Chapter 329 - no more weaknesses

Chapter 329 of 342 chapters

After the explosion of underworld, Lu Wu did not start the restoration work of underworld directly.

Lu Wu had also carefully considered this.

After all, the crisis of the nine Yao great domain’s invasion had yet to be resolved. The difference in strength was obvious. It would be easy to rebuild underworld, but it would be far too difficult to defend it. It was very likely that the nine Yao great domain would invade the underworld again the next time it attacked.

Therefore, Lu Wu simply activated the random resurrection mode of the hell server for the players. Although this would not unite the strength of the players, it would make the players invulnerable.

Moreover, Lu Wu also gave the players hope by opening an ultimate mission, which was that after the players took over the nine Yao great domain, underworld would officially begin its restoration.

The quest to repair hell and the quest to revive the NPCs excited the players. If they won the war against the nine Yao great domain, they would get back everything they had lost. Therefore, the players were very serious about taking over the nine Yao great domain.

Moreover, other than taking back everything they had lost, they could also reap great benefits from this war.

In addition to the soul coins, the spirit ores in the nine Yao great domain were also coveted by the Beiqi players.

At this stage, the class-change for blacksmiths had been fully activated, and spirit ores had become a consumable item that was even rarer than spirit materials. Therefore, taking over the nine Yao great domain would be of great help to the development of the players.

Hatred and profit were the driving forces for players to fight against the nine-Yao great domain.

In order to encourage the players, Lu Wu also opened the team resurrection point leaderboard and explained that after the end of this mission, the top 10000 teams would be rewarded with a special title.

The destruction of underworld and the death of the NPCs had given the players no more worries.

At this moment, the fourth scourge Army’s crazy side was once again revealed. In small teams, they began to launch crazy attacks on the nine-Yao great domain 24 hours a day.

In the southern region of the nine Yao great domain, Gu Yu was leading the myth Guild to launch a sneak attack on a frontline stronghold of the nine Yao Army.

Although they did not have any advantage in numbers, the members of the myth were well-coordinated and their professions complemented each other. They also put a lot of pressure on the nine glory Army soldiers stationed in this stronghold. Even if they could retreat for a while, the 1000-man team would arrive again in a few hours, making them suffer unspeakable pain. As more and more soldiers died, the stronghold was slowly being devoured …

At the base of the seething Valley in the West of the nine Yao great domain, two figures were wandering around the base like ghosts. Every time they found an opportunity to attack, inky and youzi would jump out from the shadows and give the enemy a fatal blow.

Although the deaths of the soldiers had alarmed the garrison in the encampment, even the few ghost Governor commanders in the encampment had no countermeasures against youzi and inky’s flawless assassinations. They couldn’t find any trace of the assassins at all, and could only hide in the encampment’s defensive circle …

At the Western border of the nine Yao great domain, ao Jian wielded Nine Swords by himself. With him as the center, the sharp sword Qi created a storm of blades. With such a violent attack method, he continued to reap the lives of his enemies, killing all the members of the observation team who were stationed at the Western border.

In the hills to the East of the nine Yao great domain, Tang mu was dancing with the flow of time under the siege of the soldiers of the material escort team, constantly reaping the lives of the enemies in such a gorgeous way.

Although it was a massacre, there was no sense of blood. The blood of the enemy was like beautiful flowers blooming at this moment, giving their dance their own blessing.

The ten-man supply escort team did not last long before they were all killed by the gorgeous attack.

Looking at the box of Spirit ores, Tang MU’s face revealed a smile. This was because his time flow also required the support of spirit ores to level up. This was what he needed the most besides experience.

The other seven, ye Xue ‘er, Chen Ziyu, Liu Chan, and many other players were all swearing to the nine Yao great domain that their fourth calamity was coming!


Nine Yao great domain, xuantian Pavilion.

It was still the same familiar scene, but two of the seats had lost their owners.

The remaining seven brothers were all very silent.

The death of riyao was a huge blow to them.

Originally, in their opinion, with the strength of the early stage of the ghost emperor riyao, coupled with the reinforcements they had sent, it could be said that it was more than enough to take down Beiqi. However, the outcome was beyond their expectations. Although they won, the price they paid was too heavy.

They had endured for tens of thousands of years, but in the past few months, two of their brothers had actually left. They were clearly unable to accept this fact.

“I really want to know how third brother died. With his strength, even if he encountered an enemy he couldn’t fight against, he should have no problem escaping!” Starshine asked with a gloomy face as his gaze swept across the few brothers present.

“I’ve asked the Vice commander leading the troops. No other forces appeared in the battle with Beiqi this time. Moreover, if a strong enemy really did appear, why are the soldiers fine and only third brother dead?” Flame’s eyes flickered with anger as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Only lie Shan, and only he has the strength to kill third brother!” Jin Yao gritted his teeth and said.


Listening to his brothers ‘analysis, Starshine suddenly snorted.”

“It can’t be lie Shan. Based on my understanding of lie Shan, if it was really him, how could he have only killed riyao? with his character, he would definitely have killed all of our nine radiance’s troops. There must be other reasons!”

