Chapter 316 - blacksmithing

Chapter 316 of 342 chapters

Northern divergent, underworld.

In the past few days, the peaceful lives of the northern divergent’s players had been disturbed.

The reason was the nine Yao great domain.

After many negotiations and waiting, the nine radiance official finally could not sit still and sent an envoy to deliver an ultimatum to the players.

Either submit! Either we start a war!

Naturally, the players would not give in again. The tactic of killing moonlight was feasible the first time, but the nine radiance brothers would definitely discover the players ‘problems the second time. Therefore, there was no suspense in the beginning of this battle.

Today, the messenger had come again, giving the players three days to consider. If they still did not surrender, they could only go to war.

After more than half a year, the players had already treated the northern divergent land as their home. Of course, they were not willing to hand it over.

Although this was bad news, it also gave the players of Beiqi, who had been stable for a long time, a sense of urgency. The improvement of their strength had once again become the focus.

The players ‘growth was undoubtedly rapid, but compared to the forces that had been entrenched in the netherworld for tens of thousands of years, they had nothing to offer except for the two advantages of numbers and resurrection.

It could be said that the odds of winning against the nine Yao great domain were very low.

However, the players did not give up. While discussing how to fight, they also began to think of ways to improve their own strength.

At the current stage, the ten thousand alchemists in Beiqi could already successfully refine medicine. Although the success rate wasn’t very high, the many special medicines and permanent attribute-increasing pills they produced could indeed increase the strength of the players.

However, due to the small production, it was only a drop in the bucket for the huge number of players in Beiqi. It was unrealistic to rely on the alchemists to improve the overall strength of the players.

Right now, the entire Northern divergent was already under the players ‘control. The areas that could be used to level up could be counted with one’s fingers, especially for beginner monster-farming areas like the ghost Mountain range. They were no longer able to satisfy the development of the players of Northern divergent.

As for the yellow spring Sea area, due to the tense situation in the Sea King’s battle, all the newly born warriors of the death clan were transferred to the kui long sea area. The place where the players originally leveled up and farmed soul coins in the sea of vanity also disappeared.

Now, if the players wanted to speed up their development and break through the bottleneck of their growth, the only way was to expand their territory. Even if the nine glory mansion Lord didn’t declare war, the players would take the initiative to declare war on him, just that the pace would be faster.

Lu Wu had naturally realized the problem of the development of Beiqi’s players. After thinking about it again and again, he decided to start a life profession that was very helpful to the war,”forger.”

The starting point of being a blacksmith wasn’t high, but it wasn’t any easier to master than being an Alchemist.

When the war against the nine Yao great domain was about to break out, allowing the players to figure out how to build war equipment that would be of great help to the war would also help the players grow as blacksmiths.

Compared to The Alchemist profession, which required a mature and stable mentality and skilled skills, what a blacksmith needed more was creativity.

For example, the number one forger in Beiqi who had invented the runic mech had combined his imagination and creativity to create the growth model of the runic mech system.

There were also siege weapons, special effect equipment, mechanical traps, new rune creation, and so on. It was easy to get started as a blacksmith, but extremely difficult to master. The things one had to learn were very complicated, and they could not be formed in a short time.

Lu Wu didn’t consider opening this class before because he was afraid that the players ‘growth would be reduced because of the complicated casting growth system. After all, Lu Wu was very short of soul coins at that time, and the players’ energy was still focused on killing monsters to level up.

However, Lu Wu felt that it was time to release this profession.

After the war with the nine Yao great domain officially began, Lu Wu believed that the growth of players would only speed up and would not slow down because of the number of lifestyle classes.

After Lu Wu confirmed the implementation of this plan, the game’s prompt sounded in the minds of the Beiqi players.

[Server-wide announcement: the lifestyle class ‘blacksmith’ has been officially opened. All players can learn more about the new function ‘lifestyle class’ and accept class-change quests. There is no limit to the number of players who can become blacksmiths this time. The top 10000 players who perform well will be qualified to study in the forging course opened by bronze greaper for one month.]

The appearance of new life professions was always a pleasant surprise.

After the intense Alchemist competition had ended, the players had been looking forward to the second opening of life professions.

Even though the apothecary was not released, the players were still excited to have an unlimited number of New Life Classes.

Many players immediately opened the system interface and chose the new function, life profession.

Immediately, a long list of lifestyle classes appeared.


[Alchemist (closed): a talented lifestyle-class profession that uses skilled techniques to mix the medicinal properties of various mystical materials and condense them into potions or pills, increasing the effects by multiple times.]

[Blacksmith (unlocked): a creative lifestyle class that uses imagination as a hammer to forge various auxiliary equipment.]

[Decomposer (locked): an observation-type life profession that can separate the different elements from equipment and elixirs and turn waste into treasure.]

