by one, utterly destroying the pride in their hearts.

At last, Johnson, as the leader, could no longer stand it and began commanding his team in the team chat.

This compromise undoubtedly proved Emily’s dreadfulness, even the Cobra Squad had no idea how to take her down.

“Commander, she’s too strong!”

After another sniper was shot down, there were only three of them left.

Facing such a formidable opponent, even the prideful Cobra Squad had to admit that this sniper was far above their level!

Outnumbering the opponent one to twenty, they were still losing.

They’d only felt pressure this heavy before during a friendly fight against the most mysterious team in the United States, the X-force.

Were they really facing just one sniper? They began to doubt.

Nevertheless, the battle had to continue. After the voice chat channel was opened, their communication became much smoother and even their covering tactics had improved.

The most depressed members among them would be those who brought along Auxiliary Mechs.

They had Nano Repairing Bots that could heal their teammates or even boost their allies’ damage. Sadly, every hit from the enemy was a headshot, so their teammates were eliminated before they could even be healed.

In terms of damage and range, they were weaker than Rechargeable Mechs. Without sniper rifles, they were essentially useless from afar.

After discussing it, they decided to send out members with Auxiliary Mechs as bait so that the remaining three snipers could take out Emily at the top of the building.

Because of Emily’s overpowering strength, the Cobra Squad had no choice but to try one strategy after another.

Alas, even now, they still underestimated Emily, the godlike sniper genius.

When one of the Auxiliary Mechs stood up, the expected shot did not happen. Emily looked at him from afar and waved her hands as if she was greeting him.

“No! Don’t get up!” the soldier screamed but it was too late. The sniper behind him was already aiming, he could not get back down in time.


The bullet pierced through both their mechs and heads, splattering blood everywhere.

Double kill! Double critical hits!