Chapter 298 - Go! The Sea King!

Chapter 298 of 342 chapters

The war had been going on for three hours and the army of players was completely surrounded by countless sea creatures. Under the circumstances, Lang Ya once again suggested negotiating with the players.

It seemed that this fleet was clearly not all that the Player Clan had and most probably there was a much bigger force behind them.

However, it was hardly possible for the players to give up now that they had gotten serious in the war. They raised their middle fingers at the cunning Lang Ya and the war erupted again.

The players were well aware that they would lose the battle for sure, but they were not discouraged by it since their soul coins and experience levels were constantly increasing. For them, that was the actual benefit, which was far more crucial than a so-called victory.

As such, the players continued to offer stiff resistance and fought desperately with the Kuilong Military Alliance on the sea.

This battle led the players to recognize the strength of the Kuilong Military Alliance, and clearly, both of them were not on the same level.

Among the millions of warships, only a few remained in the fifth hour of the war. As for the Kuilong Military Alliance, there were still an infinite number of sea creatures left. It was as though they could never kill all of them.

Lang Ya still kept a straight face when the last warship of the Player Clan was bombarded and sank. There was no trace of joy on his face.

The collapse of the negotiation with the Player Clan indicated that more warships would be here soon after, bringing a twist in this war that he was supposedly bound to win. Above all, the background of the Player Clan army remained an enigma.

“From now onward, dispatch garrisons to guard the border of the Kuilong Ocean and Void Ocean. On no account can you let the Player Clan join up with the Sea King Navy!” Lang Ya said with a gloomy face as he stared at the numerous corpses of sea creatures floating on the sea.

However, his face turned grave in an instant, sensing some peculiarities.

Odd! Something is very odd about them!

Where are their corpses?

Where are the wreckages of their broken warships!?

After identifying the issue, Lang Ya immediately commanded all the forces to pick up the players’ corpses and wreckages of warships.

Half an hour later…

Nothing was found and all the forces of the Kuilong Military Alliance were stunned by the result.

Although it was very rare in the underworld for a corpse to vanish after death, such a circumstance did exist. The living creatures in the Underworld were classified as those with a physical body, a Yin body, and a spiritual body.

Most of the creatures that vanished after death were living creatures with spiritual bodies, for instance Yin souls and a small fraction of the creatures with Yin bodies. The body formation of these creatures was partly related to the Laws of the Underworld, hence their bodies would disintegrate after death and return to nature.

But the players clearly possessed physical bodies. Lang Ya could be certain about this after coming into contact with them. How come they would just vanish?

Not being able to perceive the situation, Lang Ya interpreted the players as living creatures with bodies that were almost the same as physical bodies but were, in fact, Yin bodies. This was the only reason that could explain why they had vanished after their deaths.

But the wreckages of warships are made of spiritual materials and ores, how is it possible for them to just disappear!?

Lang Ya was completely dumbfounded. It appeared extremely incredible that all the corpses floating on the ocean were only those of sea creatures. Not one piece of floating debris from the warships could be found.

Regardless of how hard they tried to speculate and ponder about it, they were unable to perceive the crux of the problem.

Everything seemed so bizarre to them.

In the end, the Kuilong Military Alliance retreated and left after the fruitless search, leaving a few forces guarding there to serve as an early warning for the subsequent forces of the Player Clan that might return.

Xin Mo Island, Sea King Palace.

In his palace, the Sea King and the rest of the lords, who used to be kings, were staring at an annotated map of the Kuilong Ocean with solemn expressions on their faces.

“Your Majesty, Lang Ya has found out our intention of using the Death Clan to wear down their army and no longer conserves their strength in the subsequent battles. They clearly intend to win the battle in one go!” Hei Sui said while pointing at the last battle point on the map, his face full of worry.

“It seems evident that it’s unrealistic to rely on the Death Clan to wage a war of attrition. Let’s gather the forces of the Death Clan and form an army of a certain scale before counterattacking. Right now we should focus on defending!” said the Sea King with a stoic face.

