Chapter 319 - time flow

Chapter 319 of 342 chapters

Northern divergent, underworld.

After the class change for blacksmiths began, players enthusiastically participated in the event, and it could be said that the event was very successful.

Although the nine-Yao region had officially declared war on Beiqi, the players had something more important to do before the Army arrived.

As today was the final day of the blacksmith’s trial, the competition for the top 10000 positions would also be decided today. The competition had become extremely intense, and the sound of iron hammers striking spirit ores could be heard everywhere inside and outside of hell.

At this moment, a large number of players had gathered by a moat outside underworld.

The father and son of the Lin family were also busy here.

After taking a look at his ranking, Lin Tie once again focused his attention on the two pieces of spirit iron in his hands. He immediately swung the hundred smelting hammer down, causing sparks to fly in all directions along with the sound of metal clashing.

Under the burning of the furnace and the hammering of the hundred tempering hammer, the spirit iron gradually softened and met the requirements for fusion.

Lin nuo, on the other hand, was watching attentively from the side, learning his father’s forging techniques.


As a cloud of steam appeared, Lin Tie used his pincers to scoop up the fused spirit iron from the water.

[Green Frost iron (Grade 2)]:

[Metal information: a level 2 metal forged from three pieces of Level 1 spirit ore ‘cold iron’. It has a slight cold attribute and is suitable for forging Yin attribute equipment.]

[Spirit iron quality: 93]

“Rank two! Father, you’ve forged a piece of level two quality spiritual iron, and it’s of high quality. ” Lin nuo was clearly very excited.

Then, he quickly opened the blacksmith ranking panel and began to look for his father’s current ranking.

[Blacksmith profession change leaderboard (remaining time: 23 hours 46 minutes):

[1st place: ye shaoqiu (1052 points, completed three rounds of the mission)]

[2nd place: ou Tian (955 points, second round of the mission)]

[3rd place: Wu Muyu (953 points, completed three rounds of the mission)]

[4th place: Lin Tie (943 points, second part of the mission)]


Lin nuo was overjoyed when he saw that his father had reached the fourth place. However, when he turned to look at Lin Tie, he realized that Lin Tie was frowning.

“Ou Tian?” Lin Tie muttered.

Lin Tie did not have the time to continue forging after the piece of spirit iron was completed. Otherwise, he might not be able to complete the third round due to the lack of time. Therefore, ou Tian, who was also in the second round but had more points than him, attracted Lin Tie’s attention.

Even though he was surprised, Lin Tie did not take it too seriously. He opened the mission panel and chose to submit the mission. After all, the third round was the key to this trial.

The third round of the forger’s class-change quest could be said to be the most difficult one. The player had to forge an item by themselves.

Although there were many casting templates to refer to, whether or not it could be cast was a completely different matter.

With the start of the third part of the mission, Lin Tie took out a book on the basics of forging and began to read. After a while, he fell into deep thought.

There were actually many forging options.

Weapons, equipment, large machinery, small tools, tools, and so on could all be chosen. However, after seeing the points of the player named ou Tian on the leaderboard, Lin Tie felt a sense of crisis.

It was obvious that the player named ou Tian had superb forging skills. Lin Tie thought that he had done well in the first two rounds of the task, but he did not expect that he would still be behind in terms of points.

Therefore, Lin Tie felt that he might not be able to win if he only followed the template.

Time was of the essence. After hesitating for a while, Lin Tie suddenly thought of something and chose to log off. He then rushed to the storage room downstairs.

As the storage room had not been opened for a long time, a cloud of dust blew into his face the moment he pushed the door open. Lin Tie could not care less about that as he strode in and began to rummage through the room.

About half an hour later, Lin Tie’s face lit up with joy as he pulled out a blue-covered booklet from the pile of books.

He took a look at the title,”Lin clan’s forging manual Volume 2.” This was what he was looking for.

Since he had decided to fight for first place, and with a strong opponent like ou Tian, Lin Tie naturally did not want to follow the template. Innovation might be the key to victory.

Lin Tie then took the book out of the storage room. Just as he was about to close the door, his eyes suddenly stopped on the dusty weapons and armors. His expression became complicated.

After closing the door, Lin Tie stood still for a while, then turned around and walked back to his room.

With every step he took, his expression became more determined. After all, the past was the past.

When he returned to his room, Lin Tie took out his phone and took a picture of the entire book before uploading it to the official website. He then logged into the game and opened the photo album to read.

If the inheritance of a skill was a spiritual story written by generations, then this “smithing manual” was a physical record of this skill in the historical changes.

The smithing manual had been revised many times since it was first written on the bamboo slip. The most recent one was his father’s copy. It could be said that the essence of the Lin clan’s smithing history was recorded in it.

In fact, Lin Tie had read this ancient book countless times when he was young. However, his memory of many places had become blurry, so he had to flip through it again.

A moment later, Lin Tie’s eyes focused on a device with a picture and a happy expression appeared on his face.

[The flow of time of the mechanical man]

After checking it a few times, Lin Tie stood up and started the third part of his task.

After taking out all the spirit iron he had forged in the previous task, Lin Tie started to get busy again.

Fortunately, he was well-prepared this time and had forged enough spirit iron for the first two loops. Otherwise, Lin Tie would not have dared to challenge such a difficult weapon that required 32 parts and was almost like a piece of art.

