Chapter 334 - Black Tiger

Chapter 334 of 342 chapters

Dragon Kingdom, emperor’s tomb mountain range.

The Emperor’s Tomb mountain range, located on the Western border of the Dragon Kingdom, was a well-known no-man’s land in the country. It was said that an emperor’s tomb was buried here, which had once attracted many tourists.

However, the environment here was not friendly to tourists. Not only was the terrain extremely steep, but there were also often wild beasts. Many tourists were injured here and could not get timely help. After the media reported the frequent disappearance and death of tourists, the area gradually became deserted.

At this moment, a dark-skinned young man was carrying two wooden buckets filled with water and walking towards the foot of the main peak of the mausoleum mountains.

As the sun set in the West, thousands of rays of light shone through the gaps between the mountains. The young man seemed to be covered in a layer of golden coat, looking particularly sacred.

Soon, the young man carrying the water arrived at the back of the mountains.

Behind the mountains, the main peak of the Emperor’s Tomb mountain range rose up from the ground, like a huge sword that pierced into the sky.

At the foot of the main peak, there was a village shrouded in thick fog. It was a strange village hidden behind the Emperor tomb mountain range, completely isolated from the world.

Living in such a place could be said to be completely disconnected from the outside world. Even if one wanted to leave, they would have to walk for half a month on the mountain road.

Such a situation was extremely strange in modern times. As early as 200 years ago, the country had completed a poverty relief program. It was reasonable to say that all mountain people living in such an environment would be given corresponding support programs, basically spending money to build new houses for them and let them move out of the mountains to live in the outside world.

Unless the hill-folk were determined not to move out, they would definitely be properly settled by the country.

The young man carrying the water slowed down as he approached the village at the foot of the main peak, a hint of fear on his face.

His figure passed through the layers of thick fog, and he finally mustered up the courage to continue walking forward.

When he arrived at the village entrance, the young man looked left and right to make sure that no one was around before he suddenly quickened his pace.

At this time, a leather whip full of tiny barbs suddenly whipped from the side and hit the back of the young man carrying the water.


The back of his clothes had been cut open by the whip, and a bloody wound had appeared on his back.

His body trembled slightly from the pain, but the young man gritted his teeth and didn’t make a sound. His hands held the bucket tightly, as if he was afraid that the water inside would spill out.

“Black Tiger, do you know what time it is?”

The man who spoke had a burly figure. His shoulders were big and his waist was round. He had the aura of a Bandit on his body. He held the black leather whip that he had just used to whip someone. As he spoke, his eyes were wide and round, and he looked very fierce.

“Manager, I encountered a wild boar on the water and was delayed!” Although it was angry in its heart, the black Tiger put on a scared look.

“Do you have any complaints about this whip?” Although the black Tiger had explained, the steward was still arrogant and did not feel that he had done anything wrong.

“You should be punished for your mistakes. Thank you for the lesson, steward!” The black Tiger quickly said.

When the man in charge heard this, he nodded his head in satisfaction. The hand holding the whip pointed towards the village, indicating that they could enter.

The black Tiger quickly thanked him and walked in.

Although the village was hidden in the mountains, it was not small, with more than 3000 people.

Black Tiger was not a native of the village. He had lived in the bustling city and had only been here for three years.

It all started three years ago. At that time, Black Tiger was attracted by many legends about the emperor’s mausoleum and came to explore and play.

At that time, Black Tiger was young and frivolous. He was bold enough to walk deep into the mountain range, but he accidentally fell into a ravine. At that time, the black Tiger had tried several ways to save itself, but the ravine was very deep and there was no way to escape.

Black Tiger had no choice but to call the outside world for help. However, because he was deep in the mountains, the rescue team could not arrive in time.

(Note: in the year 2319, signals and WIFI covered the entire world, so you could make calls in the mountains.)

In the midst of the wait, Black Tiger was not waiting for rescue personnel, but a disciple of the black dungeon sect. He was brought into the black Dungeon Village to be ordered around as a servant.

The black Tiger once believed in science and atheism. The so-called cultivation to become an immortal was something that the black Tiger disdained. However, it was only here that the black Tiger realized that there were really cultivators.

These cultivators were also completely different from ordinary people. Although they couldn’t ride on clouds and mist, they could ride on magic tools to fly. Their bodies were as hard as iron, and they were impervious to fire and water.

However, the black Tiger had no fate with the cultivation that they dreamed of. The black prison sect’s cultivation technique would not be passed on to them.

Their existence was like that of servants, carrying water, cooking, watching over the spiritual fields, raising spiritual insects, and so on. In short, they did all the chores, and if they did not do it well, they would be beaten up.

The lives of slaves like them were not even considered lives here, but rather grass Gu.

In the past three years, Black Tiger had seen many slaves die from beatings because they made mistakes or didn’t make any mistakes.

If one wanted to survive here, one had to correct their identity, live a humble life, and live carefully.

It wasn’t that Black Tiger didn’t think about escaping in the past three years, but he couldn ‘t.

