Chapter 331 - Truth and lies (2 in 1)

Chapter 331 of 342 chapters

Recently, something had happened in the European server forum, and it had caused a heated discussion among many players.

The cause was a post by a player on the forum.

[Help!] I’ve been killed by the heretic King four times, a whole four times! Did you all have such an encounter? and it’s just me alone! I’m about to faint from crying! [Building head: it’s already noon, McRae.]

(Attached is a screenshot of him being killed)

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After being killed by heretic King four times in a row, McRae’s mental state almost collapsed.

He felt that he was still quite well-behaved in the game and had never offended anyone. On the battlefield, he had even killed enemies without fear of death for the sake of soul coins, but why was he being targeted by evil king now?

McRae, who couldn’t figure it out, could only turn to the players on the forum for help. After all, evil king was their boss now, and he had no way to deal with it.

The players on the forum were also very surprised to see McRae’s encounter. They began to ask what had happened to McRae, and even wondered if he had done something to offend the evil king.

In the face of the players ‘doubts, McRae repeatedly assured them that he had not done anything out of line, and even specifically told them his daily schedule.

McRae’s solemn promise made many players start to believe what he said.

However, the players had come into contact with evil king before. Even though they did not know him very well, they knew his personality very well.

Right now, the player clans could be said to be heretic King’s most valued subordinate force. Therefore, the players felt that evil King’s act of killing McRae was a little abnormal. For a while, the players had all kinds of speculations, and some players even suggested that evil king was plotting something. In short, the European server forum was in an uproar.

This matter naturally attracted Li Xing’s attention.

At this moment, Li Xing’s friend list was filled with a lot of messages. They were basically all asking him what was going on.

Since Li Xing was the “player clan’s clan leader” who had a direct connection with heretic King, he was the only one who could handle this matter.

After a moment of thought, Li Xing decided to head to the ancient ruins to ask Xie Wang about it.

Three hours later, Li Xing’s figure appeared in the ruins.

His arrival attracted the attention of the guards, who immediately stepped forward to stop Li Xing. However, after seeing Li Xing’s appearance through the bonfire, the guards consciously retreated, and even bowed respectfully to Li Xing.

The player clans had also won their respect after several battles with the yuanxu Army. As the clan leader of the player clan and the most important subordinate of the evil king, they naturally did not dare to slight Li Xing.

Li Xing nodded slightly and walked past the four guards, heading toward the center of the ruins where Xie Wang was.

No one knew when the ruins in the central area were built, but stone pillars stood tall and surrounded a Palace. As these stone pillars had been weathered, it looked like the entire stone pillar Palace would collapse at any time.

Li Xing strode into the ruins ‘Palace, his eyes sweeping around before he said,”

“Boss Xie Wang, I’m here!” Li Xing waited after he finished speaking.

A moment later, a black gust of wind rose around them, and Xie Wang’s figure slowly materialized in the stone Hall. It gradually became clear, and he appeared before Li Xing.

“Why are you looking for me, Li Xing?” Xie Wang asked Li Xing with a smile that was not a smile.

Li Xing felt his head throb when he saw Xie Wang, but it was better to get to the bottom of this. He said,

“Boss, what’s going on recently? Did my clansmen offend you in any way?”

Although Li Xing said this, the meaning behind his words was actually very clear. He was asking why the heretic King wanted to kill McRae.

Xie Wang was silent for a moment before he slowly said,

“To be honest, ever since you pledged your loyalty to me, I’ve never doubted your loyalty. In fact, you’ve also proven your loyalty, but there are a few things I don’t understand!”

Li Xing frowned slightly.”

“Boss, do you have any questions related to this?”

“Yes.” Xie Wang nodded.”I remember clearly that you once told me that the innate ability of your player clan is to have three chances of resurrection at the altar, right?”

Li Xing’s heart clenched when he heard this. He now understood why Xie Wang had done this.

“I never doubted this before, but the increase in the number of clan members is indeed a little abnormal. I didn’t pay attention to it before, but after paying attention, I realized that the number of clan members has never decreased after each battle with void abyss. Instead, it has been increasing!”