The subsequent forging was physical work, but it was even more technical work.

The first step was to fold the iron to increase the toughness of the spirit iron.

The second step was to cover the metal with the mixed soil and then heat the metal to a specific temperature. When the red-hot metal entered the water, the naked part would cool down quickly, and the temperature change would not be obvious for the parts covered with soil, which would cause the hardness to be different from the naked part, thus achieving the effect of coupling hardness with softness.

The third part, tempering …

The fourth film, gilt …


As time passed, Lin Tie was fully focused on forging. All of his enthusiasm was condensed into strength as the hammer fell and smashed into the gradually forming metal.

Three hours before the end of the trial, there were already more than 20 weapons that Lin Tie needed, and he was still working hard on them.

At this moment, a game prompt suddenly appeared.

[Global announcement: congratulations to player orsky for successfully forging a new purple quality weapon with an innovative method. The weapon will be named [moonblade]!]

[Moon sky blade (level 50 purple weapon)]:

[Weapon information: purple quality weapon forged from cold iron, green cold iron, and black Obsidian]

[Weapon Durability: 2000/2000]

[Weapon special effects: moon slash (weapon’s own skill), moon flare (weapon’s own skill)]

[Blacksmith: ou Tian]

[Equipment attributes: …]

“Whoosh!” At this moment, all the players in the region were in an uproar.

Especially after seeing the attributes of the weapon, the players howled in shock.

Even though equipment with skills could be found in the merchant shop or in bronze pendants, their prices were extremely high. It was not something that ordinary players could afford. Therefore, when a player forged such a weapon, most of the players would be excited.

At this moment, the players were discussing in the forums and the regional chat channel. Other than celebrating the appearance of another expert player, they were also guessing who exactly was orsky and why they had never heard of him before.

At this moment, the ranking board for blacksmiths had changed greatly.

[Blacksmith profession change leaderboard (remaining time: 2 hours 54 minutes):

[1st place: ou Tian (10864 points, completed three rounds of the mission)]

[2nd place: Hu Long (2542 points, completed three rounds of the mission)]

[3rd place: mu ye (2088 points, completed three rounds of the mission)]


Many players ‘spirit ores exploded at the last moment. As the finished products of forging appeared one after another, the ranking kept changing, and the competition was particularly intense.

After taking a look at the ranking, Lin Tie focused his attention back on the forging at hand.

There wasn’t much time left, so he had to go all out.

The iron hammer moved again. Sweat flowed down his forehead and back, occasionally dripping on the Red Hot iron with a sizzling sound.

Immersed in forging, Lin Tie had forgotten about the passage of time. Lin nuo, on the other hand, was anxious but dared not disturb him. He only glanced at the remaining time from time to time while observing his father’s forging.

Two hours passed by quickly. Lin Tie suddenly stopped hammering and took a deep breath. He then used a pair of pliers to place the last part into the water.

After taking out the cooled parts, Lin Tie busied himself again and began to assemble the parts.

Lin nuo finally heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing that there were less than 50 minutes left, he was glad that he had made it in time.

However, he was dumbfounded as he saw Lin Tie open the mall page, purchase a carving knife, and begin a new round of processing.

Seeing that time was running out, Lin nuo was extremely impatient, like an ant on a hot pan.


At the north gate of hell, holding the “Moonsky blade” in his hand, ou Tian looked at the artistic weapon with an infatuated expression.

For the last round of forging, ou Tian arrogantly chose to create and forge instead of choosing the template provided in the blacksmith’s manual. As it turned out, he had made the right choice. He had successfully forged a weapon with special effects that was different from the template. He had also obtained more than 10000 points, firmly occupying the first place.

Ou Tian was not surprised at all to obtain first place.

Because he had the qualifications!

The name “ou Tian” might be unfamiliar to many people, but there was no one who didn’t know of his ancestor. He was the founder of the sword forgers, ou Zhizi, who had forged famous swords such as the clear Sable, pure Jun, evil-slaying, Yuchang, and great Ravager.

Although none of the younger generations had ou Zhizi’s strength and reputation, they had inherited his good swordsmithing skills. Even in the chaotic world where human lives were as worthless as grass, he could rely on his excellent skills to make a name for himself.

Therefore, in ou Tian’s opinion, he should have been the first in this blacksmith’s trial. Since ancient times, he had the skill and the qualifications!

Moreover, the “Moonsky blade”, which was made from the spirit ore and forging tools in the game, was a peak-grade weapon that he had never had before. He did not believe that anyone could do it better than him.

Just as ou Tian was still immersed in the weapon he had forged, a game notification suddenly appeared.

[Server announcement, congratulations to player Lin Tie for creating a purple quality special effect item named “time flow”.]

[Flow of time (level 58 purple special effect item)]:

[Item Introduction: a humanoid battle puppet assembled from 32 individual items. Its body can be flexibly changed and reassembled in battle. It has extremely high killing power. In the hands of players with the corresponding puppetry skill, it can kill people and monsters above its level. It is a fine-grade puppet weapon!]

[Item durability: 1000 (can be repaired)]

[Item strength: Level 2]

[Item flaws: the spirit ore’s level and quality are too poor, resulting in the time flow’s durability and strength being too low.]

[Blacksmith: Lin Tie]