This was a place that did not treat people as humans, and resistance would only lead to death. When he was first captured and brought to this black prison village, Black Tiger had also thought of escaping. However, this area was surrounded by mountains, so it was extremely difficult to escape. Moreover, his body had already been implanted with the black prison seal, so as long as he ran out of a certain range, he would definitely be sensed by the black prison sect disciples.

The consequences of being caught were undoubtedly miserable. After experiencing it twice, the black Tiger had completely given up on the idea of escaping.

As he thought about this, the black Tiger carried the bucket to the fourth spirit field in the village, which he was in charge of. He watered the spirit field with all the water in the bucket, then put down the wooden bucket and walked into the wooden house next to the spirit field.

After closing the door, Black Tiger took out a handful of herbs from under the bed. He crushed it and carefully covered the wound on his back.

The burning wound was immediately covered by a cool feeling.

To live here, one had to have something to protect themselves, and this herb was one of them.

However, this herb was not a spiritual herb because the disciples of the black prison sect would not use such a good thing on their servants. It was extremely difficult for even the disciples of the black prison sect to obtain this herb. The spiritual herbs planted in the spiritual fields in the village were basically owned by the elders of the black prison sect.

When the burning sensation on the wound had completely subsided, the black Tiger took the blood-stained herb and threw it into the wooden box under the bed.

Then, he took out a book from the wooden box,[iron cloak].

After flipping through a few pages, the black Tiger threw the book into the wooden box with a complicated expression.

This book could not be considered a cultivation technique at all. It could only be considered an external technique, and every servant in the black prison sect had one.

With the black prison sect’s style, they would naturally not be so kind as to give them a cultivation technique. Letting these odd-job workers cultivate this external technique was only in the hope that they would be able to do better work and be able to withstand more torment.

The black Tiger had been practicing this technique for three years, but his progress was very poor. Other than his body becoming a lot stronger, his cultivation progress was like a turtle crawling. He had only made progress on the first level after three years.

Sighing, the black Tiger climbed into bed and felt that it could only sleep on its stomach today.

At this moment, the ground shook, and a loud voice came from the outside world.”

“All service disciples, gather in front of the sect!”

The black Tiger, who had just climbed onto the bed, quickly jumped up, put on its cloth shoes, and broke out of the door, running in the direction of the main peak.

Along the way, the wooden houses were pushed open, and the handymen and the black Tiger also ran towards the main peak.

The black prison sect’s gathering of servants was usually for no good reason, but they had to run fast because the five servants who arrived the latest would be beaten up. It was a small matter if their skin was torn or their flesh torn, but they might even lose their lives. They had to run fast.

Soon, a large group of service disciples gathered in front of the black prison sect at the foot of the mountain.

Seeing that the odd-job disciples had arrived, a white-haired old man in a black robe stood up from his chair. He stood on the steps in front of the mountain Gate and looked down at the odd-job disciples in ragged clothes.

“Today, I’m going to make an announcement. Next, I’ll give each of you an item. This item is called a virtual helmet, and its function is …”

As the black-robed elder spoke, he took out a virtual helmet from the box at the side and began to explain non-stop.

“And your role is to earn soul coins inside and then hand them in. The amount of soul coins handed in every day will be counted by a special disciple. If you don’t meet the requirements, you know what the consequences will be. However, those who exceed the requirements will naturally be rewarded, and the amount of work can be reduced …”

Looking at the virtual helmet in the black-robed elder’s hand, Black Tiger and all the handymen were stunned.

How could Black Tiger not know about this? the virtual helmet was a tool that he had used a lot before he came here.

What made Black Tiger surprised was why the black prison sect elder would bring this thing in. After all, the virtual helmet was an item for entertainment. The black prison sect would not be so kind.

As if afraid that the handymen could not understand, the black-robed elder explained a few more times. This time, the black Tiger also understood.

Collect soul coins in the game and then hand them over?

Although it understood, Black Tiger was still confused. It could not understand why the black prison sect, who was focused on cultivation, would want in-game currency.

“That’s enough. Each of you can take one item and leave. From now on, work as usual in the morning, and enter the game to earn soul coins at night. Remember, the amount of soul coins you earn will determine the amount of work you have to do the next day!” As he spoke, the black-robed elder glared and his long robe fluttered in the wind. His appearance was frightening.

After all the handymen had left, the personal disciple standing beside the black-robed elder could not help but ask,”

“Master, why do we need to purchase this equipment from the outside world for these handymen to use?”

The black-robed elder shook his head.”

“I’m not too sure either. This is the sect leader’s order. According to him, there are great mysteries and great opportunities in this game, and soul coins are the currency in this game, so they are indispensable. That’s why the sect leader needs these three thousand odd-job workers to continuously create soul coins for him!”

“A game?” That disciple obviously still didn’t understand the relationship between the mysteries and opportunities in the game and the real world.

“Stop guessing. The sect leader naturally has his own reasons for doing this. The sect leader has been running around for the past few months for this batch of virtual projects. He spent a lot of effort to bring back these equipment. For this, the sect leader even bought a solar charging device and placed it on the top of the mountain!” The black-robed elder pointed to the main peak behind him.

“Right, you should also take one back and have a look in the game. Perhaps you can also obtain the opportunity that the sect leader spoke of!”