“That’s the first point, the problem with the number of your clansmen. Perhaps you can tell me that your player clans have particularly strong reproductive abilities, and I can accept this point. Then I’ll talk about the second point, the strength of your family! Because of the number of races, I noticed something when I secretly investigated your player clans. I found that your clan’s strength seemed to have been increasing, and it was an all-round increase. This could be discovered from the few battles with the yuanxu Army!”

“In addition to strength, I also noticed that although you players weren’t afraid of death in the beginning, your adaptability to war wasn’t strong. I even saw some of your clansmen vomit after the war because they couldn’t adapt. This kind of behavior was more like a novice on the battlefield, not a race that was used to war.”

“I didn’t think too much about it back then. However, the number of times you’re not used to it has gradually decreased as the number of Wars increased. It seems like you player clans have gotten used to the wars. This is a little strange. Logically speaking, you player clans have existed in this region for so long, so you should have experienced countless battles. Why are you only getting used to the wars now?”

“This is the second point. The improvement of your clansmen’s strength and their adaptive performance in battle …”

Xie Wang smiled and stared at Li Xing,”

“Is there anything you want to explain about these two points?”

Li Xing didn’t reply, but his heart was thumping. He’d expected Xie Wang to find out, but he hadn’t expected it to be so fast. He could already guess what was going to happen next.

Seeing Li Xing’s silence, Xie Wang laughed again.

“This third point was what you personally admitted to me at that time. Every player clan member has three chances to revive!”

“There were too many suspicious points that made me doubt whether the so-called three revivals were real or fake, so I found a player to do an experiment. This is also the answer you wanted, why did I kill your people!”

Li Xing was suddenly enlightened. He now understood why evil king had attacked McRae for no reason. It was obvious that McRae had been unlucky enough to become the evil King’s experimental target.

At this moment, evil king continued,”I still remember the first battle between you and the yuanxu Army. At that time, you were all wiped out. Logically speaking, every member of your player clan had lost one chance to revive, so when I killed him a second time and saw him revive, I was already suspicious. However, I believed you, and I believed you very much, so I continued this experiment. So I killed him four times …”

After he finished speaking, Xie Wang looked at Li Xing and smirked.

“Li Xing, you’ve let me down. In order to nurture you, I’ve given you the many treasures left behind by the evil god and taught you many combat skills. Although you’re my subordinates, I, evil king, have never let you down!”

“Yes! I, Xie Wang, am just a wisp of an evil thought, and I don’t have a real body. I’m different from you, but I’m very happy to be with you because I’ve found that my feelings have become richer and richer, so I’m filled with gratitude towards you player clans!” “Especially you, Li Xing!” Compared to being my subordinate, I think that the word “friend” is more suitable for our relationship. But why did you lie to me? can you give me an explanation?”

“You know, when I came to this conclusion, I didn’t go to you, and I didn’t do anything extreme. I was waiting for the day when you truly acknowledge me as the evil king, then you’ll come to me and tell me the truth! But now that you’ve come, I’ll tell you the answer!”

Li Xing’s emotions were complicated as he looked at Xie Wang, who had a murderous look in his eyes.

Just as heretic King had said, he had never let the player clans down, but they had been using him all this time. This made Li Xing feel a little guilty.

He still clearly remembered that the evil king had once said to him in a casual chat that he never cared about some bullsh * t official sovereign, much less the life and death of others. The reason he wanted to defeat Yuan Xu and become an official sovereign was just to find something exciting to do.

Just as Xie Wang had said, he was a wisp of an evil thought. He did not have any complicated emotions, so what he liked to do the most was to let himself experience emotional fluctuations, just like those living creatures.

Fighting for the position of official sovereign with Yuan Xu was just something the evil king did in pursuit of excitement.

The heretic King had also said that he admired the player clans because the battle to the death with the yuanxu Army in the infernal domain had ignited a passion he had never felt before.

Xie Wang had even promised him that even if he, Li Xing, died one day, he would still protect the player clan.

Evil king had even said that if he really obtained the position of official sovereign one day, he might let the descendants of the player clans inherit the position.

Li Xing had always seen evil King’s sincerity towards the player clans, so Li Xing did not know how to explain evil King’s words. He did not even know how to face evil king.

Xie Wang looked at the silent Li Xing, waiting for his reply. Li Xing stood where he was with a complicated expression, not saying anything for a long time.

“Go back. It won’t be too late to tell me after you’ve thought it through. I’ve said it before, I, Xie Wang, have always believed in you!”