He knows very well that they are beset with all the difficulties to win this war, but at least there’s still hope. Besides, he has the entire Death Clan as his backup force. He can afford to lose even if he has to because he has a route of retreat.

On the other hand, Hei Sui and the others were frantic with worry. Unlike the Sea King, they couldn’t afford to lose the battle.

The consequence of the failure was the doom of their entire nations, which would then become a long-running history during the course of time.

Just when the Sea King and the others were exchanging views about the arrangement of the defense force, Tian Kun came in a hurry from the outside.

“Your Majesty, the force of the Player Clan is here!”

Everyone was taken aback by the news.

“What is their purpose in coming here? Are they friends or foes?” Hei Sui asked anxiously.

“I’m not certain if they are friendly forces, but they waged war on the Kuilong Military Alliance off Langya Island three days ago, which ended in the utter annihilation of their army!”

The eyes of Hei Sui and the others lit up as they listened. They were delighted, not for the fact that the army of Player Clan was completely annihilated, but for the underlying meaning of that situation.

“Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched… the Player Clan is not a Good Samaritan! Besides, they certainly know better than to simply attack the Kuilong Military Alliance in Langya Island aimlessly!” said the Sea King as he stared at everyone, he couldn’t help but cast a damper over them.

Although the Sea King had no idea of the Player Clan’s intention, he felt a little restless at their actions because this Beiqi force never played by the rules. Will they be my supportive force in fighting against the Kuilong Military Alliance of Langya Island? Or will they be a cancer that kills the Mu Te Sea Nation? Even the Sea King didn’t have full confidence in this.

“Right, the Player Clan is ruled by Yue Yao, correct? He just took over Beiqi and should be consolidating his power not attacking. Why would he let the Player Clan out?” Sha Shui couldn’t help but interrupt.

“Do you really think Yue Yao is capable of restraining them? If I’m not mistaken, Yue Yao is probably dead by now!” the Sea King’s eyes were steadfast as he said so.

“This… Yue Yao is of the Ghost Emperor Realm…” Sha Shui seemed to find it unbelievable.

“So what if he’s a Ghost Emperor! The Player Clan is definitely not as simple as you think! Think about it carefully, what was Yue Yao’s attitude when he first came here? And what exactly did he want?”

The rest of the lords sank into deep thought after listening to his words.

After a while, Tian Kun suddenly said, “Yue Yao was very modest at that time, and he wished for peace instead of war!”

The Sea King nodded his head, “That’s right, Yue Yao wishes for peace. If he’s still His Excellency, there’s no way he would allow the Player Clan to march on over to the Kuilong Ocean with a great army, much less initiate war with the Kuilong Military Alliance of Langya Island!”

All the other lords nodded in realization and their faces took on a complex look soon afterward.

All in all, Yue Yao was a strong man of the Ghost Emperor Realm. They had a good impression of Yue Yao for his easy-going manner. They couldn’t help but lament his death.

“Enough! No matter what the purpose is of the Player Clan, they did nothing to offend us at this present stage, thereby we must not take the initiative to turn against them!” the Sea King opened his mouth after pondering for a while.

All the lords subconsciously nodded their heads as they listened to him.

They were currently in an extremely inferior position anyway. Although they knew that the Sea King and the Player Clan were acquainted with an irreconcilable enmity, they hoped that the Sea King would not spar with the Player Clan out of impulse under such circumstances.

They sincerely agreed with Sea King’s decision this time, so much so that they were wishing for the Sea King to make an alliance with the Player Clan in order for them to widen their advantages in winning the war.

Just as everyone was thinking over how to persuade the Sea King to put aside his hatred and join forces with the players, a soldier stationed outside the hall came in great haste and handed over a letter to the Sea King.

The Sea King was puzzled. He opened the letter and saw a line of crooked words on the letter.

“Go for it, Sea King! We support you this time!”