“The Vice commander of this expedition mentioned that the entire underworld had been reduced to ruins in this battle. At that time, third brother had led a portion of the soldiers to launch a surprise attack on underworld. Everything had logically gone smoothly. Along the way, Beiqi’s forces had also chosen to retreat because of the problem of underworld’s defeat. However, this is where the problem lies. Why was underworld, which was supposed to be taken down by third brother, suddenly destroyed? because all of the soldiers who went to underworld with third brother were killed, we have no way of knowing what happened in underworld!” Shui Yao, who had been silent all this time, began to analyze.

“Could it be that other than the cracked mountain, there are also powerful guardians hidden in Beiqi?”

“It’s impossible for it to be a Guardian. You have to understand that even if a Guardian like lie Shan were to attack, it’s impossible for him to destroy the entire underworld. It should be someone else.”

Starshine’s words made the brothers fall into silence again.

That’s right. If it was a Guardian who helped Beiqi’s forces resist the foreign enemies, then why did it destroy underworld? but if it wasn’t an existence who helped Beiqi resist the foreign enemies, then why did it kill sunlight?

Sunlight’s strength had already reached the ghost emperor realm. An enemy who could kill him must be extremely powerful. The jiuyao brothers felt that they had never offended such a terrifying existence.

Even when lie Shan was still around, they had chosen to be on good terms with him instead of being his enemy.

In the netherworld, they had reached the peak of power step by step, and they knew very well how to seek benefits and avoid risks.

All the problems seemed extremely contradictory. Like the players, the nine radiance brothers felt that something was wrong the more they thought about it, but they could not figure out the reason.

In the end, the star brilliance Prefecture Lord couldn’t sit still anymore and decided to personally go and investigate. At the same time, he asked his brothers to prepare the Army and set off for Beiqi after he returned.

At the current stage, the North divergent’s forces were constantly harassing them, and they couldn’t bear it anymore. Since this battle had already been fought, they had to be more thorough. The Starlight Prefecture Lord had already made preparations to personally lead the Army to attack.

After giving his orders, the Starlight Palace Lord flew out of the xuantian Pavilion and headed straight for Beiqi.

Riyao’s death was too strange. Before attacking Beiqi, Starshine felt that it was better for him to figure out the situation to avoid any unexpected situations that he couldn’t deal with.

After a few hours of flight, Starshine’s figure appeared in the sky above Hades.

Looking at the huge crater below, Starshine’s falling body froze because he felt a law aura.

This was the law of darkness!

Although it was already very thin, Starshine could still detect it in an instant. Moreover, the aura of the dark Law was coming from the crater below.

After looking at the crater in silence for a long time, Starshine’s figure flashed, and he turned around and flew towards the nine Yao great domain.

At this moment, Starshine had a guess that the death of Dayao might be related to the gods of the netherworld.

The nomological power of darkness was clearly not something that could be fully mastered by ghost emperors like them. However, the place where he died still had the faint aura of the dark energy after the explosion. All of this made Starshine suspicious.

However, Starshine was sure that he had never offended a God-level powerhouse before. There was no need to doubt this. After all, how could he still be alive after offending a God?

Thus, Starshine’s guess was that his death had something to do with a Yin God who had accidentally passed by hell. For some reason, Starshine had angered this God who had mastered the law of darkness, so he had wiped out the entire hell.

There was one more thing that could prove this conclusion, and that was that moonlight had successfully become the Beiqi Prefecture Lord.

If Beiqi really had such a powerful Guardian in the dark, why didn’t he take action when yueyao became the official sovereign?

After having this guess, Starshine’s mood became extremely complicated, and the strong desire to avenge riyao’s death gradually faded.

Even though riyao was his brother, they had no chance of winning against the yin God even if the entire nine Yao great domain joined forces. This was not revenge, but death.

While he was thinking, the Starlight’s flying speed became faster and faster.

After returning to xuantian Pavilion, Starshine told his brothers about his guess.

The brothers ‘reaction was the same as Starshine’ s. They fell into silence because they all clearly understood that it was too unrealistic to seek revenge on the gods of the netherworld. They simply couldn’t do it.

“Big brother, what about Beiqi?” Huo Yao could not help but ask.

“The yin God might just be passing by, but he definitely can’t be Beiqi’s Guardian. Otherwise, yueyao wouldn’t have been able to become the official sovereign so easily. So, everything went on as usual, and we sent our troops to take Beiqi!”

Hearing Starshine’s words, the remaining six brothers nodded their heads hard. They only had one thought now, and that was to take over Beiqi and use the blood of the people of Beiqi to comfort their two brothers who had passed away.

Although all of this might not have anything to do with the forces of Beiqi, the moonlight and the sunlight had both died to become the Beiqi Prefecture Lord. At this moment, Beiqi had already become a thorn in the nine radiance brothers ‘side.

After that, the brothers each left and began to mobilize their own troops, preparing to send troops to Beiqi.

The news that the nine Yao great domain was preparing for another invasion soon spread among the players, but they didn’t respond to the possible invasion.

Now that underworld had been lost, the players did not care if the nine radiance Army would come or not. What they needed to do was to use their advantage to slowly whittle down the nine radiance Army’s strength and slowly build up their advantage until they were strong enough to devour the nine radiance Army in one go.

Therefore, when the nine radiance Army once again arrived at Beiqi, they discovered that no force in the entire Beiqi had come to stop them.

Meanwhile, the players took advantage of the fact that the nine Yao great domain’s defenses were weak to launch a frenzied offensive.