Li Xing’s body trembled as he stared at Xie Wang in disbelief.

“Come up with a better reason next time. At least you can fool me!” Xie Wang asked again.

“You … You’ve forgiven me?” Li Xing stuttered.

“I’ve told you that I’ve always believed in you, and you’ve always called me boss. I, evil king, acknowledge this title. Although you’ve lied to me, your player family has never betrayed me, so there’s no need to forgive …”

Although evil king had lived for millions of years, he was not as emotional as an ordinary person. However, after interacting with the player clans, evil king realized that he had become more and more emotional. Thus, in his eyes, the player clans were completely different from the other subordinate forces.

Although Xie Wang’s eyes shone with a vicious light when he said this, Li Xing could still see a sliver of disappointment and dissatisfaction in his eyes.

At this moment, Xie Wang was like a child who had just made a good friend. As he interacted with his good friend, he gradually realized that only he was sincere, while his so-called good friend had been hiding things from him.

Even though the truth made him angry and sad, he still didn’t want to lose his friend Li Xing and his family.

Li Xing’s expression was complicated as he looked at Xie Wang. He opened his mouth to say something, but he held back.

It was not up to him to decide whether to tell heretic King about the player clan’s Secret. Even though he was the “player clan’s clan leader,” he could not represent the players.

“If you haven’t thought about it, then go back first and think about how to make up this flawless story!” Xie Wang said rather impatiently.

However, Li Xing discovered that Xie Wang’s eyes were filled with anticipation when he spoke. In the end, however, it turned into disappointment.

“Boss, I’ll tell you when the time is right. You said that you’ve never let us players down, and I, Li Xing, promise you that I’ve always treated you as my boss. I’ll never let you down!”

After saying this, Li Xing turned around and left.

As he watched Li Xing’s back, the fierceness in Xie Wang’s eyes faded, replaced by relief.

In truth, he did not want to hear any explanation or lie. Although Li Xing had not said anything, Xie Wang was still very pleased. At the very least, Li Xing had not lied to him.

Xie Wang could sense the sincerity in Li Xing’s emotional fluctuations, especially when he heard his last words before he left. In Xie Wang’s eyes, those words and his heart were the best guarantee he could have.

Although his curiosity had not been satisfied, in the netherworld, the races that could survive had their own secrets. Although the secrets of the players ‘families made him curious, he didn’t want to know anymore.

Not long after Li Xing left, Xie Wang’s figure also disappeared from the spot.

At this time, a ghostly figure came from the outside world under the moonlight. He silently dodged the guards and entered the stone pillar Palace.

Naturally, his appearance could not be hidden from Xie Wang. At this moment, Xie Wang’s figure slowly condensed with the appearance of the black fiendish wind. He appeared behind the ghostly figure, then raised his hand and slammed it down.

Ripples appeared on the surface of the ghostly figure’s body after being hit by Xie Wang’s palm, completely nullifying the force. His body floated forward like a feather, and then slowly landed on the ground.

“Who’s there!” Xie Wang said coldly as he stared at the figure.

“Xie Wang, shall we have a chat?” The ghostly figure said with a smile.

“You’re so sneaky. I think I’ll just kill you and extract your soul. I’ll talk to your soul!” The corners of Xie Wang’s mouth curled up. His body flickered and he appeared in front of the ghostly figure. He suddenly slammed down with his right palm, and a violent fiendish wind suddenly formed, sweeping forward.

In the face of Xie Wang’s baleful wind, the ghostly figure clearly could no longer withstand it and suddenly collapsed.

At this moment, Xie Wang stretched out his hand toward the area where the ghostly figure had collapsed. He wanted to grab the person’s soul, but to his surprise, no soul was captured.

“Xie Wang, this is the first time we’ve met. I don’t think this is a good idea!” At some point, the ghostly figure had appeared behind Xie Wang.

“You have some ability!”

Xie Wang snorted coldly and turned to attack again, but he saw the ghostly figure suddenly take a step back. The shadow on the surface of his body dissipated, revealing his true body.

Xie Wang could not help but be stunned as he looked at the child with long, soft white hair. However, he did not let down his guard.

“Little wimp, Who are you?”

Cang Xu, who was originally smiling and had an unfathomable attitude, instantly pulled a long face when he heard this.