Chapter 303 - Little Kun

Chapter 303 of 342 chapters

Upon hearing the words of his foolish son, Tao Wu felt helpless.

This was a typical case of being sold and yet his son was still helping to count the money. Besides, where did that smugness of his come from?

After thinking for a while, Tao Wu opened his enormous mouth, “Son, you’ve been tricked. Let me swallow this man and then you come back with me!”

Seeing Tao Wu approaching him with his mouth wide open, Bai Ze thought that Tao Wu was going to swallow the little sea creature. Therefore, he hurriedly stepped forward, jumped up, and gave a powerful punch on Tao Wu’s head.

Nonetheless, his attack couldn’t even break the skin of Tao Wu and was knocked back to the back of the little sea creature.

However, the little sea creature stuck out his stomach and leaped from the water surface, flapping its tail at Tao Wu’s face.


“Foolish thing, what are you doing!?” Tao Wu was enraged.

“My master’s enemy is my enemy!” the little sea creature said firmly. It was obvious that the brainwash these few days had worked well.

In fact, something had escaped Bai Ze’s knowledge. As a creature with Ocean Spirit-level potential, the little sea creature could understand everything Bai Ze said these few days on the sea but it just could not communicate with him.

Thus, upon seeing Bai Ze being bullied, the immature five-month-old little sea creature that had undergone Bai Ze’s education, felt as if it was being bullied and started to fight back.

At that moment, Tao Wu’s feelings were complicated.

If some other normal sea creature dared to provoke him like this, he would definitely have swallowed the creature, but this was his own son that was born not too long ago.

Whereas Bai Ze, who saw the little sea creature’s counterattack as an aside, was so frightened to the point where his face had turned pale. Is this little sea creature a fool? This is the Lord of the Void Ocean! How could it just attack so rashly?

It’s… it’s too loyal.

“Don’t you come closer!”

At the sight of Tao Wu widening his eyes, Bai Ze was anxious because he did not wish to see the little sea creature being swallowed like this.

Tao Wu totally ignored Bai Ze and was staring at the little sea creature.

“I’m your father! How dare you hit your father!”

“My master is the most superior!” the little sea creature continued with certainty.

The little sea creature’s words left Tao Wu shuddering with fury. With a flap of its tail, huge waves of a few dozen meters arose.

“Then if I want to swallow him, what can you do?” while speaking, Tao Wu looked at Bai Ze.

“Then let’s duel!” the little sea creature refused to yield.

What the…

Tao Wu opened and closed his mouth twice, feeling that it had never felt so aggrieved except fighting with that Demonic God lunatic.

His son actually wanted to duel with him. Tao Wu was fuming.

Therefore, Tao Wu didn’t care to attend to the little sea creature. He opened his mouth around Bai Ze and sucked him into his mouth.

Just when he was about to swallow Bai Ze, he saw the little sea creature leaping into his mouth, too.


Tao Wu quickly stopped his swallowing action and immediately spat them out.

His stomach digestion ability was extremely strong. If it were to swallow them, the little sea creature would definitely not be able to survive.

“Exactly what are you trying to do?” Tao Wu fiercely asked again.

“I will always be with my master. We shall die together!”


Tao Wu let out a depressing long cry.

He wondered what sin he’d committed to have such a stupid son.

Currently, Bai Ze, who was spat out, was also depressed.

Was it because he didn’t taste good?

Originally, he thought Tao Wu would leave after spitting him out, but he was approaching once again. This made Bai Ze really nervous.

After giving it some thought, Bai Ze swam to the little sea creature and climbed onto its back. He subsequently stood up and looked at Tao Wu, shouting at it.

“Tao Wu, do you understand me? Let the creature go, I will let you eat me!”

Tao Wu glanced at Bai Ze as if he was an idiot and continued to ignore him. Instead, he looked at the little sea creature and said, “Leave with me, I’m not going to eat him!”

“I refuse. I want to build an army of sea creatures with him. Our target is to conquer the Void Ocean!” the little sea creature replied proudly.

