Chapter 308 - The Sea King’s Downfall?

Chapter 308 of 342 chapters

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Kuilong Ocean, Kankun Island.

The Sea King hovered mid-air as he was surrounded by the members of the forces of the Military Alliance. The atmosphere tensed as they stared at the Sea King in the center intensely.

“Tian Kun, how dare you betray me!” the Sea King shouted and shifted his gaze to Tian Kun in the midst of the crowd with a solemn face.

“I had no other choice… I worry that the Tian Kun Nation’s foundation for thousands of years will fall into ruins if I stayed with you. Since you’re the one who started the war, it should end with your death!”

The Sea King appeared infuriated when he heard Tian Kun’s words.

The reason he came to Kankun Island with Tian Kun this time was that Tian Kun told him there was a relic from the Ancient Nether Sea Nation hidden on the island.

The Sea King had been especially attentive to this particular topic and he had asked Tian Kun why he didn’t go exploring for the ancient relic by himself. However, Tian Kun answered by saying that since he had not exceeded the Ghost Emperor Realm, he wasn’t strong enough to enter.

The Sea King was eager and palpitating with excitement as an artifact from an ancient nation would definitely have a key role in the coming war. Despite that, instead of proceeding to the location immediately, he went to his trusted followers between the lords and his subordinate forces to first enquire about the relic.

According to them, there was indeed a relic from the Ancient Nether Sea Nation on Kankun Island but it would be extremely difficult to find. He’d not only be required to exceed the Ghost Emperor Realm, but he’d also require a person with the bloodline of a descendant of that Ancient Nether Sea Nation as the key to unlocking the relic.

The Sea King finally decided to take action after gathering all the information. After giving orders to his subordinate lords to continue conducting the operation between the Sea King Navy and the Langya Island Military Alliance, he let Tian Kun lead him to the relic.

As a later generation of the Mu Te Sea Nation, the Sea King himself fulfilled the requirement of a valid descendant. Also, since his strength reached the Ghost Emperor Realm, he was perfectly qualified to unlock this relic.

However, unexpectedly, it was a trap. A Demon Captivating Formation was formed once he landed on Kankun Island. The leaders of the greater forces of the Kuilong Ocean were even waiting for him there. It was clear that they planned the siege in order to take him out.

The Sea King was already aware of Tian Kun’s betrayal while facing the situation.

“Sea King, you shouldn’t have come to the Kuilong Ocean. Your end today is already set from the day you built the new nation!” the island owner of Langya Island chortled heartily while looking at the trapped Sea King.

The Sea King remained silent as the deathly aura around him wreathed. The Death’s Light Wheel emerged from his forehead and spiraled around his body before enlarging gradually.

It was an unavoidable confrontation. Although he was confident in his own strength, it was clear that his enemies were well-prepared. It would be extremely difficult to break through this siege, but his heart was as still as water without a hint of fear.

He had experienced death the moment he became the Lord of Death. He had nothing to fear this time.

“Sea King, I’m giving you a chance… if you discard your cultivation and go back to the Void Ocean, we’ll let you live!” the island owner spoke again.

Truthfully, he was still terrified of the Sea King’s strength. The Sea King was still an elite from the Ghost Emperor Realm. They could possibly win if they started a battle now, but their strength would be significantly impaired. That was the only reason why he gave the Sea King a choice.

The Sea King sneered upon hearing that.

“I’ve heard that the owner of Langya Island was a sly fox a long time ago… it’s indeed correct! What a true man to ladder up by conspiracy and trickery! You are brazenly shameless… a useless piece of trash!”

The owner of Langya Island’s expression changed drastically as he had been burying his history all this time. No one had brought up his past as he kept improving his own strength. Yet, the Sea King was digging up his dark past relentlessly, giving him absolutely no consideration.

“Does progress matter? As long as I can succeed, everything’s worth it!” screamed the owner of Langya Island, who saw right through the Sea King’s attitude.

“I agree with that. Progress doesn’t matter on the path of success!” the Sea King burst into laughter. He then pointed a finger at the owner of Langya Island and the Death’s Light Wheel swirling around him shot itself forward in an instant.

“Charge!” the owner of Langya Island raised the white tortoise-shell shield in his hand and charged forward.

A fierce battle erupted and lights flashed in the huge formation shrouding Kankun Island. Chains constructed from runes were formed in the air within the formation one after another and dashed toward the Sea King.

Xin Mo Island.

Hei Sui was checking an ocean map and making war preparations when his mind jolted all of a sudden. He turned his head around and looked at the direction of Kankun Island.

He then hurriedly took out a crystal condensed from death energy. Looking at the words emerging on the crystal, his expression changed instantly.

He then turned around and looked at Sha Shui and the others around him, “Bad news my lords… Tian Kun started a mutiny… His Majesty is surrounded!”

The other lords’ expressions also changed drastically upon hearing the news, “How do you know that?”

“His Majesty gave this to me before leaving and said that he will send messages to me. I didn’t understand what he meant then, but it’s showing a message from him right now,” Hei Sui pointed at the death energy crystal and the wordings on it.

“It seems like His Majesty already suspected that there would be danger lurking on his current trip!” Sha Shui squinted his eyes with suspicion.

“Yet, he had to go because the ancient relic might be the key to change the whole war situation,” Lan Hushan continued.

“Gather the troops and prepare for dispatch. His Majesty has the key role in determining whether we will win or not!” Hei Sui stood up as he talked and proceeded to prepare his army for dispatch.

Suddenly, Lan Hushan went forward and stopped Hei Sui.

