Chapter 296 - : Lang Ya’s Incentive

Chapter 296 of 342 chapters

Underworld Sea, Void Ocean.

There was a huge fleet of a few hundred thousand Specter Warships and a million Specter Ships out on the Void Ocean, slowly advancing toward the Kuilong Ocean.

In order to preserve their popular foe the Sea King, many guilds in Beiqi joined forces to launch a rally request to all the players. A large number of them responded to the call, intending to support the Sea King in winning the battle.

All the players had an aggressive look. They were all prepared for a protracted battle.

As the huge fleet was approaching the Kuilong Ocean and preparing to advance toward Xin Mo Island, countless dark shadows suddenly emerged from the waters.

Numerous gigantic sea creatures with grimaces broke out of the water and formed a huge army of sea creatures, blocking the players’ fleet.

“Welcome to Kuilong Ocean, our honored guests from afar!”

Just when the players thought the war was about to commence, a giant white-shelled tortoise appeared from under the water. The one who spoke was the white-haired old man standing on the back of the tortoise.

The person had a divine poise and sagelike features with a nine-sectioned cane in his hand. He had a benevolent look which gave off an intimate feeling.

However, the players had their analyzing ability. They could tell the identity of the person right away and instead became cautious toward him.

[Lang Ya (Ghost King Peak)]:

Character Details: Owner of Langya Island, one of the three top forces of the Kuilong Ocean. Originally the subordinate of Kuilong Ocean’s Broken Wave Palace forces, the Palace Divine Beast. He betrayed the Broken Wave Palace after that under the temptation of the benefits behind the opposition’s forces. He even exposed a lot of the Broken Wave Palace’s secrets against the enemies, which led to the fall of the Broken Wave Palace. After that, he went on betraying the several forces he pledged allegiance to and established Langya Island in the end with the resources he gathered.

Character Status: Normal

The players sighed the moment they saw Lang Ya’s status.

They didn’t expect such a benevolent-looking old man would turn out to be a cunning old geezer who enjoyed being a spy. They couldn’t help but feel ashamed for his behavior.

In the players’ opinions, Lang Ya definitely was not having any good intentions. They weren’t trying to be friendly toward him either.

Lang Ya gave out an awkward expression when he realized the players were aiming all the cannons on the warship toward him. He spoke again, “My honored guests, welcome to Kuilong Ocean. Is there any misunderstanding between us? Why don’t we take a seat and discuss it?”

Lang Ya was in fact perturbed by the players’ apparent hostile attitudes toward him.

The knowledge of their very existence had already been spread around the Kuilong Ocean after the Sea King’s Nation Establishing Ceremony. It was natural for Lang Ya to know about them.

After completely starting a war with the Sea King, this extremely powerful force of mysterious origin had always been Lang Ya’s greatest concern.

They had thoroughly suppressed the Sea King’s forces in the current war situation, victory would soon be theirs if the trend continued.

Yet, the destabilizing factor was the players. No one could guarantee whether these forces, who seemed to be in close contact with the Sea King, would assist him or not. If the players’ forces would really be willing to help the Sea King in battle, the victory that naturally belonged to them would be filled with uncertainties.

So, Lang Ya thought of drawing them over to his side. He even had a plan made up in his mind, which was to negotiate with the players’ forces using 15% of the resources in the Sea King’s territories.

His condition was simple, he would just need the players’ forces to stay put and not get involved in their battle with the Sea King.

The condition was undoubtedly extremely tempting, yet Lang Ya was not confident with the outcome at that moment.

After seeing this huge fleet made up of millions of ships and warships, Lang Ya felt that he had underestimated the true powers of the force.

At the same time, he didn’t want to go against them at all.

“What do you wish to talk about?” Gu Yu stood right at the front on the Myth Guild’s Warship’s deck and asked.

“I don’t think being enemies is our only choice, perhaps we could be friends as well. For that, I have prepared a generous gift for our honored guests to address my sincerity!”

Lang Ya pointed toward the tortoise underneath him as he spoke.

“Commander, would you mind coming down to have a talk?”

The players looked at one another after hearing what he said. A few guild leaders even started discussing in the guild chat.

They had no idea what Lang Ya was up to. Besides, they did not have any good impression of Lang Ya after seeing his character menu. They did not think he was credible at all.

After having a quick discussion, several leading guild leaders decided to bring along a few men to go down and see what Lang Ya had up his sleeves.

Lang Ya paused for a moment and turned his gaze toward Gu Yu after seeing the numerous figures jumping down from the warship. He always thought Gu Yu was the sole leader of this force, he didn’t understand why he would bring so many people with him.

“Don’t misunderstand, I am just one of the commanders,” said Gu Yu straight away after getting on the giant tortoise’s back.

Lang Ya nodded promptly as he heard him.

Liu Chai, Gu Yu, Wu Guoyi, Ye Xue’er, Lu Zhan, Yin Xiaoqi, and the rest of the major guild leaders began to hop off one after another. Lang Ya then used his spiritual power to form a conference table on the giant tortoise’s back allowing everyone to take their seats.

“Lang Ya, what do you wish to talk about? Besides that, what’s the generous gift you spoke of?” Gu Yu yawned while supporting his head with one hand.

Lang Ya took a glance at everyone and nodded.

“Let me just ask everyone here a single question. How are your relationships with the Sea King?”

Everyone’s expressions changed when they heard him.

They didn’t know how to express their thoughts. They were the reason why the Sea King had lost his position of the Void Ocean’s overlord after all. Otherwise, why would they come to the Kuilong Ocean to fight for maritime power? Moreover, the Sea King even lost his elder brother in that Beiqi Battle Event.

Their relationship would be absolutely irreconcilable looking at all the joint hatred.

That was why no one knew how to give an appropriate answer to the question at that moment.

“Okay, I guess?” Wu Guoyi spoke right then.

Be it the guild leaders who were present or the players who were eavesdropping in the live chat channel, everyone almost broke out in a sweat when they heard him.

Yet, Lang Ya was rather excited to hear this answer, it was exactly what he wanted to hear.

“Everyone, now let me tell you about the generous gift which I have prepared for all of you!”

Lang Ya then raised his arm and waved toward the back. The thousands of sea creatures that were at the front line opened their mouths, revealing tons of unique spiritual materials and treasures.

“All these are for us?” Gu Yu was rather surprised.

“That’s right, all these treasures are for you… however, I do have one condition!” Lang Ya squinted his eyes as he spoke.

Gu Yu and the rest glanced at one another. They all knew what Lang Ya wanted to say but still proceeded to give Lang Ya assurance.

“Island Owner Lang Ya, you can just speak your mind!”

“If the players’ forces withdraw from this battle, the rest of the Kuilong Ocean’s forces and I will not only offer you treasures and spiritual materials, we will also offer you fifteen percent of the Sea King’s territory’s annual output!”

Lang Ya made his thoughts crystal clear, he didn’t want the players to participate in the battle.

If the other party was just a normal force, they wouldn’t have been able to reject Lang Ya’s alluring offer.

After all, they could receive treasures and resources without lifting a finger. It was an irresistible temptation for the respective forces of the underworld where the law of jungle was practiced.

Unfortunately, the ones Lang Ya encountered were the players.

15% of the Sea King’s territory’s annual output was undoubtedly rather tempting, yet, how could the players ever be satisfied? In the players’ opinion, the Sea King’s entire force should belong to them. Just 15%, did they think that the players were mere beggars?

There was only one thought in the players’ minds at that moment, be it the Sea King’s forces or the treasures offered by Island Owner Lang Ya… they wanted it all!

The players would never have to choose anyway.