“I am the overlord of this ocean and your father! There’s no need for you to conquer anything. Leave with me!” Tao Wu was completely infuriated at the moment.


“Then we will defeat you!” the little sea creature continued hooting.

Tao Wu was so agitated that he swung his tail and knocked the little sea creature and Bai Ze away.

Although restraining his force, Bai Ze and the little sea creature were flung dozens of yards away.

Bai Ze, who was thrown away again, had a shadow in his heart and he had a guess. This bastard Tao Wu wanted to toy with them before swallowing them.

Facing this situation, Bai Ze suddenly felt very furious, but there was nothing he could do as he didn’t have enough strength.

However, Tao Wu was even more indignant at this time. His son wanted to assist others to conquer the Void Ocean that he dominated. That was such a heartbreaking feeling.

Looking at Tao Wu who was approaching gradually, Bai Ze swam to the little sea creature and stroked its head. He couldn’t help but let out a shallow, pent-up breath, “I still don’t know your name.”

Bai Ze turned on the analyzing ability as he spoke.

Bai Ze didn’t turn on his analyzing ability during his whole process of taming the little sea creature this time due to the coaxing of the live stream audience. Therefore he naturally didn’t know the clan and the features of the little sea creature as it was to increase the difficulty in beast-taming.

However, this time, since the little sea creature was going to die, Bai Ze didn’t care about his promise with the players in his live streaming channel and opened the Analysis Menu.

Bai Ze was astounded right after that.

[Little Kun (Sea Spirit Level Creature)]:

Creature Details: The son of Tao Wu, the Lord of the Void Ocean and Hai Meng, the Lord of the Yesha Ocean. He has noble blood and was born with ocean affinity. He also has Ocean Spirit-level potential. With the fusion of the blood of two ocean lords, he has chances to advance to God-level status!

Creature Status: Cub (Five months old)

Bai Ze was entirely lifeless at the sight of the little sea creature’s information, and this caused an uproar in his live streaming channel.

Pokemon_Master: “LMAO, who asked you guys to not let the Master use analyzing ability in order to increase the difficulty. Now that he had accidentally tamed the son of Tao Wu… let me cover my face and laugh for a while.”

Creature_Hunter: “Pff! After this matter, everyone should remember to use analyzing ability when taming a creature. The beast-taming this time is a classical case, everyone should take it as a warning. (laughing emoji)”

Crayon_Shinchan: “As expected of the Master, taming a Kyogre Pokemon on your first try. When are you going to tame a Groudon? (laughing emoji)”

Raiding_Hunter: “Fuck, this menu has given me a great shock. Master, you’ve fucking abducted someone’s son. (covering face emoji)”

Super_Summoner: “This show is impressive! Tao Wu’s son was abducted by the Master. Now you should know why Tao Wu didn’t swallow you. (laughing emoji)”

Trainer_XiaoZhi: “Master, motherfucker, how dare you abduct my son? How do you want to die!? (laughing emoji)”

Looking at Tao Wu who was glaring at him, Bai Ze felt extremely awkward.

“Big Boss Tao Wu, this… this was unintentional. I will return your son to you!”

Hearing this, Tao Wu turned around to look at Little Kun.

“Did you hear that? He wants you to leave with me!’

Little Kun flapped his tail twice and turned to glance at Bai Ze with a face full of reluctance.

“Go, our fate has ended!” Bai Ze patted Little Kun’s head and said embarrassingly.


“Come back here!” Tao Wu widened his eyes again when he saw Little Kun mourning.

“Go… it’s my fault. Go back with your father,” Bai Ze persuaded again while stroking Little Kun.

Ying! Little Kun let out another long cry.

Losing his patience, Tao Wu pulled his tail out of the water and wrapped around the little sea creature. After that, he took a deep glance at Bai Ze and dragged the little sea creature along, swimming to a distant place.


Seeing the figure of Little Kun tearing up and constantly turning around to look at him, Bai Ze felt distressed.