Chapter 305 - Choosing His Own Future

Chapter 305 of 342 chapters

Bai Ze was totally speechless as he removed the fish hook from Little Kun’s mouth once again.

Obviously, Little Kun was really into him. There was no way to continue fishing sea creatures with him behaving like this.

Bai Ze caressed Little Kun’s head, unsure of what to do next. When he was about to advise Little Kun to leave again, an enormous shadow was seen to be emerging from beneath the sea. Then, a huge head with a ferocious look appeared before him.

It was Tao Wu!

Bai Ze was left speechless.

Noticing Tao Wu’s vicious gaze, Bai Ze felt like he should explain the situation, but he couldn’t find any suitable words.

“Son, how dare you wander around when I fell asleep again!?”

“I want to follow where the master goes!” answered Little Kun as he flapped his tail twice.

Little Kun was an unmatured newborn. Everything was still new to him, so he lacked basic judgment in certain things.

Nonetheless, he felt comfortable being with Bai Ze.

Moreover, since the day he was born, Little Kun had never been bullied. Therefore, under Bai Ze’s domestication, he was ready to be loyal to Bai Ze and wanted to follow Bai Ze everywhere deep down in his heart.

Upon hearing that, Tao Wu widened his eyes in madness as he was exasperated at his son’s behavior. As an overlord of the ocean, he really couldn’t understand why he would have such a son.

“Follow me back home!” Tao Wu stared at his son.


Looking at his stupid son, Tao Wu felt so helpless. Hence he had decided to send Little Kun to his mother, Hai Meng, after this as he couldn’t raise the little one by himself anymore.

“I will swallow him if you’re not coming with me!” threatened Tao Wu fiercely as he saw Little Kun starting to make waves on the sea as a sign of disobeying him.


“Swallow me too then,” Little Kun held onto the ship’s edge with his little claw, looking stubborn.

Tao Wu was truly irritated. He didn’t want to waste any more time. So he flicked his tail to wrap around Little Kun, planning to take him away like that.

However, Little Kun’s small claws were holding tight onto the ship’s edge. With the dragging movements of Tao Wu, Bai Ze’s Specter Ship was being dragged along as well.

Tao Wu was so mad that he couldn’t find any words to say.

“Let go!” roared Tao Wu as he loosened his tail which was seizing Little Kun earlier, worried that he might get hurt.

“I won’t!”

“Do you really want to see me die in rage? You are the son of mine and Hai Meng, can you at least be a little useful? Why would you call him master? Is there not a hint of shame in you…”

Tao Wu was so furious. Although he knew Little Kun was behaving like this as he was immature, he still felt that Little Kun was embarrassing him because Little Kun was not acting like a creature with great potential of the overlord level at all.

“I like him!” Little Kun felt Tao Wu’s rage as well and lowered his head in frustration while his claws were pointing toward Bai Ze who was standing on the ship.

“He doesn’t deserve you!”

“I just like him,” Little Kun replied bitterly.

Tao Wu was stunned as he heard this.

Right, Little Kun is still young, he doesn’t realize how noble he is. So he would say anything due to his nature. Like means like, dislike means dislike, the concept of levels has not developed in his mind yet.

Tao Wu’s expression became complicated eventually. At the moment, he thought of his younger self. Was he not behaving like this as well back then?

However, living in this dangerous Void Ocean, he had no choice but to become stronger and more vicious than all the other ocean creatures so that they would be afraid of him. Only then he could survive.

He had gradually lost his nature while he was on his way to achieving this, becoming how he was today in restless devourings and killings.

To Tao Wu, Little Kun should grow up like this, too. After growing up, he should explore new oceans, starting from zero in the new area, gradually devouring and evolving, then finally defeating the old overlord of the area and taking over the throne for himself. This was the right king’s path for his son.

Nevertheless, listening to Little Kun’s opinion, Tao Wu was completely stupefied. He was suddenly wondering why he would want Little Kun to repeat the same path full of killings after him. He did not have any choice back then but to become stronger, but now he could offer a choice to Little Kun.

Only then did the memories from a long time ago flashback in Tao Wu’s mind.

Many blurry figures appeared in his mind once again.

His friends who were not strong enough but were able to bring him happiness were not around anymore. He was the one who abandoned them as the only thing in his mind back then was to become stronger so that he would not have to live in fear anymore!

Now, Tao Wu suddenly realized that he was only truly happy in the past.

Although the bygones made Tao Wu emotional, he did not regret walking this path as he had no other choices.

However, it was different for Little Kun.

Retaining the naive nature and continuing living according to his own preferences, or abandoning his nature and growing up devouring and killing, Little Kun actually had an option as Little Kun was his son, son of the overlord of this Void Ocean. He had the ability to let his son choose!

Looking at Little Kun in frustration, Tao Wu was moved.

“Son, are you sure of this? You are still young so you may not know the meaning of choosing yet. But I have to tell you now, you would’ve become the strongest overlord of an ocean. All the creatures would be afraid and terrified by your name then. This was once the path I hoped you would choose, but now I’m letting you make your own choice. So it’s the choice of being yourself or being a king!”

Although Little Kun didn’t understand these sentences, Tao Wu told them to his son anyway so that he could make his own choice.

Little Kun suddenly looked so lost as if he was trying to understand those words. After a while, Little Kun raised his hand and pointed at Bai Ze.

“I want to follow him!”

Hearing this, Tao Wu nodded his head with a complex expression and turned to face Bai Ze. He said to him ferociously, “I’m entrusting my son to you now. Remember you are only his friend, not his master!”

Bai Ze was shocked when Tao Wu talked to him in human language. After all, he had always thought that Tao Wu couldn’t speak.

By the way, Bai Ze was dumbfounded by Tao Wu’s words as he couldn’t understand why Tao Wu who was in great rage some moments ago had turned better now. He was even planning to entrust Little Kun to him?

“Do you understand!?” Tao Wu roared at Bai Ze, setting off huge waves around them when the winds were swirling insanely at the same time.

Bai Ze quickly nodded.

Then, Tao Wu looked toward Little Kun.

“Son, I’m now giving you the chance to choose your own path. But I’ve spared you another one as well. If you ever regret this path of your choice, you are going to take mine and you will be left with no choice then!”

Little Kun nodded in confusion after hearing this. Even though he didn’t understand, his father seemed to have agreed to let him follow Bai Ze.

Gazing at Little Kun, Tao Wu could not help but let out a sigh and slowly submerged into the sea after shaking his head.

“Son, always remember that you are Tao Wu’s son, don’t embarrass me!”

As Tao Wu finished his sentence, he totally disappeared from the surface and was quickly diving into the deep sea.

Watching Tao Wu leave, Bai Ze and Little Kun looked at each other. They were both surprised and excited.

At the moment, the game notification suddenly appeared in Bai Ze’s head.

[Little Kun’s feeling toward you has reached the level of loyalty. You have unlocked a hidden feature. Do you wish to keep him as a pet?]

Bai Ze was astonished by the game notification.

To be honest, after realizing Little Kun’s identity, Bai Ze really didn’t plan to tame him as his father was too strong. He was afraid that he would cause trouble.

Moreover, this was also the first time Bai Ze received such a game notification during his creature-taming moments.

After taking a glance at the players who were already starting a commotion in the live streaming channel, Bai Ze went into a dilemma as he had just promised Tao Wu that he would only be his son’s friend, definitely not his master.