“Lord Hei, how much percentage do you think we’ll gain if we are victorious in this war?”

Hei Sui frowned, “What do you mean by that?”

“It’s thirty percent at best! Our nations will all be doomed if we fail. Tian Kun has made his decision, it’s now our turn!”

The atmosphere tensed upon hearing Lan Hushan’s words.

The others had to admit that Lan Hushan’s words convinced them.

They never wanted to pledge their loyalty to the Sea King in the first place. They were all forced to do so. It was a perfect opportunity for them to detach from the Sea King. They would regain their freedom if the Sea King was taken out.

Their vision for the restoration of the nation was shaken.

The chance for the Sea King to survive would be very slim if they refused to dispatch their army now. The Mu Te Sea Nation would collapse once again and it would be the end.

Even if they did dispatch their army and make all efforts to rescue the Sea King, their percentage to win the war would only be around thirty percent. Lan Hushan and the others already had an answer in their minds.

Then, Hei Sui landed a strong punch on the table.

“I know what all of you are thinking! Remember one thing though, the reason we gained respect from others is because of the Sea King. Without him, we will never be able to squeeze ourselves into the ranking of the strongest forces in the Kuilong Ocean. I know the pros and cons of this, but I also know that, regardless of anything, we are from the same ancestral origin. The Sea King is still one of us even though he became the king!”

Finishing his speech, Hei Sui glanced at the ones present, flicked his sleeves, and left in anger.

Those who were present stood and looked at each other in dismay. Although Hei Sui was the last person to pledge loyalty to the Sea King, he became the only committed one in the end.

Of course, all of them understood morals and principles. However, after thousands of years of living, all they cared about was benefits. They found Hei Sui’s speech about them having the same ancestral origin hilarious at first but they fell into silence after some further thinking.

Would they have subdued to the Sea King if he was not one of them?

If his military force was the sole reason, would they have subdued to any other greater force who came to them? The answer was a clear no. Therefore, they had to admit that the fact that the Sea King was one of their own was indeed a factor for them in pledging their loyalty to him.

“What do you think?” Lan Hushan looked at the others and asked.

“The Nether Sea Nation was the overlord of the Three Great Oceans but it’s at its downfall now… I’m guessing that this will be the last round. If we lose, we lose. There might not be any chance to restore our nation in the future, so let’s fight to our deaths!”

The words that came out from Sha Shui’s mouth shocked the crowd and left a great impact as he was the most cowardly one among them.

“Glory or perish, what a tough choice! But I choose to perish! The war is on, no regrets!” Lan You who had been silent also voiced out from the side.

“Indeed… if we can’t rise from this war, the desolation of our nation is inevitable even if we survive. I choose to battle!”

After declaring their statements, the lords stood up to prepare to rescue the Sea King.

Suddenly, a general rushed over and got down on one knee after entering the inner palace.

“My lords, the Langya Island Military Alliance has invaded our territory. They have assembled five nautical miles away. It seems like they intend to block off the ocean!”

The lords’ expressions turned more serious upon hearing that.

“Of course… they are fully prepared and they predicted the possibility of us sending our troops over!” Lan Hushan’s eyes rapidly became bloodshot.

“What should we do now? Although we have great strength and we can fend for ourselves for a time here, there’s no way for us to get there!” Sha Shui was getting anxious.

“Don’t panic, let me think… oh, the Player Clan!” Lan Hushan raised his head abruptly.

“That’s right, the Player Clan! They can totally provide us aid!” Sha Shui continued hurriedly.

“Sha Shui… inform the Player Clan right now! We shall gather our military to confront the alliance army!”

“Noted!” Sha Shui answered hurriedly. He floated into the air and flew toward the Void Ocean without wasting another second.

Time was ticking. The other lords were all getting their hands busy.

Whether the Sea King could survive this battle was a crucial factor in the coming wars. Under the circumstances, they could only place their hope on the players as they had no other choice.

A post appeared in the forum an hour later.

[Bad news, Our Sea King Boss is going to die! Coordinates of Kankun Island in Kuilong Ocean provided. Please help!]

Author: Azure_Bead

Content: My party and I were going to mess around with the Langya Island Military Alliance near the borders of the Kuilong Ocean but we noticed that they had evacuated. We were confused as we didn’t know why they left. Then, we sailed forward and met Lord Sha Shui, one of the subordinates of the Sea King. He told us that the Sea King was ambushed and he is fending for his life now… he could be dead any minute. Their military forces are all tied up by the Langya Island Military Alliance so they cannot dispatch any force to help the Sea King. Guys, they need our help! Assemble!

Watermelon_Taro: “What the fuck, our crop is dying before we can harvest. We can’t let this slide, I’m on my way!”

Xueli_The_Strongest: “These parasites are plotting murder on our seedling, they are such bullies. Do they even take the Fourth Disaster seriously? It’s on, it’s on!”

Assasin_Creed: “Rescue plan activated! Calling all members of the Fourth Disaster in the Land of Beiqi, it’s time to bring disasters and panic to our enemy!”

Crayon_Shinchan: “The Sea King is ours to rescue… even Jesus can’t save him. (laughing emoji)”

Roasting_Chang’e_While_Hugging_Jade_Hare: “Hold on, Sea King boss… the Disaster Army is coming to war, calling all players to join!”

The forum was in a buzz. All the players received the news of the Sea King’s possible death after communicating with each other.

The players never held any hatred toward the Sea King. After all, it was just a game.

As the top famed villain, the Sea King even had many fans amongst the players.

That was the reason why the players couldn’t sit still knowing that the Sea King was ambushed and going down.

The Disaster Army had united once again.