Chapter 327 - Underworld exploded

Chapter 327 of 342 chapters

An hour ago.

The alarm of an enemy invasion rang out in the underworld.

While the players stationed in the city were shocked, they also began to swarm toward the city gate.

At this time, nie Feng was still refining the explosive pill in the Panshi Alchemist Association.

Due to war needs, nie Feng’s explosive pills became a very popular strategic item. However, he was only one person, after all, and his energy was limited. At the same time, his strength was not strong, so he could not be of any use in the battle. Therefore, he was entrusted by many guilds to stay here and continuously make explosive pills for the soldiers who participated in the battle.

However, the sudden arrival of the nine glory Army led by sunlight had truly shocked nie Feng, who was still in the midst of refining the pills. However, he was already at the final stage of the furnace of pills, so he still decided to finish refining the pills before going out to check on the situation.

About 20 minutes later, an explosion was heard, and the refining process was completed.

Nie Feng hurriedly kept the three completed explosive pills into his spatial space, then strode out.

The next scene left nie Feng dumbfounded.

It was a one-sided massacre, and a large number of players and NPCs fell under the sharp blades of the nine glory iron cavalry.

Even his professional mentor, rock, had turned into dust under the powerful strength of sunlight.

All of this gave nie Feng too great of a shock.

As he watched the familiar figures fall one by one, nie Feng had the same thought as the players who had died. He only had one thought in his mind, and that was revenge. He wanted to take revenge.

Under such circumstances, nie Feng understood that even if the players who were fighting in Boneyard rushed back, it would be of no use because the situation had already been set.

However, how could he be willing to hand over the underworld just like that?

He gradually clenched his fists. Then, he turned around and returned to the Panshi Alchemist Association. He found the alchemy furnace used by Panshi and poured all the medicinal herbs stored in the space into the furnace.

During this period of time, nie Feng had comprehended a principle in alchemy. The higher the grade of the medicinal ingredients, the stronger the medicinal effects. And the stronger the medicinal effects, the stronger the explosive power.

With his strength, he was no match for sunlight at all. He could only rely on these medicinal herbs.

There was a total of more than 40000 medicinal herbs. These medicinal herbs were stored in his place by many guilds to make the explosive pills. However, nie Feng could not care about that. Right now, he only wanted to die together with the sun glory Army.

After all the NPCs died, nie Feng no longer had any concerns. He didn’t have to worry about the explosion hurting the innocent. He was completely focused on refining the potion.

At this moment, the anger in nie Feng’s heart was burning like the fire in the medicine furnace.

What nie Feng didn’t notice was that while his emotions were fluctuating violently, the traces of the laws of darkness in his body gradually became clear. It continuously absorbed the power of darkness into the furnace, corroding the medicinal herbs that were liquifying in the flames.

After more than 20 minutes of refining, the medicine furnace couldn’t bear the burden and cracks appeared. All kinds of medicinal effects were in conflict.

Nie Feng’s eyes were bloodshot as he controlled the fusion of the medicinal liquid. However, with his ability, he simply couldn’t find the balance point of the fusion of 40000 medicinal herbs.

The conflict between the medicinal liquids became more and more intense, and more and more law of darkness poured in. When everything went out of control, even nie Feng thought that he had failed.

The medicine stove exploded.

With the support of the laws of darkness, the power produced by the conflict between the medicinal herbs continued to rise, and it was filled with a destructive aura.

The scorching energy instantly vaporized everything in the surroundings, including nie Feng, who was standing in front of the medicine stove. He couldn’t resist the erosion of this destructive force and was instantly turned into fine powder.

As this power was dissipating, it was also constantly absorbing the power of the laws of darkness in the surroundings, and the power accumulated inside was getting larger and larger.

This gave Lu Wu a big shock.

After the underworld was destroyed, although Lu Wu felt that it was a pity, he didn’t have any worries.

At the very least, players wouldn’t die, and neither would bronze pendant and the others. The loss of underworld would only be temporary. It would return to the hands of players sooner or later.

However, the destructive force in the Panshi Alchemist Association had frightened him because the force was still expanding. It had already caused a crack in the space inside the Panshi Alchemist Association and it could explode at any time.

Lu Wu didn’t even have time to check the reason. He quickly put several important buildings built with soul coins into the divine artifact.

It was also at this moment that the expanding destructive force tore the space inside the Panshi Alchemist Association. The terrifying energy instantly exploded.

The power of the laws of darkness was too great. In the blink of an eye, all the buildings in hell were devoured by the black light. They disappeared in an instant. Even the Warriors under the sunbeams were not able to escape this disaster. They did not even know what had happened before they were wiped out by the black light.

When the dazzling black light slowly dissipated, a black mushroom cloud rose above hell, and the earth trembled violently.

However, the shock wave of the explosion once again spread out in all directions, extending the scope of the destruction.

This was the power of the laws of darkness, the power of heaven and earth that only gods could master.

Even nie Feng did not know that the law of darkness in his body would undergo such a magical change when he was in despair and anger. However, this power had completely lost control.


With the area of the explosion as the center, the ground began to collapse, and the pothole in the central area continued to expand.

The entire underworld was like a divine Kingdom that had fallen into the abyss, slowly disintegrating.

The aftermath of the explosion lasted for more than 10 minutes. By the time the dark energy dissipated, hell had already disappeared.

All that was left was a circular crater. It could be said that the entire underworld had been completely wiped out by the explosion of the laws of darkness.

Lu Wu was completely dumbfounded by this scene. Bei Li, who was standing beside him, also had his eyes wide open. He even forgot to lick the ice cream in his hand as he fell into a state of shock.

At this moment, Lu Wu’s mood was extremely complicated. He didn’t know what to say, and he didn’t even want to talk at all.

Even if hell had fallen into the hands of sunlight, it would definitely be taken back by the players who grew rapidly, but now it had been blown up into nothing … Gone … Not even a speck of dust was left …

“Are you angry?” Bei Li seemed to have recovered from his shock. He stuck out his tongue and licked the ice cream.

Lu Wu was speechless.

Lu Wu was so angry that he couldn’t speak, because he knew that he had lost a large number of soul coins, a large number of soul coins for construction.

Even though the main buildings such as the skills Pavilion and Hall of Heroes had been stored in the medium, he had still lost more than ten million soul coins in the explosion.

Lu Wuxin was bleeding. He even wanted to punch nie Feng’s head.

He didn’t expect this gentle-looking player to be so ruthless, creating a nuclear weapon to take the enemy down with him.

Lu Wu really wanted to give nie Feng a permanent title for his courage.

Looking at the silent Lu Wu, Bei Li “si Yi” licked his ice cream and said,”

“Calm down, calm down!”

When Lu Wu heard this, he couldn’t calm down even more. This kind of pain couldn’t be shared and he could only bear it alone. It was too painful.

So, he reached out and snatched the ice cream from Bei Li’s hands. He took a big bite, then looked at the dumbfounded Bei Li and calmly said,”

“Calm down, calm down!”

“Sharing pain can really reduce pain,” Lu Wuxin thought to himself, so he took another bite.

Bei Li’s little face gradually turned red, then he jumped up and hit Lu Wu’s chest hard with his head.”

“I’m going to kill you!”