Chapter 314 - Genius versus genius

Chapter 314 of 342 chapters

In the United States, at the jiede technology experimental headquarters.

18 floors underground, in a small room of 20 square meters.

Tesla scanned his surroundings with a cup of coffee in his hand.

He had been kidnapped!

And it was taken from the heavily guarded military base X. Everything seemed unbelievable but it really happened.

What was even more unbelievable was that he saw a superpower.

The man who called himself “No. 10” could not only make himself invisible, but he could also make him invisible. He just took him out of X military base openly.

After being brought into the underground base, Tesla discovered many nutrition chambers used to store his experiment subjects. This led him to the conclusion that he was in an underground human lab.

Combined with the power that ten had displayed, Tesla suspected that Ten’s power was created here.

However, in addition to fear, Tesla was also a little excited.

He had already guessed why they wanted to abduct him. As one of the most powerful researchers in the US, this was the only value he had.

At this time, the door suddenly opened, and a man in a black coat came in. He was holding a document in his hand and had a pair of gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, looking very gentlemanly.

After closing the door, Eric sat down in front of Tesla and smiled.”

“I thought we’d meet, but I didn’t expect it to be this way. It’s an honor to meet you, Mr. Tesla. I’m Eric!” As he spoke, Eric reached out his hand.

Teslaa was slightly reserved. He reached out and shook Eric’s hand, then asked,”

“What’s your purpose in kidnapping me?”

“Mr. Tesla, I know you very well, and I know what you want,” said teslaa with a smile.”The reason you joined the US military is because they can provide a huge amount of financial assistance, so that you won’t have to worry about a lack of resources in scientific research.”

Hearing this, teslaa was stunned. He had to admit that this was indeed the reason why he accepted the US military’s invitation. However, he had never told anyone about this idea, so he didn’t know how this man who called himself Eric knew about it.

“We’re the same kind of people, I’m the same as you!”

“The same kind of people?” Tesla was stunned.

Eric nodded.”I think you’ve already met No. 10. He’s one of my outstanding works.”

Tesla was shocked.”

“You’re saying that you created this Esper?”

Eric smiled and nodded.”He’s just one of them. I have better works. I think you’ll see them all in the future.”

“Then what’s your purpose in finding me? I’m not familiar with the study of the human body, so I might not be able to help you. ”

At this moment, teslaa’s heart was filled with questions. Although he wasn’t involved in the study of the human body, he was still full of curiosity about superpowers. However, what he was most concerned about now was the purpose of kidnapping him.

“I’ve studied your ‘mecha initial design Report’ very carefully. In the past, I always thought that I was the most talented person, but now I don’t think so anymore. This is because I think that you’re as outstanding as I am. You’re really a rare genius!” Arek’s eyes glowed with passion as he looked at Tesla.

“You’ve planted people in the military!” Tesla suddenly realized something. After all, he had just submitted the report, but this non-military officer had received his report. There must be something fishy going on.

“That’s not important, is it? Mr. Tesla, I can provide you with all the research and development expenses here. I want to complete this mech building honor with you and start a new era of technology with you!” Eric said fanatically.

Teslaa fell silent upon hearing this.

Tesla was convinced by Eric’s words, and he realized that Eric really knew him.

However, he still shook his head and refused.”

“Since you’ve read my report, you should know that with our current technology, it’s impossible to develop an energy core that can drive a mech. A mech without an energy core is like a human without a heart. No matter how strong your body is, you’re just an empty shell!”

“Hahaha, Mr. Tesla, how could I not think of this when I invited you here? would you believe me if I told you that I’ve already created this energy core?”

Hearing this, teslaa was instantly shocked. He suddenly stood up.”Are you telling the truth?”

“It’s better to see it with your own eyes than to say more. Come with me. ” Eric placed the “initial mech manufacturing design” report on the table and walked to the door. He then turned around to look at Tesla, who was still in shock.

Tesla quickly followed after him, his heart filled with excitement.

If someone told him that the energy core had been invented, he would’ve scoffed, but now that he had seen superpowers and Eric’s confidence, he was more than half convinced.

He followed Eric to the elevator, and the two of them took the elevator to the 32nd floor.

As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, a row of armed security guards looked over. However, when they saw Eric, they were very respectful and decisively made way for him.

