Chapter 30

Chapter 30 of 342 chapters

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Looking at the Soul Liberating Envoy who was kneeling on the floor shivering, Lu Wu thought, and asked again in a low tone,

“Death? Do you think it’s so easy to extricate yourself after betraying me?”

Hearing this, the Soul Liberating Envoy shuddered, and the soul flame in his skull thumped vigorously, pressing his head even lower.

“Please forgive me, my King. I am willing to atone for my betrayal.”

Bei Li, who was watching this scene, was stunned. She did not expect Lu Wu to act like this, and the Soul Liberating Envoy to be so easily deceived and surrender.

Originally, Lu Wu had planned to let the Soul Liberating Envoy take his own life. However, at the thought that he had served Cha Na, the Ghost General of Liuli District, Lu Wu had another plan.

“Atonement? How are you going to redeem yourself?” Lu Wu said in a serious tone.

At the same time, the Yin energy in the sky continued to gather, accentuating the powerful figure of Lu Wu.

“I’m willing to help my King regain the lost territory, and restore the glory of my King!”

Lu Wu was pleased to hear this as he had not even mentioned it. He did not expect the Soul Liberating Envoy to be so smart.

Lu Wu was silent for a moment, pretending that he was thinking. Then, he slowly said,

“What do you plan to do?”

As Lu Wu finished his words, the Soul Liberating Envoy jerked up his head to look at Lu Wu, “You’re not the King of Beiqi. Who are you?”

“Why would you say that?”

Lu Wu was a little dispirited. He didn’t know what went so wrong that he got exposed.

“If you’re the King of Beiqi, you would never release me even if I am of great value to you. I’ve followed him for thousands of years, and I know him extremely well. Moreover, I’ve witnessed his death with my own eyes, and his soul power dissipated on the spot. How can that be fake? Who are you?”

The answer of the Soul Liberating Envoy gave Lu Wu a headache. He was too inexperienced indeed.

“Who are you? How did you repair the Mansion of the Dead, and why did you come? The death of Third Ghost, and the creatures that suddenly appeared outside must be related to you!”

The Soul Liberating Envoy stood up, and his hoarse voice echoed throughout the Mansion of the Dead.

“Yes, that Ghost Supreme Commander was indeed killed by my people, and the next target will be Cha Na!”

Since he was exposed, Lu Wu frankly admitted.

Now that his doubts were answered, the soul flame erupted in the skull of the Soul Liberating Envoy. He slowly stretched out his hands, and dark flames blazed up from his palms.

“You’re really bold, aren’t you. Beiqi is not a place an outsider can mess with!”

Just as the fight was about break out, Lu Wu opened his mouth again, “Oh, do you think Beiqi is still complete without its King?”

“That’s not for an outsider to decide!” the Soul Liberating Envoy waved his hands, and the balls of flame flew toward Lu Wu.


The figure that Lu Wu made with condensation of Yin energy was instantly crushed, dissipating into a ball of dark fog.

However, Lu Wu controlled the Yin energy again, and recondensed his own figure right in front of the Soul Liberating Envoy.


The fierce flames blazed and surrounded Lu Wu, burning him unceasingly.

The dark fog dissipated, and Lu Wu manipulated the artifact again, forming his figure at another place.

“Du Yan, you won’t be able to kill me!”

Du Yan didn’t believe it, and continued to throw his dark flames at Lu Wu’s figure, smashing him again and again. After his tenth attempt, Du Yan stopped as he realized that it really was not working.

Lu Wu formed himself once again, and as he was about to say something, Bei Li, who had been watching at the side said, “Wu, give me the manipulation authority of the artifact. I’ll say it!”

Lu Wu hesitated, but he nodded, and gave the authority to Bei Li.

Under the control of Bei Li, the figure gradually solidified into a young figure.

This person was a little like Lu Wu. He was dressed in a purple robe with the flame dragon, and a purplish ray of light shined in his dark pupils. It was as if he was born with the faint authoritative aura.

The familiar uncontrollable and dominating aura surged toward the Soul Liberating Envoy, and he almost fell on his knees. However, at the thought that this person was not the King of Beiqi, he stood up instantly.

“Stop pretending that you’re him! You can’t scare me!”

“Du Yan, I’m not the King of Beiqi indeed, but his blood flows in me. The Land of Beiqi should be inherited by me!”

Just as the Soul Liberating Envoy was going to continue to taunt him, he saw the figure of the King of Beiqi wave his hands, and a drop of blood floated in the air.

As for the origin of the blood, Lu Wu was deeply in pain.

This was because Bei Li had suddenly grabbed his hand, and gave it a hard bite just now.

The Soul Liberating Envoy took over the blood, and looked at the figure of the King of Beiqi in confusion. Then, he chose to swallow that drop of blood.

After standing face-to-face for a moment, the Soul Liberating Envoy suddenly lifted his head and said in terror,

“You’re really the descendent of the King of Beiqi?”

“I believe you have the answer. Why would you ask any further.”

The Soul Liberating Envoy had mixed feelings now. As he examined the drop of blood just now, he found that it had the blood of the King of Beiqi. Although it was very faint, it was enough to prove the identity of the person in front of him.

“Why have I never seen you in all these years, and why did you return now?” the Soul Liberating Envoy asked in a deep voice.

Hearing this, Lu Wu took over the manipulating authority that was returned by Bei Li, and said,

“Beiqi is the territory of the Lu family. Although the old ancestors have died, it still belongs to us!”

“Hahaha, you must be insane. Do you think you’re qualified to fight with the Ghost King, and the Ghost Generals?” the hoarse laughter of the Soul Liberating Envoy was particularly offensive.

“Being qualified or not isn’t up to you. I’m giving you a chance right now, surrender to me!”

“Who do you think you are?” the Soul Liberating Envoy said with an ugly crack on his face.

“You must have seen and killed those creatures who proclaimed themselves as players, right?” Lu Wu smiled.

“Yes!” the Soul Liberating Envoy said unconcernedly.

Just as the Soul Liberating Envoy finished his sentence, the soul flame in his skull began to thump vigorously.

“This is impossible! You’re saying that you’re the reason that these creatures’ souls disappeared, and yet their soul power remained!”

“You’ve mastered the Law of Reincarnation!?”

The speculation of the Soul Liberating Envoy scared him. The Law of Reincarnation was the greatest power that not even the King of Beiqi possessed. If the man in front of him had really mastered it…

Fear had once again spiraled through the Soul Liberating Envoy.

“I’m giving you one last chance now to either surrender to me, or be destroyed with Cha Na. The choice is yours,” Lu Wu’s tone had also hardened.

“How can I believe you? Your plan to regain the Land of Beiqi is way too crazy. I’m worried that I’ll be beyond redemption.”

This time, the Soul Liberating Envoy did not rebuff. Instead, he stared at Lu Wu and asked.

“Do you think I’m crazy?” Lu Wu laughed.

“No,” said the Soul Liberating Envoy after being silent for a moment.

Then, his body gradually dropped, and he knelt onto the ground, “My King!”