[Demon chef (locked): skilled in using various materials (meat, plants, spirit ingredients, etc.) To cook. It is a skill-based life profession that can provide buffs to food.]

The winemaker …

An enchanter …


The 28 lifestyle classes dazzled the players and made them extremely excited.

However, this time, other than blacksmiths, the other lifestyle classes could not be clicked on the interface, which made the players feel a little regretful.

However, the existence of these life professions also gave the players a great sense of anticipation. As they watched the construction in war improve step by step, they also felt a sense of joy in their hearts as the construction of their homes became better and better.

After the players opened the blacksmith’s panel, a game notification appeared.

[Do you want to start the blacksmith class change mission? [This mission will be ranked by points. The top 10000 in the region will receive a month’s training qualification for the forging instructor ‘bronze pendant’]

[Blacksmith class advancement quest first round: Wrought iron (72 hours)]:

[Mission description: after activating this mission, the player will receive beginner-level forging weapons “hundred tempering hammer”,”casting furnace”, and “blacksmith’s introduction manual”. The player can use the method recorded in the manual to hammer the spirit ore and forge it into spirit iron. (The higher the level of the spirit ore, the more difficult it is to forge it into iron. The quality of the iron will be higher after successful forging.)]

[Mission evaluation method: the first part of the mission will be completed after the player has forged five pieces of spiritual iron. The evaluation will be based on the quality of the spiritual iron. (Players who are not satisfied with the spiritual iron can choose to continue forging before the mission time ends. The evaluation will only be based on the five pieces of spiritual iron of the highest quality.]

[Blacksmith class advancement quest, second round: Iron melting (48 hours):

[Mission description: after starting this mission, the player can follow the instructions in the “beginner’s guide for blacksmiths” to fuse the spiritual iron obtained in the first round of the mission, remove the impurities, and improve the quality of the spiritual iron.]

[Mission evaluation method: score based on the final quality of the combined spirit iron.]

[Blacksmith class advancement quest level three: Casting (48 hours):

[Mission description: use the spiritual iron obtained from the first two rounds to forge an item. It can be a weapon, equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc. (Beginner equipment template is provided in the forger’s manual. You can also choose to create your own new item.)]

[Task evaluation method: score the final forged item based on its quality. In the case of forging multiple items, only the item with the highest analytical evaluation will be chosen (innovation bonus points)]


Although it was an open profession with no limit on the number of players, it was obviously not as easy as the players thought. Looking at the description of the mission, the players all had an expression of ‘I knew it’.

Suika Tairo: ‘I’m really F * cking convinced by the conquest online. In the past, there were also games that had life professions like blacksmiths, but in that game, you just had to gather the materials and click on it to forge equipment. Then, you would be able to get the equipment by luck. Usually, the higher the proficiency, the higher the chance of a good equipment. But the conquest online actually made us swing a hammer to forge. This means that the proficiency here is completely determined by our own forging skills. It’s too real. ‘ I really want to kill someone (covers face)

Strongest Xue Li: “I just took a look at the forger’s manual in the realm. I’m scared. It’s three times thicker than a dictionary (facepalm). I want to ask you, is it really good for you to treat the players this way? aren’t you afraid that we’ll find your home address (bloody knife)?”.jpg)

Assassin’s Creed: do the monsters want us to be all-rounded? It’s even higher than my parents ‘expectations of me. Thank you (gritting teeth)

[Crayon Shinchan: monster raid group: you guys don’t know anything. How are you fit to be our expedition online players? go and learn!]

[Pay-to-win player: a certain blacksmith shop: young man, are you here for a job interview?] Player (haughty face):”this is my blacksmith certification from Conqueror online. Name your price.”

[Dancing war flag: hahaha, as long as you play war well, you don’t have to worry about not having a job.]

[Invincible loneliness: I feel like a retard when I’m forging and making potions in the game, but my heart tells me to get into the top 10000.]

Peppa the wild boar: “excellent. The monster Corps is indeed playing a big game of chess to forcibly raise the overall quality of the players. No one else can do it. However, since you have spent so much time and effort to write the” forging introduction manual,”I will reluctantly change my class. Also, let me remind you that this class seems to be very tiring. Please don’t change your class, let me do it (funny).”

Roasting Chang ‘e while holding the Jade Rabbit: “blacksmithing is a tough and rough job. Don’t force yourself, everyone. Let me do it. I’m going to study!”


Just as Lu Wuwu had expected, the forum was filled with complaints.

However, despite their complaints, there was no other way to change their class. Thus, the players of Beiqi once again threw themselves into learning.

With the apothecary as an example, the players had no doubt that lifestyle classes would be of great help to their growth.

On this day, Beiqi was filled with players carrying hammers and studying hard with books in their arms.