After passing through a few security check rooms, Tesla and Eric arrived at a metal room.

After a series of identity checks, the door opened, and a rich aroma wafted into his nose. He felt lighter after taking a deep breath.

Tesla followed Eric into the room out of curiosity and was immediately attracted by the “stones” that were stored in a glass cover.

“This … This is the energy core?” Tesla’s voice was shaking.

The energy that leaked through the glass was so shocking that Tesla completely believed Eric’s words.

Eric walked up to a spirit stone, picked up a data report, and handed it to Tesla.

Tesla took the report with trembling hands. He read the title “Reiki core” and began to read.

The more Tesla looked at it, the more surprised he became. He had just learned that there was an element called “Reiki” on earth. This energy source was extremely powerful, and according to the data report, the energy generated by a single Reiki Stone core was enough to supply the entire NYC for a day.

“How did you do it?” After he finished reading, teslaa suddenly raised his head and asked with red eyes.

At this moment, his heart was filled with excitement and confusion. He knew very well how the discovery of this new element would affect the development of the times.

“Someone found a broken ancient book from an unknown era during archeology. After testing, we found that the ancient book was at least three million years old, which is what we think of as the old stone Age.”

“Obviously, history is not as simple as we think. In order to find out the reason, I bought this ancient book and translated it myself. Although the result was not ideal, I learned the existence of Reiki from it. It is a magical element that can help creatures evolve and even make us young forever.”

“Of course I didn’t believe it at the time. I thought it was a religious book, but I still did many experiments. After countless failures, I actually managed to capture a weak trace of spiritual power. From that moment on, I knew I would change the world!”

An expression of admiration appeared on teslaa’s face when he heard this. At this moment, he didn’t think that Eric was arrogant. After understanding this, he felt that spirit Qi was indeed an element that could change the world.

“How about it, Mr. Tesla? are you willing to work with me? I can give you what the US military can ‘t, and I know you better than the US military. We can be friends. ”

Tesla was completely touched.

Tesla knew that this was a path of no return, but he still wanted to follow Arek and accomplish a feat that could change the world.

This might be the greatest creation of his life.

“Mr. Eric, I’m willing to join you!”

A smile appeared on Eric’s face when he heard this. He knew that Teslar would agree because he knew what Teslar wanted.

After that, Eric showed Tesla around the lab and showed him the many products that were created using Reiki.

In the end, Eric brought Tesla into his office.

The two began to discuss Tesla’s initial mech design plan.

Both of them were top scholars in the field of technology, and the more they talked, the more they hit it off. Tesla had already regarded Eric as his confidant and even felt that Eric was better than him in some aspects.

As they chatted, the topic changed to the origin of the mech building concept. Tesla didn’t hide anything and told Eric about war online.

Eric’s expression froze when he heard the words ‘war online’.

War online wasn’t a game that Eric was familiar with, but he wasn’t a stranger to either.

Recently, one of the main products of jiede technology, the “gaming chamber,” had taken a huge hit in sales because of this game.

However, Eric didn’t really understand war online. After all, it was just a game to him. Although he was the behind-the-scenes master of jiede technology, he didn’t care about business matters. He only cared about achievements in the technology field.

However, it was a different story when he heard about the game from Teslar. Punitive expedition online had already piqued his curiosity.

“You found inspiration in the game?” Eric asked curiously.

“It’s not inspiration. There’s already a complete design in the game. It’s so fine that it can even create a perfect mech. My design is based on the design in the game and the materials in real life!”

“Oh? A game company can actually have this kind of power?” Eric was very surprised.

“You can go and experience it. You definitely won’t be disappointed. I even suspect that the team behind this game is a very powerful underground organization, just like you!”

“A mysterious underground organization?” Eric frowned.

After a moment of contemplation, Eric stood up.”

“Let’s go. I can’t wait to see it. ”

Tesla immediately nodded. He believed that Eric would be as obsessed with the game as he was after learning about Eric’s capabilities. With Eric’s help, his in-game development would be much smoother.

Then, the two of them took the elevator to the leisure area on the second floor of the base. With the help of the staff, they lay down in the game cabin and opened the online battle.

At this moment, a notification suddenly appeared.

[Game is incompatible, unable to run!]