Chapter 322 - Creating a new class: puppeteer

Chapter 322 of 342 chapters

Northern divergent.

Next to a cliff on the lapis lazuli Coast, under the bright moonlight, Tang mu held the pigments he bought from The Alchemist players and used a brush to gently draw on his face, embellishing it.

The attire and appearance of the time-flow in his memory were still so clear in his mind.

Under Tang MU’s hard work for the past few days, the time flow had changed greatly. Compared to when Lin tiesou had first created it, it had a trace of spirit and became more lifelike.

She had long black hair and a Silver Phoenix crown on her head. She was dressed in a beautiful red dress that swayed gently in the sea breeze. Her posture was beautiful and moving.

After helping time flow fix his brows, Tang mu looked at the “peerless beauty” in front of him, a trace of nostalgia and joy in his eyes.

After staring at her for a moment, Tang mu stepped behind time flow, lifted her long hair, pulled out ten nearly transparent ropes from her back, and tied them to his fingers.

A few days of makeup was all for this moment, to let the flow of time in his memory dance with him.

As Tang MU’s fingers trembled, time flow lifted his right hand and his sleeve fell down, revealing his white jade arm. He danced with light steps.

Her black hair was dyed in ink, and her red sleeves fluttered in the wind, making her look like a fairy or a spirit. The spring Moon in the sky opened a mirror, and the woman under the moon sometimes raised her wrists and lowered her eyebrows, and sometimes gently moved her hands. Her long sleeves fluttered like a dragon painting, and her Jade sleeves blew in the wind, elegant and vigorous.

At this time, Tang mu opened his mouth. His old voice sang a melodious tune.

In Tang MU’s tune, the flow of time kept changing, turning, throwing, opening, closing, twisting, turning, and turning. The water flowed like dragons flying and clouds dancing like phoenixes.

While Tang mu was dancing with the flow of time, a heroic spirit in the hall of heroic spirits began to tremble violently.

This immediately caught the attention of Lu Wu and Bei Li.

“Someone is resonating with the spirit. It seems like the inheritance is about to be activated.” Looking at the trembling spirit, Lu Wu asked with some anticipation.

When Bei Li heard this, he squinted his eyes and smiled. Then, he began to analyze.

[Passing of time (early stage ghost Governor)]:

[Information of the spirit: a special spirit born from a doll. It has excellent cultivation talent. It met the Beiqi King while wandering in the Beiqi land. Its memory was awakened. It became loyal to the Beiqi King and claims to have passed away.] I’ll never see you again. I hope you take care of yourself and hope that I’ll have the honor to dance with you again in the next life.

The hero’s spirit trembled more and more violently. Then, it broke free from the restraints of the Hall of Heroes and quickly flew in Liu Li’s direction.


The dance under the moon continued. At this time, Tang MU’s face was full of smiles.

The greatest regret in his life was the flow of time, his greatest dream was also the flow of time, and his greatest regret was also the flow of time. He had thought that he would die with regrets in this life, but he did not expect that there would be a day when they would meet again and dance together.

As time passed, Tang mu was already panting, but he did not seem to feel tired. It was as if he was making up for his many years of regret.

At this moment, a red ray of light quickly flew over from the direction of the underworld. It then suddenly collided with the time stream, causing it to stop in its tracks. The red ray of light then slowly seeped into the time stream.

At this moment, the game prompt appeared.

[Game prompt: you have obtained the legacy of the heroic spirit, passing of time. The legacy is in progress …]

Under Tang MU’s surprised gaze, time flow’s beautiful eyes blinked and turned to look at him. There was a trace of love in her eyes.

At this time, the game prompt sounded in Tang MU’s ears again:

[Game prompt: the inheritance has changed and a hidden function has been triggered. Do you want to create a new profession? Puppeteer]


[Job description: the puppeteers ‘best friends and family are the puppets in their hands. They are good at controlling puppets, skill beasts, and other tools to fight with their enemies. They have extremely destructive power. Their only weakness is themselves!]

