Chapter 292 - Safety Tag

Chapter 292 of 342 chapters

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Under the Black Lily’s merciless massacre, the ace team of the Third District Military Base was completely defeated.

Every member was killed with one shot, including Johnson. This was no doubt a depressing result.

The gaming pods opened up one by one, revealing Johnson and his squad.

“Oh? Wiped out again?” the commander laughed while watching a movie and holding his mug of coffee.

Johnson and his team were grave and silent.

Noticing the Cobra Squad’s low morale, the commander asked with a smile, “What’s up? Haven’t you guys died a few times before? Why do you guys seem so down this time?”

“Sir, why didn’t you tell us that the X-force was in this game, too?” asked Lina, the only female member in the team gloomily.

“What? The X-force?” the commander was surprised to hear that.

“Who else could it be? Twenty of us were killed by a single sniper! Don’t tell me she’s just another player!”

Now, the Cobra Squad had already suspected that Emily was a member of the X-force as her capabilities were well beyond the average player.

“How could that be? X-force doesn’t have the time to play these VR games. Also, I chose this game to train you guys because I was playing it myself. When I realized how difficult and realistic it was, I was the one who requested funding for the gaming pods!”

The Cobra Squad was completely baffled.

They thought the VR game training had been implemented widely in the military. They didn’t expect that their commander had personally requested funding to buy this game.

At that thought, a chill went down their spines.

This meant that the accurate sniper who killed them like a grim reaper was truly just a gamer!

Given that all the physical conditions in the game were identical to the real world, that player must also be an amazing sniper in real life, too!

“Sir, this player who killed my squad was called the Black Lily… can we check her information?” Johnson asked with his brows furrowed.

“This game is not made in our country, we have no access to its internal data!” the commander replied with his arms spread open.

“Then let’s investigate with whatever information we have!” Johnson pushed on.

The commander, feeling equally curious, turned off his screen and opened a database. He searched for a Black Lily.

A huge amount of data popped out instantly.

While reading through the information, everyone quickly focused on a piece of her profile with a blurry black and white picture attached.

Black Lily: Real name unknown

Occupation: Assassin

Information: An ace assassin of the underground organization called the Black Fangs. Her known body count is 398 with zero failed missions. Known as Black Lily the Grim Reaper among other assassins. An extremely skilled sniper, with a record of the furthest target, an oil tycoon who was shot from over a mile and a half away. Definitely received strict assassin training, an expert in spying and anti-spying. Escaped arrests several times and is now branded as an S-ranked international felon. Extremely dangerous!

Note: In 2316, battled with Flying Bear, the ace sniper of the Fifth Military Organization, and Flying Bear was killed in action!

Note: In 2318, battled with the X-force’s Fire-man who was assigned security detail on an important congress member and Fire-man was killed in action!

Reading these, everyone was shocked, including the commander.

They were especially surprised by the notes. Even the X-force’s Fire-man was killed by this Black Lily.

“It must’ve been her! I’m sure of it!” Johnson opened his mouth suddenly as he scanned through the profile.

The Cobra Squad was suddenly feeling lucky that they were just in a game. They had realized how dreadful she really was.

“Who would have known that she was in this game, too… and she even met you guys,” the commander said gloomily.

“Well, it’s normal to die under her, because her sniping skills are number one on the international black market ranking. If even Fire-man couldn’t deal with her, let alone you guys!”

“But we had twenty people!” Lina was frustrated. I am a woman, too, why are we so different? She thought.

“Get your revenge, then. You won’t die in the game anyway!”

Hearing the commander’s words, the team was immediately motivated, their eyes flickered with the thirst for victory.

So what if you’re number one? We will take you down for sure!

And so, the Cobra Squad took use of the 3-hour cooldown to come up with a plan to defeat Black Lily.

Meanwhile, their commander began writing a report.

He felt that this game could be promoted to the entire army.

National Defense was allocated a budget equal to 3.8% of the country’s GDP. If his proposal should pass, they could purchase the source code behind the game to fit it into military training.

Of course, it would have to be approved first.

United States, New York City, a certain farm in the Bronx.

Taking off her VR headset, the excitement lingered in Emily’s eyes had yet to dissipate.

Frankly, she was not satisfied yet, but her twelve hours of gaming time was up. If she wanted to continue playing, she would have to get another gaming pod.

Sadly, to buy a pod, identity verification was required. She was not sure if the organization would release her information, so she dared not take the risk.

Living in seclusion, however, Emily did not know what to do other than playing games.

Since playing this game was equal to sleeping, she was not tired at all.

She lit up a cigarette and peered through the window, looking at the green field outside and got lost in her thoughts.

The noises of the cows and sheeps snapped her out of it and this dilemma truly annoyed her. After extinguishing the cigarette, she began to think of how to get another gaming pod.

At the same time, she suddenly frowned.


She immediately picked up a dagger from beneath the table. Then, she walked to the door and lied in wait for her visitor.

Creak! The wooden door was pushed open.

From the cracks on the wooden door, Emily saw a man wearing a black trench coat and a pair of sunglasses.

While she didn’t know if that man was from the organization or not, she obeyed the law of the jungle. If you failed to make the first move, it might spell your doom.

Emily took a step forward and thrust the dagger at the man’s neck.

The man immediately turned and grabbed the dagger with his gloved right hand.

Emily was stunned. She wanted to retrieve her dagger, but the man’s firm grip locked it in place. She was not strong enough to remove it.

“Black Lily?” the man asked inquisitively.

“Who are you!” Emily was alarmed.

“You can call me Number Seven. The organization that I work for now needs some information from you. Please follow me back quietly or I’ll have to resort to more drastic measures. I dislike hitting women!” Number Seven explained with a smile.

Although he was not in the same organization as her, Emily did not intend to obey him quietly. She let go of the dagger and took a step back before kicking Number Seven’s groin, hard.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

“You’re… okay?” Emily was startled.

“Of course! I lost it long ago!” Number Seven replied humorously.

“Fuck!” facing the seemingly undefeatable Number Seven, Emily cursed and turned around, running toward the window.

She realized that she was no match for Number Seven, so her only choice was to escape.

However, before she could jump out of the window, Number Seven gave her a hand chop on her neck.

“I’m so sorry, I really dislike hitting women!” Number Seven said helplessly while looking at the unconscious Emily.

Then, he swiftly took out a phone and made a call.

“I got the target!”

“Well done, bring her back. She has dirt on the Black Fang. Make sure to get her back safely.”

“Alright!” Number Seven replied immediately.

After the call ended, Number Seven carried Emily on his shoulders and walked out of the house with a cocky gait.

At the same time back in Dragon Nation, Lu Wu received a notification from his artifact.

[Player Emily is in danger, here are her coordinates…]

Lu Wu treated every gifted player like his own personal treasure, and he made a safety tag to mark all of them to ensure their personal safety.

These players with immense potential were hard to come by. Lu Wu would not want them to die prematurely.

When he saw the coordinates, he realized she was in the United States. At first, he wanted to send Cangxu over.

Then he remembered that Number One was over there right now.

As such, he used the artifact to connect with Number One, then he sent Emily’s coordinates and picture into his mind.

“Number One, investigate the situation and rescue her!”

At the same time, Number One was standing in a random alley. A cocky thug was pointing a pistol at him while spewing profanities.

He took the thug out with a lightning-quick punch before replying to Lu Wu respectfully, “Yes, sir! I’m on my way!”