[Profession advancement: no fixed template, self-exploration required]

[Class characteristics: advanced puppeteers can give spiritual intelligence to their puppets, allowing them to develop basic intelligence]

Looking at the game prompt, Tang mu was stunned for a moment.

In fact, he was not interested in upgrading at all. However, when he saw that the introduction said that high-level puppeteers could give puppets intelligence, Tang mu did not hesitate and clicked “yes.”

[System announcement, congratulations to player Tang mu for creating a new class: [Puppeteer, obtained 500 bound soul coins as a reward!]

After nuclear Hu, another player had created a new class. All the players who were preparing for nine glory were shocked.

The forum was in an uproar. Just as everyone was asking who the God was, a player opened a post and posted a video.

[It should be this old man. The one dancing with him seems to be Lin Tie’s flow of time. I accidentally found it at the beach and thought it was beautiful, so I took a picture.] Get lost! This rabbit does not eat carrots

(Video attached)

This video undoubtedly shocked countless players again.

The dance under the moon was beautiful, especially with the flow of time. Her dancing figure was like a fairy under the bright moonlight, delicate and moving.

Suikua Taro: “Oh my God, we were just discussing how to use the flow of time. I didn’t expect a Big Shot to come out and put it into practice. I’m worshiping you.”

Crayon Shinchan: “what did I say? I said that the flow of time is used to be a wife (arrogant face).”

[The strongest Xue Li: wow, this ancient costume is so beautiful. I want it too (small eyes full of spirit)]

Roasting Chang ‘e while holding a Jade Rabbit: “this is really a good wife. I suddenly want one too. Unfortunately, I’m not good enough with my hands.”(Funny)

Cat lover: “it’s so beautiful. At that time, I thought that the flow of time probably needed to be controlled by puppets. As expected, this player is really good. The dance of the flow of time is very smooth, without a trace of awkwardness (like)”


While the players on the forum were talking about it, Tang mu, who was on the colored glass Coast, was surprised to find that the flow of time seemed to come to life. When he looked at him, his eyes were filled with tears.

Tang mu subconsciously opened the analysis.

[Time flow (level 59)]:

[Item Introduction: a humanoid battle puppet assembled from 32 individual items. Its body can be flexibly changed and reassembled in battle. It has extremely powerful destructive power.] Now that it has been injected with a matching heroic spirit, a huge change has occurred inside. A weak consciousness has been born, and it can be repaired as it grows!

[Item durability: 30000 (can be repaired)]

[Item strength: level 9 (can devour spirit ores to level up)]

[Item characteristic: Soul Devourer (this puppet can level up and grow with the player)]

(Note: in the state of soul devouring, the more experience absorbed by the time stream after killing the monster, the less experience the player will gain. The player can adjust the amount. The maximum experience absorbed by the time stream is 50%, and the same goes for the player who kills the monster.)

[Inheritance skills: [thousand-contraption rope],[half-human, half-shadow],[Starfall flying flower],[thousand soul-splitting]

[Thousand utility chain (special passive)]:

[Skill description: a thin rope with an almost transparent color and extremely high tenacity. Mainly used for puppeteers to control puppets, but also for unexpected attacks. Sharpness Level 6.]

[Half shadow (active)]:

[Skill introduction: use the thousand utility chain to control the puppet and instantly switch positions with the user. Can be used to escape during a battle.]

[Thousand soul rend (special active)]: After activating this skill, the puppet’s body will be scattered. It can be used to Dodge skills or attack.

[Starfall petals (Silver Active)]:

[Skill description: temporarily awakens the consciousness of the flow of time. During this period, the puppet will automatically attack and defend, and display its hidden abilities.]

At this time, the time stream looked very lifelike, as if it had come to life. It could be said that the changes were huge, especially when the introduction said that the time stream had gained consciousness. This completely shocked Tang mu.

Looking at the tears at the corner of her eyes, Tang mu suddenly felt that he had seen this look somewhere before.

Suddenly, he thought of that snowy night, the teardrop that time had left in the fire.

At this moment, tears streaked across her cheeks and were about to fall.

This time, Tang mu reached out and took the tear. Then, he raised his hand and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

“We won’t do it again. We won’t be separated in this life!”